The truth is we tired of begging someone for their attention

Many times you don’t realize and start giving unnecessary importance to the person who doesn’t care about your feelings. You forget your respect in that bond and start asking for their attention that degrades your respect and nothing else. The most important thing is to realize the truth of your relationship with any person and … Read more

A real woman is whatever the hell she wants to be

There are different people having different natures or behaviour but the people with genuine appearance and feelings reflect their personality as a centre of attraction. Many times it has been illustrated that women should wear such types of clothes so that her body should not get unnecessarily exposed and not only this the other orthodox … Read more

Life is not easy for people with overthinking mind and sensitive heart

Life is precious and priceless to every person survived. No one can buy or sell the life of itself or of any other person. It is very important for living a dignified and standardized life, to work and earn. There is one phase related to life that has rightly construed as the survival of the … Read more