Co-star of Love is Blind Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson Are Divorcing

The show ‘Love is Blind’ witnessed its share of budding romance and split-ups over the period. In its duration of two seasons over the years, it became an instant hit on Netflix for the chemistry between the leads and the plotted course. Well-known for their work, the lead actor and actresses who started their courtship period while shooting and headed for an almost secretive marriage have now decided to part ways for the better. The social media handles of both the celebrities didn’t reveal any scope of separation as they both posted each other’s pictures at the latest. The couple celebrated their anniversary together and even posted on Instagram last month. The news of their divorce has stumped their fans after a few months of a successful season 2. Sudden separation is not settling well with their fans across the globe. They seem to release an official statement saddening the hearts of thousands of well-wishers. The reason behind this famous couple’s split is unknown, but the sources point toward the incompatibility between the duo. They are saddened but do not regret any decision, be it their dating period, marriage decision, or divorce case. According to their friends and family, they have also reinstated their decision of mending the relationships through better communication and therapy. However, the conclusion remains the same. People are now wondering if the couples made during the show are cursed as their co-actors Jarrette jones, and Iyanna Mcneely also announced the end of their journey together as a couple.

Traces of betrayal aren’t found or expected as their official statements don’t hold grudges. Both couples have proceeded with divorce filings stating compatibility issues, but who knows what it is all about in reality? Let’s wish both the couples all the best for their careers and life and see if there stands any chance of reconciliation.

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