Jaclyn Smith still lives in the luxury house she bought in 1991 & raised her two children in

If you were ever a fan of the series Charlie’s Angels, you might be familiar with Jaclyn Smith. Not only is she well-known for her role as Kelly Garret, but she has made a name for herself as a strong businesswoman and loving mother. She now still lives in the same house of luxury that she bought over 30 years ago and raised her two children within. Let’s take a look into the life of the woman who says her family is the “rhyme and reason of everything.”

Who is Jaclyn Smith?

Born Jacquelyn Ellen Smith, on Oct 26, 1945, in Houston, Texas, Jaclyn Smith had a happy childhood. “Growing up in Houston, the home was always a happy refuge for me and the values my parents instilled in me, although I may not have known it at the time, would help me define myself later in life,” said Jaclyn. “Family was and continues to be the foundation for all my happiness and success.”

She started her carer in the entertainment industry as a dancer. But, she was quickly sucked into the world of acting through a few commercials. “While I started in dance, I was pulled into acting in commercials and miniseries and just loved it,” said Jaclyn. “As I began to take on more roles and explore new and exciting characters, the more I knew this was what I wanted and am grateful for a wonderful career on the big and small screens.”

It wasn’t long before she was dubbed the Queen of Miniseries. Then, in 1976, she got her big break. She was cast as Kelly Garrett from Charlie’s Angels.

Jaclyn Smith worked hard to buy her own house

Jaclyn Smith was open to love and has been married four times in her life. She was married to Roger Davies from 1968 to 1975. After that, he married Dennis Cole when he appeared as a guest star on Charlie’s angels. They married in 1978 and got divorced in 1981. Cinematographer, Anthony B. Richmond was next, a marriage that lasted eight years. During these years, they welcomed two children. Gaston was born in 1982, and Spencer Margret was born in 1985.

1989, Richmond and Jaclyn Smith decided to part ways and got divorced. At this point in her life, Jaclyn had been learning a lot of money from charlie’s Angels. She went from earning $5,000 per episode to $40,000 per episode. Now that she was divorced, she was able to buy herself and her two children a Georgian Colonial mansion to live in. The six-bedroom and six-bathroom house is located in one of the richest suburbs in America. ”It’s a great family home with a lot of sunlight coming through the windows,” she says, “and it’s surrounded by a lot of land,” said Jaclyn.

Jaclyn raised her children within the many walls of this large house. Additionally, the grounds were just as impressive, with a tennis court and swimming pool for Gaston and Spencer Margret to enjoy. This house was loved by all, and Jaclyn still lives there today with her new husband. He is a heart surgeon called Dr. Brad Allen.

Some renovations were needed

The mansion that Jaclyn Smith bought was very 18th century, which was what caught her eye. “I love the 18th Century, but I also love comfort, so our upholstery pieces are modern—pieces that you can sink into,” Jaclyn said in. with her love for design, she redid every room in the house, even if it was completely necessary. “The kitchen was the only room that really needed to be renovated,” said Brad. “But she redid every room in the house.”

Brad was not a fan of the fabric that covered the walls in one of the rooms. According to Jaclyn, he was happy when she decided to remove it. “This room used to have fabric on the walls. My husband was very grateful when I took that down. He felt like he was living in a hat box.”

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