Last minute winning by Leon Edwards to win the welterweight title over Usman

The main event of UFC 278 welterweight which have taken place at Vivint Arena on Saturday won by Edwards last minute in the fifth round which ends at 4:04. The game was handed over to Usman for its best playing but Edwards made the MMA world astound with his outstanding performance when knocked out Usman. The knockout made by Edwards against Usman made history and even made him speechless.

Edwards grabbed the Usman’s right move and flush with a left head kick and made Usman left with no choice of defense. It has been seen that Usman monopolizes throughout the game and so their points are shown as Leon Edwards (20-3 1 NC, 12-2 1 NC UFC) def. Kamaru Usman (c) (20-2, 15-1 UFC) after the fifth round.

In the initial rounds, Edwards was seen to be defending and losing a few leg kicks which had been gained by Usman but soon thereafter be restored and choked Usman until the horn which makes him score. But the second round was quite tough for Edwards when he was caught in the cage giving fruit to Usman and taking the lead. This is continued in the third round as well, although it was observed that Edward was trying to get into the game and trying to get the right back but Usman was in a fit of rage and didn’t give him a single shot.

At the end of the third round, Edward comes in the move to attack once again and turns the table but Usman didn’t catch easily and was all over Edward. This is the spur of the moment when the referee comes in between and put both the players back on canvas but even then Usman was fading.

The last round was complex to the whole game which gave a shocking result to the world when Edwards knocks out Usman with his left kicks and made everyone shocked for a while.

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