Pop icon Britney Spears’s Instagram Gets Confounding After Restaurant Incident

The unusual incident with Pop icon Britney Spears had taken place in a restaurant in Los Angeles. It is also found that Britney is active on Instagram these days and while its actions seem to be quite unusual, as in it leads to some outlets like Page Six and TMZ or expressions such as Manic and Bizzare. The incident that have been taken place in the restaurant seemed to be peculiar which make Britney embarrassed and acted weird by covering her face with a menu. Action Britney seems as if she doesn’t wish to get recognized by the person standing therein. The event flattered and confounded on Instagram when Britney operated the same.

The recent passage of Spears commenced on Friday at the time when she along with her husband went for dinner. This dinner of Britney and her husband named Sam Asghari has taken place at Joey in Woodland Hills. The place where the quote of chicken peanut salad showed as $24 but as usual fans soon recognized the appearance of spears and eagerly wish to take the evidence of it. And to capture the moment, fellows take out their phones from their pockets and forget that even she is a human who could have nourishment of food and drink at a restaurant. But the act of the fans Spears make it unusual to sit and have sustenance over there.

 Indeed, she is also a human being who could have a desire for food and drink but this act of fellow make the Spears annoy and start talking nonsense. After the incident took place at a restaurant, Britney start shouting which is also witnessed and encountered by the spectators therein. She was speaking, continuously saying this but the same could not be identified and her husband soon escape from the place. The husband of Britney, quite seem upset and disappointed about what had happened at the premise and didn’t sit for a minute thereafter and left. This made Spears alone for certain few minutes with her bodyguard and then she also left the place. 

The video also seems to be quite visible by which it could be seen that Spears was speaking which was not at all audible enough. It becomes difficult for Briteny and her husband to sit and have dinner therein. Who wants to take dinner in such an environment rather than such surrounding makes a person quite unusual and weird. Moreover, Spears didn’t stop then and there only, I stayed if she uploaded the same on her Instagram with a quote that “They told me I couldn’t/that’s why I did!”. The whole scenario was reported as quite embarrassing for Spears and her husband.

The such occurrence happened quite a lot more times with different celebs but at the time of dining, this unusual act of fans makes Spears frustrated and in between their dining, her husband left the place without having a meal therein.


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