The victory of champion Oleksandr Usyk over Anthony Joshua

One of the champion of boxing, Oleksandr Usky once again won over Anthony Joshua wherein the first six rounds was a close competition and were playing under a pressure. But Usky played well and which is shown throughout the game and gained victory over Joshua in the World Heavyweight Championship which has taken place at King Abdullah Sports City Arena in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and proclaimed his success through the flag of Ukraine. And this was his second victory and protect his earlier winnings of WBO, WBA, and IBF world heavyweight titles. The victory of Usky recorded 116-112 and 115-113 which itself highlighted the close competition between two strong players. But Joshua shows his resentment in the ring which is evident from his reaction to throwing off his earlier two belts.

It is also seen that Usky praises Joshua for his remarkable performance in the fight which had taken place in London and Usky not once but several times robs himself to be one of the best champions at cruiserweight. It has also been seen that Joshua also takes training from the new trainer, Robert Garcia to join Angel Fernandez so that he could regain the best champion position. And these actions and hard work of both players show hat how keen they were to win this championship and were under acute pressure.

The fight was closely played in the very first six rounds but Joshua hit a heartbreaking left buckle and Usky taking advantage of it marked his bunch of punches. Joshua tried to break the same in the ninth round and punch the same with strong hooks and this shot made Joshua smile on his face but the next moment Usky change the game and take his game over the game which can be seen in the last round. The game was close enough to decide yet Usky held to be a deserving winner.

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