If your partner loves the way you are, you have found a keeper.

There is n number of relationships that start in a day and break the very next day. Why does it happen?

The reason is not that you are a wrong person but the compatibility, trust, and understanding which is not present in your relationship.

How to find your love as a keeper? The answer is so obvious, to determine it, you can check certain elements or see whether your partner does the below-mentioned things for you or not.

If the answer is positive then definitely your partner is the only person who is the keeper of your life.

The first and foremost fundamental is, If your partner accepts the way you are and does not demand any change in you then yes your partner is the keeper.

The other essential is whether your partner proud to accept you as it’s a companion in front of thousands of people and never feel ashamed.

Love is a feeling which cannot be changed with facts and circumstances and remain constant.

So if your partner after some time demands space from your relation or starts ignoring you or not spent even an hour with you then mark my words, the partner is not the keeper.

When your partner starts making excuses in a relation then you should understand the fact that your partner doesn’t want you anymore