6 Reasons why you should live with intention

6 Reasons why you should live with intention.
6 Reasons why you should live with intention.

Reasons why you should live with intention

Living with meaning involves being the conscious maker of our everyday experiences and our lives. It’s about understanding and constantly paying attention to what’s important to us. Living with intent is a decision that we have to make.

It’s about realising what we want and trying the best we can to concentrate on it. We’ll have encounters or incidents in our lives that can throw us off track. It’s better to refocus and refocus on what’s relevant if we are deliberate on how we want to live our lives.

What happens when you don’t live with intention?

Even though living with purpose is an option, learning what can happen if we don’t is helpful. This may include:

  • Reacting or being quickly caused by incidents or things.
  • Not recognising our goals.
  • Focusing on stuff that’s not relevant.
  • Getting lower inspiration and ambition rate.
  • When we live every day with meaning, we will have a stronger sense of intention or importance for the things we do.

Things that happen when you live with intention

Having witnessed the advantages myself, it is strongly advised to live with purpose. When you live with purpose, here are six things you can expect to happen.

You’ll get better clarity levels.

In our lives, we all need consistency. Lived with purpose means that we consider what is important or what we desire. That’s going to help drive what we pay attention to.

You will increase your ability to concentrate.

Greater consistency means understanding what to do in order to get to where we want to go or what we want to do. That will encourage us to remain focused on what is important and take the right measures.

You’ll have a cool, trustworthy presence

We would not have uncertainty because we know what is important and what we want to accomplish. The means that we’re going to be more patient and realise what needs to be done.

You’re going to advance more quickly with what you want

As stronger consistency and improved concentration will guide our acts, we will do the right things consistently. Faster change comes with the right actions, which ensures that we’ll do what we want faster.

You’ll keep stuff in perspective.

They’ve just got rough days. Unexpected incidents sometimes happen. We should still reconnect with our intentions, instead of making conclusions or constructing false interpretations. While keeping things in perspective, that will help us reconnect to what is important.

What to do to live life with intention

Here are examples of things that you should do now in order to live with purpose.

  • Set meaningful priorities.
  • Arse strategies for mindfulness.
  • Start visualising each day how you expect your day to unfold.
  • Per day set clear goals.
  • Pay more particular consideration to what you eat and drink every day.
  • Identify new patterns to evolve.
  • Eliminating habits that do not benefit you.
what does it mean to live with intention
What to do to live life with intention.


We can choose to live with meaning, or we can be reactive and accidental. One way will make life a lot easier for us to get what we want, and the other way will make it more complicated. If we want to create better lives and live an enhanced life, it would make a huge deal to learn to live with purpose.

Action Step: Choose one thing that you want to be more deliberate about. It could be your fitness, how you start your day, how much sleep you get each night. Focus on the thing you choose before it becomes your normal practice.

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