God gave us the gift of life, it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.

Everyone is running for one thing or another and forgets to live with the things that we already owned. God gifted us the most precious thing to human beings that is our lives along with adorable nature where we can live in a healthy and prosperous manner. But we need to ask one question to ourselves that do we actually live that? Most of us have the answer is a negative way where we are competing to win the race but unable to find the winning spirit in the gifts that God gave us.

Once we are able to identify and realize the gift of God life becomes the most phenomenal aspect where we can live it is a beautiful manner. Almost everyone prays to God in one way or the other but the actual wish that God expects from all of us is to live it well and respect the gift that it gave us. The life with nature, climate, purity is the essence of it that needs to be taken into consideration to live a peaceful life. As everyone is fighting for peace externally but it actually lies within ourselves that need to identify and work on it


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