One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

You often heard from your well-wishers or loved ones that you are living much better than millions of people and living a standard life. Every person wishes for something better in their life and so pray to God and give their best to achieve their aims. Not only that, no one in this world is satisfied in their life and always complaining about one thing or the other but do you really think you don’t have sufficient things to lead your life in a proper manner? You need to ask this question yourself when you start complaining about your life.

Feel the luckiest person to have a healthy life

The greedy nature of a human is it’s core tendency and to fulfill the desires, it consistently tries it’s level best. And this fact can be accepted that every person wishes to have the best and luxurious life but on the other hand, you need to accept the fact that the thing which you considered as a mere waste can be a gem to someone else. If you are fit enough to have a healthy life, if you have enough food to feed your family and if you can buy the necessary ameneties then you are better than millions of people in this universe. Because not everyone is as lucky as you are.

Don’t complain about everything

For instance, you went shopping and bought some casual clothes for you and your family. Later on, you don’t like to wear such a dress and so you gave it to your housekeeper, although that dress becomes a waste for you but do you ever realize that the same dress is a treasure for the housekeeper’s daughter. And this is the reason why everyone should feel lucky what they retain in their life and in spite of complaining about what you don’t have, you should work to get that.

Be grateful to God for what you have

God gives you this precious life where you should live without quarreling for the thing you don’t possess. And despite wasting the resources that you have, you should use them in an optimum way. Every person should know the worth of the things they possess and be grateful to God that it makes you capable enough to enjoy the same. Because not everyone is capable enough to take the advantages of such things that you hold in your life.

Realize the worth of your belonging, it can be a treasure for someone else

The most important thing in life is food, shelter, cloth to lead a life, and your health so if you possess these things then you should thankful for what you have and realize the importance of it. Many times, unintentionally, people don’t realize what valuable things they hold in their life and regret later. But it is suggested that you should realize the worth of everything you hold at the right time because after the right time there is nothing left except regretting the same. And if you can lead a standard life with your loved ones then it is a moral duty or obligation on you to help the needy people. Not everyone is capable enough to lead a life as you are living.


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