Real friends show their true colours in the times of troubles

Real friends show their true colours in the times of troubles

You have many friends and, in this life, you will meet many people but you will develop a good with some of them and more interestingly only a few are there for you in your bad times. But on the other hand, the very first thing came in mind is how one should identify the true friends among many and what are the sign of a real friend. There is only one thing to define friendship is understanding and loyalty and if your friend is genuine then it will always give you support when you need the most.

You are lucky to have a true friend in trouble

The friend’s relation is one of the most amazing relationships among all the relations but it could only remain lucky if your friends are true and in the otherwise case it becomes like hell for you. You often made unforgettable memories with your friends and think that the friends you have are real and never break your trust but this is not the case with everyone. In the bad times, you observed with others that many people left to support and the same case lies with you as well so you should develop a friendship relation with cautious and see in your bad times the friends who are there at that time even.

Real friends show their real colors

One thing is for sure that if your friends have a pure heart for you then it will definitely wish your best and always stand beside you in your bad times. In everyone’s life, there are times when a person needs the support of their near and dear ones and one of such close ones is your friends. The friends who according to you are there in your good times and had a wonderful experience with unforgettable memories. However, if you wish to find the real colours of your friends then it could oy be seen when you need them desperately.

Real Friends don’t make excuses

If your friends don’t make any excuses and stand with all their hearts at the times when you need them then yes definitely, they are the true friends of yours. It’s very much necessary to see the feelings of the person if you really wish to check their ultimate intentions for you. To check the intentions of the person, the very first thing that requires is your pure heart for such a person. And if you don’t have that your heart for your friends then you will not be able to check the real colours of your friends.

A pure heart with a clean mind.

To check this, you should not only have a pure heart but a clean hand with a clear mind and you will definitely the real colours of your friends. However, the moment you got to know the real faces of your friends then you should act accordingly with them as well and this would only be better for you. Another thing for your happiness is to expect less and be calm, destiny decide for you the best.

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