These 7 ‘Did You Know…?’ Random Factsand Interesting Trivia Questions Are Totally Mind-Blowing!

These 7 ‘Did You Know…?’ Random Factsand Interesting Trivia Questions Are Totally Mind-Blowing!

These fascinating ‘did you know’ facts are perfect for your next trivia night.

It seems “Did you know…?” facts are just about everywhere. From Snapple caps to trivia nights, it seems that we’re always looking for neat fun facts to expand our knowledge.

One of the best things about did you know facts is that they’re so easy to share with others! A fun did you know factoid can be quickly texted to an old friend or as a conversation starter with new acquaintances.

From strange laws to random historical tidbits, these interesting, cool and totally surprising did you know facts will fascinate you and your friends!

7 Did You Know Facts

1. Did you know it’s illegal to feed pigeons on the sidewalks and streets of San Francisco?

Sure, a sprinkle of breadcrumbs to feed hungry birds may seem harmless but in the popular Californian city, you could get into trouble. San Francisco’s Public Works Department explains this law is in place because there “are dozens of reasons why” you shouldn’t feed your new pigeon friends, “but mainly: feeding pigeons harm our neighborhoods and also harms the birds.”

2. Did you know an astronaut was allergic to the moon?

Seems like someone had a tre-moon-dous allergy problem! During the Apollo 17 mission, astronaut Harrison Schmitt found out that he had a severe reaction to moon dust.

3. Did you know there’s a toilet museum?

In New Delhi, the Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets features a rare collection that details the historic evolution of toilets from 2500 BC all the way up to the present day. When you browse through the exhibit, you’ll learn about the plumbing system of ancient societies, marvel at the elaborately decorated toilets of 18th and 19th-century Europe, and even get to sit upon one from Austria that is shaped like a lion!

4. Did you know the official bird of Redondo Beach, California, is the Goodyear Blimp?

In 1983, the coastal city made the Goodyear Blimp their official city bird in anticipation of the 1984 summer Olympics. They even presented a plaque to a team from Goodyear Airship Operations to help celebrate the decision!

5. Did you know 3 U.S. Presidents have won Grammys?

Former President Jimmy Carter has won three Grammy Awards in the Best Spoken Word Album category. The first one was for Our Endangered Values: America’s Moral Crisis in 2007. Next came, A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety in 2016. Finally Faith: A Journey For All in 2019.

In 2004, Bill Clinton won Best Spoken Word Album for My Life. Just a year prior in 2003, he won the Best Spoken Word Album for Children with Prokofiev: Peter And The Wolf/Beintus: Wolf Tracks.

Finally, Barack Obama has won a couple of golden megaphones of his own. He won Best Spoken Word Album in 2006 for the narration of his book, Dreams from My Father audiobook. In 2008, he took home another one when he took home the Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for the audiobook version of The Audacity of Hope.

6. Did you know Viking men wore makeup?

It’s no doubt that Vikings were some of the toughest men in history books. However, they cared about their appearance enough that makeup was a part of their everyday routine.

7. Did you know you can get your eyeballs tattooed?

If you’re looking to get your entire body tattooed, you don’t need to stop at your eyeballs! Many hardcore tattoo fans are getting the whites of their eyes injected with ink of all kinds of colors ranging from green to purple. However, there are some risks involved such as pain and prolonged blurred and double vision.


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