Toxic love is based on lies and manipulation while true love is based on honesty and growth

Toxic love is based on lies and manipulation while true love is based on honesty and growth.
Toxic love is based on lies and manipulation while true love is based on honesty and growth.

Do you have any questions regarding what is love and whether your partner loves you truly or just taking advantage of your innocence? If any such question came in your mind then this article is for you that provide you comprehensive knowledge about the love and it’s the difference with a toxic relationship. Many times it becomes difficult to identify true love from the toxic relationship and due to which bond between couples gets badly affected. Hence, it becomes crucial to understand the meaning and difference between true love and a poisonous relationship.

Restriction and motivation, a big difference

True love never hinders your growth and if you are in a relationship with the person who truly loves you then one thing is for sure that it will never restrict your progress and always wish to uplift you. In a true relationship, you will that your partner will always motivate you to do what you actually wish to and get excited to see you winning in every phase of life. On the other hand, if your partner is only taking advantage of your innocence than it will manipulate you in several ways such as your partner will never wish your growth or never ponder on your progress.

Loyalty and manipulation

True love stands on the footing of loyalty and honesty whereas toxic relationship suffers from lies, tales, and manipulation. So if you are looking for true love then you should know the difference between being honest and manipulation. Love is all about meeting pf two souls and, not two bodies and if your relationship is not about it then such a bond will not last long. However, it is very important to observe the activities of your partner and see whether it is a real bond or just for the sake of doing timepass.

Compassion and misconception

Love means understanding your partner and it’s the situation and not to put the blame of everything on the shoulders of your companion. If your partner truly loves you then it will surely put you on an equal level to that of itself. A true bond never requires any kind of explanations and trust you in every situation. Whatever you and your partner are going through, if your bod is true then it will never be questioned. You will always found your partner with you, in all your ups and downs, in achieving or losing and in every tough situation.

Entangle is a wrong relationship

However, it is true that real bond will last long without any adjustments, and never need any kind of justifications from another side. And if your partner dominates you or manipulates you then your bond is not a real one and it’s a bait. Don’t fall in the trap of it in the name of love and start rethinking in your relationship. If you truly wish to live your life as well as a relationship then you need to know the real meaning of love and understand the difference between love and affection or love and manipulation. Love never comes with manipulation instead it’s opposite of it.

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