Whether it’s love or lust, how to tell?

If you are in love with some person and wish to know whether your partner loves you truly or just playing with your feelings. It is true that the most sensitive thing in this world is humans’ feelings and if someone with its out heart love the other person that it hurts the most on the contrary situation and every person wishes to get some love from the bottom of the heart of such person.

A pure heart, love and not lusts

Life is full of love and happiness, and so every person should possess a pure heart. An innocent face and heart are the most important and valuable ornaments that one could have and it is very much important to know whether your companion loves you truly or it just lusts for you.

Love is not lust and should understand the fact

There is a big difference between love and lust and nowadays people misunderstood love in terms of lust. The definition of love should be redefined and should not consider life as a plus. Love is the antithesis of the concept of lust. As lust is the combination of just two bodies that’s it but on the other hand, love is the togetherness of two souls and becomes it one. So for today’s love story becomes lust but it should not be so and love is the pure feelings between two people that should be taken as just purity and nothing else. When any feeling of resentment or deception that it could not be termed as love and should be treated just as an attraction for some time.

Lust is a bodily attraction

On the other hand, there is a difference between love, attraction, and lust. The more interesting or fascinating thing about lusts is that people often treat lusts as an attraction but there is a thin line difference both and need to be noteworthy. If your partner loves you truly than it will never consider love in the terms of intimacy and always infer the love with soul and pure feelings. I’ve can not be defined as definite words but when it comes to lust, it always goes with the flow and in terms of sexual intimacy. The person who loves you truly always give you the best and innocent moments in the relationship and hesitate in getting closer to you in regards to body intimacy.

Love cannot be defined but can feel

A true companion never offers you for the sexual intimacy and care for your privacy so if you ever be in a relationship where your partner always looks for your body than it might be possible that such person doesn’t love you in a genuine sense. Love can never be seen in the sense of bodily attraction and in every look of yours, your love will have a thought of your cute looks and not wish to see you in hot or sexy one. However, if you really wish to have true love in your life than at the right time you should understand and see the real face of your partner by knowing this small thing.


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