20 Reasons Why I Love Him And Will Love Him Forever

20 Adorable reason why I love you forever
20 Adorable reason why I love you forever

20 Adorable reason why I love you forever

Thinking about your better half and counting the “20 Reasons Why I Love Him forever is one of the most romantic as well as the cute things that not only melts your heart. But also makes you realize how lucky you are to have such a caring, romantic, and loving life partner.

He does cute things for you, treats you with respect, and does everything that makes you happy… There can be unlimited reasons why you like him. Appreciating his all efforts, your mind must be judging your personality whether you are good enough for him or not. Let’s have a look at this misconception. 

Why you are not good enough for him

“Why am I not good enough for him…”? Does this type of question come to your mind too? I am sure, it does… that’s why you are here. When you are truly badly in love with someone very special then arising this type of silly question is pretty normal. I think the main reason why you think this way is you are not confident enough about your individuality.

Stop being such an under confident person and living in an inferior complex. Comparing yourself with someone else is not done and it is also not recommended especially on “Alphawiser”. You are a star and you deserve what you love.

Sometimes giving extra attention to a specific person can harm your self-respect and dignity. So you have to make sure, never compromise your self-respect for anyone who doesn’t deserve you.

I would not say you are not enough for him. But I would suggest to you some points that can be the reasons why you are thinking that way. Maybe you don’t feel confident about the way you are, maybe you have some misconception about your look. And as a result, there are chances you have developed an inferior complex.

As long as your husband truly loves you, takes care of each and everything. And loves to spend time with you… all these are signs that you are good enough for him. And there is no need to plant a seed of negativity in your mind.

If this type of question still comes to your mind, then you can take some steps just to feel more confined about yourself. You should focus on your fitness and you can work a little extra to sharpen your skills. Set targets and try to step ahead in your career.

It will help you to gain some confidence and will give you a purpose in life. Try to love yourself first, you are important. Learn self-care and self-love… it will help you to understand your true worth.

Now, the question comes should you tell him the way you feel for him or there is a need to wait for the perfect time? Let’s try to find out.

Should I tell him I love him?

You must have heard several times “don’t wait for the right time or you will lose the opportunity.” But this time I would suggest you wait for the right time. And try to observe if he is really interested in you or not.

You should also try to figure out why you love him before asking yourself “should I tell him I love Him.” Because sometimes people are really confused between a crush and true love. Everything has a perfect time and sometimes waiting for the right time is important.

After making sure he is equally attracted to you and having an interest in you, you can take further steps and can share what you feel about him. Sometimes, proposing to someone directly may be a big reason for embarrassment and I am sure you don’t want to face that awkward moment. Once, everything is well set and your gut is allowing you then simply tell him you love him and let him know how important he is to you.

We all are not the same, everyone possesses different characteristics and has their own fantasy. Things that may attract you to a particular person might not be attractive to someone else.

Everyone has their own reasons to love their better half, I am sure you have your own that’s why you love him. Here are some reasons that are common in most couples to love their better half and I am excited to share them with you.

Top 20 reasons why I love him

1. He is well groomed and organized

20 top Reasons Why I Love You

Grooming is an essential part of our daily routine to ensure personal hygiene as well as discipline. I love well-organized people, this shows how important discipline is for them. It not only maintains high self-esteem but also influences their overall personality.

One of the main reasons why I love him is that he is conscious about his grooming and is well organized. He keeps his space neat and clean, he doesn’t have any nasty habits which is a plus point to continuing a successful married life.

2. We respect each other

There is no point in staying in a relationship if there is no respect. Calling sweety, honey, baby, and sweetheart all the time does not assure he actually respects you. For me, Respect means how much you matter to him, your existence in his life, your point of view, your hobbies, your friend circle… Does he really care about it…?

Does he take you and your stuff seriously or is it always about him….? For me, respect comes first because if you are committed to spending your entire life with someone special, how is that even possible when you don’t respect each other?

3. I feel comfortable with him

Being comfortable with your better half is one of the most important things that allow you to be who you actually are. Whether it’s a friendship or a relationship if you are not comfortable with that person, I don’t think it would work long-lasting.

If your partner is making you comfortable by his behavior, his words, his attitude, and his gestures and is completely okay with who you are, then it might be a solid reason why you love him.

We can’t even imagine living a happy, sexy, and cheerful life with a person with whom we don’t feel comfortable because enjoying each and every crazy moment, sharing our darkest secrets, and being sexually involved is not something that you can do with everyone.

If you are not comfortable with him and he doesn’t even sense or notice it then you need to talk to him about it. Please let him know if you are not comfortable with his actions, words, or anything else. Also, make sure not to sound like you are judging him otherwise his feeling may get hurt. 

4. I think he is cute and sexy at the same time

I am not going to say he is the cutest and the sexiest man on the earth but for me he really is. I’m in love with the way he smiles, the way he walks, and the way he looks at me. No matter how angry I am, his smile magically changes my mood. He always turns me on when he does naughty things in a romantic mood.

I can’t resist him no matter how tired I am. The chemistry between us is something that I can not describe in words. And I am sure you experience the same vibes with your man. I love each and everything about him… he looks even cuter when he is angry and I love teasing him at that time.

5. He is a responsible and mature person

The way he takes care of everything and fulfills his responsibility is outstanding. One of the reasons why I like him is that he is a responsible and mature person. He doesn’t escape from his responsibility. He doesn’t only care about me but also takes care of his parents. He’s never neglects them and that’s what I love about him.

When you are in love and living a happy life with each other, it’s your duty to take your responsibility seriously. When you fulfill your responsibility and support each other, it creates a loving and caring environment.

Everything goes smoothly but when any of you start making excuses to escape from his/her responsibility then things get worse and worse which is not a good sign for leading a happy and sexy relationship.

6. He is kind-hearted

You cannot force someone to love you, and you can’t force yourself to love someone too because love is a precious feeling that can’t be controlled. The things that make us fall in love with a particular person are his nature, his attitude, and his charm. And kindness is one of the main things that can attract anyone easily.

Kindness is such a powerful weapon that can even melt a stone-hearted person and it may be one of the main reasons why you like him.  If your man is a kind-hearted person and shows kindness not only to human beings but also to animals then it can be a good reason to love him.

7. He always motivates me to stay fit

Top Best Reasons Why I Love You

Sometimes, sticking to a healthy diet, continuing the workout, and pushing your body beyond your limit might be pretty challenging. Especially, when you had a very exhausting day. Skipping your workout sounds really relaxing at that moment, and I am sure you would agree with it.

We all know that fitness comes first and it becomes more exciting when your partner motivates you. Setting fitness goals and achieving them together is really fun. It not only helps you to stay in shape but also leads to a healthy lifestyle.

You are really lucky when you have someone who pushes you to do more and I just love it when he motivates me to challenge my strength.

8. He never judges me

We never judge each other. He never makes me feel insecure and this is what I like the most about him. Nobody is perfect, and we are not supposed to judge anyone especially when it comes to our better half. Judging can easily spoil your healthy relationship.

9. He treats people well around him

If a man treats well people around him equally, no matter whether it’s a waiter, a street vendor, a cleaner, or anyone else then you have a solid reason to love and respect him.

Girls usually get attracted to a muscular, sexy, and badass man and start dreaming about him without caring about his true nature. In the end, they ended up hurting their own expectations.

I would suggest you be careful and try to find out the true reasons to love him. Take some time and try to figure out why you love him. Is he the right guy you are looking to spend your life?

10. He knows how to make me smile

Whether it’s a stressful day or I am casually feeling low, he is always there to bring a smile to my face. He knows how to make me smile, even when I am upset. He can not see me sad and is always there to support me. He’s such a lovely and fun-loving person.

We meet different people in our life, some give us good experiences and some leave us with bad ones. But when we meet with the perfect one, he knows how to make you smile even in odd situations.

11. He respects my family

Love is complicated, especially when you fall for the wrong person at a young age. People easily get confused between love and lust. Let’s Suppose there is a person who tends to love you and does all the romantic stuff that couples do but he doesn’t respect your family.

Would you still love him? Absolutely not, because family comes first, and if he doesn’t respect your family, how can you expect him to treat you with respect in the future?

One of the main reasons that make me fall for him is his generous and cheerful nature toward my family. He respects all family members and always enjoys their company whenever we get the chance to spend some time together.

12. He is my backbone

Facing up and down and struggling alone in the journey of life can be quite challenging. And you know what, it becomes exciting and interesting when there is someone to support you and make you feel like you are not alone and that’s what love is all about. 

Now a day, a relationship is all about casual sex and hookup, and in this trend of casual dating finding your perfect one is much more challenging.

13. We never cross the limit while having arguments and cute fight

Whether it’s your best friend, family members, or anyone else closest to you… disagreeing or fighting about silly things is completely normal (not that ugly fight, here I am talking about the cute fight that BBF and siblings do).

As a husband or wife, you would have also experienced these types of things and it is completely normal as long as your arguments are not turning into ugly ones.

If you really love him, you would never cross the limit or say anything that can hurt him while having an argument or fight and he will also do the same and control the situation like a true gentleman.

14. He never makes me uncomfortable in bed

lovable reasons to love someone

Everyone loves sex, and the desire to live your fantasy in real life needs some extra confidence. To enjoy your fantasy you need to share all the dirty ideas in your imagination with your better half. But it is not as easy as it sounds because there may be insecurity or the fear of judgment.

And sometimes, the curiosity of your partner can make you uncomfortable in bed which may develop a little bit of anxiety or nervousness in you. Man who never makes his partner uncomfortable during making love not only wins her trust but also gains genuine respect.

15. He never makes me feel insecure

When you are truly in love with someone, feeling insecure is completely normal but you can’t spend your entire life with a sense of insecurity, can you?

Insecurity is a part of our life. Whether it’s your career or even your love life, we face insecurity everywhere. But it becomes a major issue when you are madly in love with someone really special and insecurity is spoiling your peace of mind. The fear and the anxiety create trouble and don’t let you enjoy the special moment of your life.

You are truly blessed when you get someone who doesn’t make you feel insecure and always makes you feel special and accept the way you are.

16. He never misses a chance to make me feel special

Whether it’s our anniversary, my birthday, any special occasion, or any small achievement… he never misses a chance to make me feel special by doing cute things for me.

We all are just normal human beings and get happy easily on even small things. A little care and attention from your life partner, and small surprises are enough to make us feel special.

17. With him, I feel the courage to face the world

I don’t why but when I am with him I get the courage and the strength to face the world. He makes me feel more confident. With Him, all the anxiety and self-doubt just disappear.

And I am sure, you also would have experienced the same when you are with your loved one. You get all the courage to face the people and odd situations, the situation that makes you nervous when he is not with you. And this is what true love is all about. When you are truly in love with someone, you feel more confident, courageous, and blessed.

18. I love the way he hugs me

No matter whether he got the muscular toned body with the badass look or the slim or chubby one with the gentle gesture. The things that matter is it must feel like the cozies and the safest when he hugs you. A hug that eases all your stress and boosts your happy hormones. I love the way he hugs me. He never feels tired to give me casual hugs.

19. His shyness look cuter and easily melt my heart

However, he is not a shy guy but the way he shows his shyness completely melts my heart. He really doesn’t have any idea how cute he looks when he blushes during a romantic conversation. I love to talk to him, and he also loves to have endless chatting with me and this is our favorite part of our cute love life.

Always love teasing him and sometimes when he has nothing to say he says slowly down his eye in a cute way and gives a killer smile. I don’t know how to express it in words but this is surely a beautiful reason to love him.

20. He is open to exploring the new way to please each other

Why you are not good enough for him

Knowing each other’s bodies and exploring new ways to have exciting and pleasurable sex is completely okay with your spouse. Everyone has their own sexual fantasy and sharing what’s in your mind to make your sexual life more thrilling is important but sometimes people feel shy and hesitate to discuss it with their loved ones.

Your husband should be more open to listening to you without judging you so you both can have fun as much as possible.

He is open to explore new ways to have pleasureful sex and that’s why I love him.

After all, if we would not going to fulfill our sexual curiosity with our spouse then whom we should expect it? Touch him the way you want and tease him the way he wants, spark the indescribable chemistry in your bedroom. Don’t hold your sexual fantasy to yourself, let it bloom… let it explode.


Hope this will help you to know your life partner in a better way and give you solid reasons why you love him. As I have mentioned above, everyone is different and their choices are also different.

They may have their own reasons to like a particular person. You can also share the reasons why you love your better half starting with “why I love him” in the comment section. We would love to hear about your personal experience.

(Disclaimer: The writer has tried to express his point of view on how a healthy relationship can long last. He has tried to create an imaginary scenario and share his thought from a woman’s perspective so our readers can have an idea of what women love and what they want from her ideal husband. hope you love it.)


  1. Denise Henderson

    I love my mate because he is love. Thats what he display inwardly & outwardly to me and others

  2. Kathy Rozar

    I love my husband of almost 24 years in January because he has always been kind, and supportive and an overall great person, friend and lover. Our 2 children are now move out since 2018 and he has changed dramatically. I’m not sure we will see our 24th.. he doesn’t seem like the same man I met in 1993..

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