21 questions for a new relationship

21 Romantic Questions For Getting to Know Your Partner Better

21 questions for a new relationship: Don’t forget to have a look at no. 13 and 20.

New relationship questions can incredibly play a crucial role in happy and healthy love life. Spending some time getting to know your sweetheart and engaging yourself in a deep conversation with them. This is one of the most romantic things you would ever have.

But, the problem is we just lack the ideas of sweet and exciting 21 Essential Questions To Ask Each Other. And due to that things may get boring sometimes.

This is pretty common in new couples. That’s why we have come up with 21 romantic questions for a serious relationship. That will not only spark romantic chemistry between you and your better half. But also help you to know each other in a better way.

But before that let’s try to find out why asking these 21 romantic questions for a new relationship. And this can establish a strong bond between both of you.

Why asking questions for a new relationship is important?

Whether you are a newlywed couple or an experienced one who is beautifully getting old together. Exploring new things and adding a spark to your romantic married life is always so much fun.

Apart from lovemaking, spending valuable time with your partner is really important. And for that, a romantic question-answer game can be the best option to lead a deep and romantic conversation.

To Know what your partner wants from you, what exciting ideas she/he got for the future, how he/she feels, etc. Is essential and to get the answer to all these questions. A list full of fun and interesting questions to ask in a relationship. This can play an essential role in your love life.

If you are not even a newly married couple and have already spent several beautiful years together. Asking romantic questions for fun can still add some spark to your sweet love life.

21 questions to get to know someone

Best question to ask to her

1. What are you looking for in your life partner/what are your expectations with your better half?

Asking them what qualities they are looking for in their life partner or what expectations they have from them can be beneficial for a healthy relationship. Having an idea about what your partner is expecting from you can help you to impress them.

It doesn’t mean you have to be exactly what they want you to be or you have to change yourself for them…. It is just a small effort to impress them, that’s it.

2. What do you feel about me?

Asking what they feel about you in your first meeting may be odd sometimes, but if you and your partner are comfortable then you can go for it and there is nothing wrong.

Obviously, he/she would not say anything negative or something that can hurt your feelings. But it will definitely give you a clear indication of whether he/she is really interested in you or not.

I have experienced that people may not be interested in the starting but as soon as they come to know each other. And spend some quality time together, they may start feeling some emotional attachment to each other(not in all cases).

It’s not always how good you look, or how sexy your personality is, sometimes people just get interested in your simplicity and honesty.

3. If you had to leave one bad habit, what would it be?

People love to talk about themself as they are comfortable with you, we all are human beings and every one of us possesses good as well as bad habits.

These questions would help you to know each other in a better way. At least, it will give you an idea of whether that person seriously wanna give up that one bad habit or just enjoy it and wanna continue.

A person who reveals bad habits in front of their loved ones and is committed to leaving all the bad habits with full dedication can prove him/herself a good life partner.

4. What is the definition of love according to you?

This one is really going to light up the spark in your conversion and is a must-ask question. When you are playing the “romantic question and answer” with your partner. It will allow you to know how romantic your partner is and how beautifully he/she expresses the definition of love.

Everyone sees and experiences love from a completely different angle and it is really romantic to get the chance to know how your soul-mate sees it.

5. What is the best advice that you have received so far and how did it make an impact on your life

Sometimes leading the conversation with your favorite person can be challenging. Especially, when you are meeting them for the very first time.

Ask them what best piece of advice they have received and how it has changed their life. It would be a great way to show interest in your loved one and would definitely work as a conversation starter. Plus, who knows that piece of advice can be beneficial for you as well?

6. If you get a chance to have a date with a celebrity, who would he/she be?

Best 21 questions to ask in a new relationship

You can ask them who is their celebrity crush and if they could get a chance to go on a date, which celebrity they would choose. Also, don’t forget to ask them the reason for choosing them.

They would love to share it with you and you would also have an idea of what your partner loves when it comes to styling and looks.

7. What is your biggest fear, and how do you cope with that?

Everyone has a fear of something and it is completely okay. While playing the question and answer game you can ask your partner about him/her biggest fear of their life and how they cope with it. Also, let them know about your fear. It will give them a feeling of comfort.

8. Who is your childhood best friend, and how much craziness have you done with him/her?

How can we forget the craziest and the silliest thing that we all have done in our life with our best friend… having an exciting conversation and enjoying a hot cup of coffee with your love is incomplete without sharing the hilarious memory of you with your best friend.

Asking about his/her childhood best friends can be an interesting question for a new relationship. It will help both of you to engage with each other.

9. If you win $100k in a lottery, how would you spend it (investing it is not an option)?

Now, this one is really going to be an interesting question not only for your love but also for everyone. People excitingly love to discuss how they would spend money if they win a lottery.

Ask her/him how they would spend the prize money if they won $100k in a lottery. It will add more fun to your romantic conversation.

10. If you get the chance to correct the 3 mistakes of your life, what would it be?

We all make mistakes in our daily life and sometimes we make major mistakes that leave us in regret for our entire life. We can not reverse the time but there is always a feeling like “if I get a chance to recorrect them, I would do this and that….!”

Ask your partner what their 3 mistakes would be if they get a chance to correct them. I am sure they would definitely tell you about it.

Asking this can also be helpful for you because as we all know “we learn from our mistakes”. Listen to them carefully and make sure not to repeat the same mistakes that your partner did.

11. What is your darkest secret?

Why asking questions for a new relationship is important?

People don’t share their secrets easily but when they are playing a romantic questions answer game with that special one, asking about their darkest secret can light the spark in the whole conversation.

It feels good when people trust you and share their secrets with you. It shows that they trust you and you are really special to them that’s why they are sharing their secrets with you. And, it is your responsibility not to share their secrets with anyone, not even with your best friends.

12. If money is not important, what profession do you think you would choose?

Unfortunately, most of us do our job just to pay the bills, we don’t enjoy our job and due to lack of enthusiasm, we lose productivity. But when we do what we love, we feel excited every simple day. So, asking your partner what their dream job or what would they love to do for a living will be an interesting conversation starter for your new relationship.

13. What new and exciting things you want me to do in bed

Sex is an important part of every married life and doing the same thing again and again can be boring sometimes. That’s why experimenting with the new position and finding out the thrilling way to please each other is essential and giving all those pleasures to your partner is your responsibility.

Ask them what exciting things they want you to do in bed, they may feel shy in the beginning but as you make them comfortable, they would definitely let you know the new things they want to try with you.

14. Is there anything that you love doing but had to stop due to a busy routine?

There is always a special thing that we love to do and it could be anything… from drawing the comic character, painting, writing, photography, singing, dancing, football, cricket, or even playing the guitar and piano.

But due to a responsible and busy lifestyle, all those things just leave behind and we hardly get time to continue them. Asking your partner about the things they used to love can be a great topic to initiate a deep conversation.

15. What is your all-time favorite food?

When you are stepping ahead in a new relationship, it’s your job to know each and every favorite thing of your sweetheart. Asking an all-time favorite dish of your loved one not only makes them feel special but also gives you an idea so you can set up their mood whenever they are upset or you both just have a cute fight.

People really appreciate it when someone shows interest in their likes and dislikes. It shows how much love and care you do for them.

16. If you become a president what 10 things would you bring/introduce to your country, and why?

21 Serious questions to ask in a new relationship

However, it may not sound like a typical romantic question for some couples but you can still ask your partner what change they would bring to your country if they get a chance to become the president of your country. And, I think it is quite exciting question to engage your partner in an interesting question-answer game just for fun.

Ask your partner what 10 things they would love to bring or introduce to your country as a president. It will help you to understand the way your partner thinks about the problem in your country. Is she/he selecting the things just for their own purpose or really willing to bring a change in the welfare of society?

I know, it does not sound romantic but believe me these types of questions can allow both of you a deep and engaging conversation. Which is a perfect step to break the ice.

17. What is your favorite place around the world?

You can also ask your partner about their favorite places around the world to start a sweet chit-chat with them. It is one of the most romantic things to discuss and would also work as a communication starter especially when you both have just entered into a new relationship.

People like to talk about their favorite place and it can easily add a spark to every boring conversation. Discussing your favorite place would help you to find a romantic place for your honeymoon or for casual vacations.

18. Would you love to share your spending habits?

One of the most popular reasons for conflict among married couples is the habit of spending recklessly on unnecessary stuff. No matter whether you are super rich or a middle-class class person, this issue would always be a topic of discussion.

It’s better to know about your partner’s spending habits, it will give you an idea about their financial skills.

19. What is your favorite way to show the love (love language)  that makes you feel special?

Best 21 questions to get to know someone

There are unlimited romantic and sweet ways to express affection toward a person you love the most. From spending quality time, a heart-melting touch, sending a gift, giving a beautiful smile, to hugging and kissing… it could be anything.

Just ask them what is their favorite love language so you never miss a chance to make them feel loved.

20. What are the most compelling things in me that you think sexually drive you crazy?

Ask your loving partner what thing they find compelling in you that drives them crazy. Sometimes, we don’t have any clue about the thing or act we do casually can be compelling for our partner to give butterflies in their stomach.

After all, who would not love to get compliments from their love? It can boost your confidence and it will also encourage you to do romantic things for your sweetheart in a more exciting way.

21. What are the three things you want me to change about myself?

Romantic 21 Questions For Getting to Know Your Partner Better

No one is perfect but there is nothing wrong with bringing positive changes and becoming a better version of yourself. You can also ask your partner what things they want you to change in yourself. Keep in mind that it is just for fun, you don’t need to get offended if they say something that you don’t like.

Don’t take it as criticism, just take it as advice. People don’t easily tell their partners the things they don’t like about them because they think it could hurt their partner’s feelings but when you ask them just for fun it becomes easy for them.


Hope all these 21 questions for a new relationship mentioned above would lead to a fun and exciting conversation between both of you. Our motive is just to help you to know each other in a romantic and interesting way.

So, what type of romantic questions do you love to ask in a new relationship? Just let us know in the comment section…!


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