The Truth About How Men Really Feel When They’re Around Smart Women

Research shows how men feel when they are around smart women
Research shows how men feel when they are around smart women

Many times it often is seen that men always want to have a conversation with smart girls. And recognized intelligence as one of the most important aspects that men always look in women. It is often observed that men adore and love to have a relationship with smart women. And the studies show that men love to be with smart women but when they are with smart women. And they are actually nervous and feel anxious.

What the men feel when they are around smart women has shown up by several studies. Which say that it might get change with change in circumstances such as psychology, distance, etc. The other aspect which studies shown is that whenever you are away from your partner. Psychologically you get more attracted towards your partner and amazed by its different emotions.

The priority of every man is that they wish to be in a relationship with that person. Who has a better intellect and intelligence level than yours. This would only emerge when companions are at distant and not when they are close to each other. Because it is seen that the reaction and ones feeling for each other might get changed when they are near to each other. The feelings for each other yet another important reason when you are close to your partner and affect your perception of pursuing your relationship too. However, the distance plays an indispensable role in the relationship.

Now let’s see that in what way men acknowledge when they are with a stipulated kind of women and research revealed that men are often attracted towards those women who are at distant and possess high IQ level than theirs and their way of behaviour moreover becomes adverse than that of their own. But the situation gets changed when they are surrounded by the same women. It depends upon the circumstance of the situation that how men pursue their relationship with a smart companion.

The study inculcates 650 various male subordinates over a merger of 6 several studies. Dr Lora Park, a man who have a conversation with a woman regarding the subject matter of physical distance with its partner and based on such interaction he records some of the observation, as men love to have a relationship with smart women. They always respect the women who they know wins the argument and more logical. It is rightly stated that men love “brain with beauty” and fascinated by it. On the other hand, they have completed a different reaction and outcome when they meet such women. Their behaviour becomes introvert towards that woman whom they observe more smarter than they are and knowing the fact that they are unable to excel the women. They realized the fact that such women possess good intellect and knowledge and more proficient.

The study conducted by Dr Also suggests that men have instant fluctuation in this series of relation. Further, it also recommends that men suffer from anxiety and jeopardized when they meet smarter women. It also suggests that they reacted in a more calculated way in front of such women.

Therefore, the study shoes that way of behaviour and presentation of men change when it comes to interaction with a smart woman. The observation only applicable on the matter of intelligence yet the other very common fact that what matters when men really won’t bother about intelligence and won’t be affected from having a conversation with an intelligent woman.


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