10 things to say to your partner when you feel unappreciated

10 things to say to your partner when you feel unappreciated
10 things to say to your partner when you feel unappreciated

10 things to say to your partner when you feel unappreciated

There is nothing more blissful than being loved by the love of your life. We all know that it takes an equal amount of love, care, affection and understanding of two people in a relationship to make it work.

However, like any other relationship, your relationship will have its own ups and downs. If at point of you ever happened to feel unappreciated it’s better you share it with your partner rather than letting the seed of feeling unappreciated grow.

Here are 10 things you can say to your partner when you feel unappreciated:

1) Your compliments make my day. The smile on my face broadens when you notice the I dress-up on special occasions, especially on your birthday. I miss those funny yet loving compliments you used to give me.

2) More than anything your time is all I want. I understand every day lion’s share of time you spend on managing career, family, friends and other social responsibilities. Thus, I just want you to give some time -at least on weekdays- and work on our relationship.

3) I want both of us to give our relationship equal attention, care, time and affection as one person’s efforts cannot work for long.

4) I like it when you make me feel special. (Give any instance or share a memory here) Like, I remember last year on our anniversary you surprised me by baking a chocolate cake which wasn’t that tasty but was the loveliest cake I have ever eaten in my life till date.

5) I miss going out and making memories with you(here you can highlight some lovely memories that you made with your partner on trips and can even re-live with the trip pictures).

6) I feel you don’t pay attention when I pour my heart out. I mean you are the only person I trust the most and spend time with. I see your eyes glued to your laptop screen when I talk to you or find you mentally absent when I share my feelings.

7) We should recognize each other’s work and appreciate our little efforts that nowadays go unnoticed.

8) There have been times when I felt that I am invisible for you. You cut my points among people as if I what I was saying was of no value, among your friends you completely forget me and your work is all that matters the most to you. I believe, if one day I disappear it won’t make any difference to you.

9) Let’s strengthen our bond by washing off all the dust that our relationship has collected and revive the fading love.

10) Our priority should be being honest and telling the truth despite the consequences. Because this way our trust and respect for one will grow and enhance our relationship.
There is nothing wrong in feeling that you don’t feel appreciated in your relationship which shows you know that you deserve to feel good.

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