My moral in life is simple, you treat me good and I’ll definitely treat you better.

My moral in life is simple, you treat me good and I’ll definitely treat you better.

you treat me good and I’ll definitely treat you better

Here we will discuss about My moral in life is simple, you treat me good and I’ll definitely treat you better. meaning. You can buy everything with money, but not respect. To earn respect, you have to respect others first. People want to get treated well, and often forget to treat the same others. Do you treat your office peon in a polite way..? Do you resect a guy who is offering his serving as a waiter in a restaurant..? Think about it.

We often get confused between politeness and timidness. Sometimes over-politeness can harm your self-respect and dignity. It becomes important to know the thin line difference between kindness and cowardice so that your self-respect would not hinder. We usually ignore our dignity to get noticed by our boss for the next promotion, getting accepted by society. And even the unnecessary effort to please everyone around us without even caring whether they are treating us the same or not. It is not wrong to be grateful to the one who helps you when you are in need. Or to please others but what is important is not to compromise your self-respect and individuality. Indeed, every person holds their individuality, so to establish your existence, you need to first realize it on your own.

My moral in life is simple, you treat me good and I’ll definitely treat you better.

Treating with respect others and having a generous attitude is important. But a bold and badass personality is even more important so people can take you more seriously. I personally used to over-polite and expect the same from the others. But realized later that the world is not as same as we used to think in our childhood.

If you don’t value your time, your body, your feeling, your emotion, and your existence… no one will take you seriously. Never allowed anyone to play with your emotions and honesty because it not only hurts you but also hampers confidence within you.

The one rule that I followed in my life personally is – You treat me good and I’ll treat you better. It was a long journey for me, and what I have learned so far would love to share with you because it might be possible that you could relate to my real-life experiences. Life is so short to learn from experiments rather learning from experiences would make it a better one.

My moral in life is simple, you treat me good and I’ll definitely treat you better.

Here are 5 tips that you should apply in your life-

1. Treat yourself with respect

my moral in life is simple you treat me good and i'll definitely treat you better

If you don’t respect yourself, don’t expect others to respect you. Take care of your health, avoid being so harsh on yourself, and most important stop negative self-talking. Practice self-affirmation daily – I am blessed, I am smart, I am strong enough to handle all situations, etc… These expressions not only enlighten your mind. And body but also help you in keeping yourself positive enough to achieve the hardest goal as well. On the other hand, one should keep in mind the most important thing is not to be overconfident, and treating yourself with respect does not mean in any manner, being egoistic.

2. Never be a victim

In the journey of life, you will face many up and down for sure. You can easily deal with almost everything unless you fall in love with the wrong person. Love is important, but mutual respect is even more important. . It is so easy to act as a victim rather than work as a warrior so now it’s your choice what you wish to be in your life, a victim or a warrior. Your choice will decide your life and existence in society.

3. Be polite but not over-polite

if you treat me good i'll definitely treat you better

Over-politeness often misunderstood as fragility. Be polite but never hide your boldness. It is important to know the limit of being positive with others because sometimes your politeness might make you disrespected by others. To be polite with others is to understand the feelings, sentiments, and situations of others and this will make the person kind-hearted and polite.

4. You are the in-charge of your own decision

Stop saying “yes” to everyone. If you are not interested in something that is making you uncomfortable or your gut is not allowing you, you don’t need to do that. You are not born to obey everyone, just learn to refuse them in a polite way. If you stay dependent upon others for your decision then you will never be able to decide on your own which might affect you later. You may consider the suggestion given by your near and dear ones but the ultimate decision should be yours so that you won’t feel regret if the result of that decision would go contrary to your choice.

5. Respect the opinion of others

Whether you agree with them or not, you don’t need to start an argument. Trying to understand their point of view and respect their opinion. It is a sign of maturity.

It is equally important to be opinionated because a person who has no opinions in their life will never reach anywhere but you should also respect the opinions of others. It does not mean that you should not have a healthy conversation with a person who has different opinions from yours but keep in mind the difference between a healthy conversation and a worthless argument.

However, if you feel so, that the above-mentioned 5 tips would make your life simple then you should start working on it and you will experience the chance within yourself as well as in your surroundings. Changes come within us so if you are flexible to make good changes in your life, you might experience better things.

Do you also believe in this quote “My moral in life is simple, you treat me good and I’ll definitely treat you better”? Let us know in the comment section.

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