11 signs he is fighting his feelings for you

signs he is fighting his feelings for you

Learn the signs he is fighting his feelings for you to save yourself from getting embarrassed.

Have you ever experienced when a person seems interested in you. And instead giving clear signs he confused you with his behavior? How would you identify the signs someone is hiding their feelings for you when things become way complicated? Don’t worry, in this post, we will cover this topic.

If you are the one who is looking for clear 11 signs he is fighting his feelings for you. Then this post is going to be very interesting for you. And, I am sure by the end of this post you would get your answer on. What your next step should be.

But before that let’s try to know why would a man hide his feelings for you. When he can directly express the way he feels.

Signs he has strong feelings for you but is scared

Well, there could be several reasons why he is fighting his feelings for you. Here are some main and very popular reasons that lead a man or even a woman to hide their feelings.

  • Low self-esteem and inferior complex: He doesn’t feel confident enough to approach you. And he has an inferior complex the way he looks.
  • Frustrating relationship experience: Maybe he has been in a very toxic relationship. Or has been cheated on by his Ex. And he is not willing to get into the drama again.
  • Already committed: Probability he is already committed and enjoying his married life. And doesn’t want any mess.
  • Not yet ready to be involved in a relationship yet: He is just not yet ready for a relationship. And to make any commitment.
  • Fear of rejection: Maybe he really likes you. But is afraid of what your response would be if he proposed to you. Fear of rejection may be the major reason who is holding him back. That’s why he is fighting his feelings for you.

Perhaps there may be more reasons why is not allowing himself to express the way he feels for you. And that could be his very personal reasons.

Now, let’s move on and identify the signs he is fighting his feelings for you. So you can have an idea of what to do next because having a clear indication is better than embarrassment.

Signs he is fighting his feelings for you

signs he has strong feelings for you but is scared

The way he looks and smiles says a lot: He stares and adores you secretly

No matter how hard a man hides his feelings for a particular person. All his emotions and feelings would appear on his face when he adores that special one.

Ignoring and pretending that you don’t care is one thing. But controlling your eye from watching the person you have feelings for is another, it’s not that easy. No matter how hard you control them, you just can’t help yourself secretly adoring them.

If you often catch him staring at you and as you make eye contact he suddenly gets nervous. Or pretends that he is not watching you. This probably means he has feelings for you. But he is scared to tell you.

Always available for you

One of the main signs he has strong feelings for you but is scared is, he is always there for you whenever you are in need. He just can’t sit relaxed seeing you in trouble no matter if the issue is big or small.

He could be a guy working with you in the same department. A class fellow, or even a mutual friend…he is always there to help you out. He secretly has strong feelings but when it comes to sharing his feelings, he just doesn’t give any clear indication.

The only way to find out is just to observe whether it’s his behavior to help everyone around him or the efforts are just only for you.

Get easily jealous seeing you with other guys

Feeling jealous watching that special one having fun or spending a good time with other guys/girls could be really disturbing. It can easily make anyone feel jealous no matter whether he or she is in an open relationship or it’s a one-sided love.

If you see a weird change in his behavior(a kind of jealousy or anger) seeing you laughing or talking to other guys, it might be a sign he is fighting his feelings for you.

It really doesn’t matter if he is hiding his feelings and is not committed to you, if he has feelings for you he would definitely give reactions seeing you with other guys.

Looks nervous or acts weird around you

Does he act weird or feel nervous when you are around him? Having a great time and behaving normally with the other people but as you come or he sees you around him he starts acting weird due to nervousness.

Probably he is just not that weird but he doesn’t know how to handle his feelings when you are around him. Controlling his emotion and fighting his feelings for you could be the reason for the way he acts. It may be a sign he has strong feelings for you but is scared.

Act cool and try to impress you

Not all guys feel nervous in front of the people they have feelings for. Most of the time it depends on their nature.

Sometimes people start acting cool around the people they love trying to impress them, and sometimes they just may feel nervous (as I mentioned). 

He gives you a charming smile, turns his body language into more alfa mode, and acts cool. All these are the sudden changes you may notice when he sees around him.

He cracks jokes, gives you more attention, and becomes competitive with his friends when it comes to accepting challenges such as arm wrestling, showing cool moves, or even other physical challenges. He just doesn’t want to miss a single chance to impress you.

If you are noticing all these things, it could be a sign he has a strong feeling for you but hiding it for some reason. 

He includes you in his plans

signs he has strong feelings for you but is scared

He always counts you in whenever he makes a plane with friends or even there is a celebration or a party at his house. And he wants to include you in his happiness no matter whether it’s big or small.

If he does this with all his female friends then it could be his nature. And if this is only you, perhaps it’s going to be a clear indication that you got a special corner in his heart. But he is scared to express his emotion to you.

Having a casual crush and lust is one thing but when he is giving you a special place in his life it may be a sign he is fighting his feelings for you.

Your opinion matter to him

He gives priority to your opinion. Your points of view, suggestions, and advice really matter to him and he takes them seriously.

Without giving any direct indications. He just wants to get noticed in your eye. And probably make the effort to impress you showing that he cares about your point of view.

Whether it’s a group discussion related to a particular topic or a casual chat in your friend circle picking up a good spot for eating out, he cares about your opinion. If you are observing all these cute efforts of him, it could be a sign he has strong feelings for you.

Sometimes he gets angry with you

He gets mad at you when you do stupidity. A silly or careless act that puts you in trouble makes him very angry.

He easily gets mad at you when you put yourself in trouble due to your careless behavior or do favor the people who ditch you. All his concern in the form of anger could be a sign he genuinely cares for you but is hiding his feelings.

If a person is not toxic and gets angry with you when you make silly mistakes, it is their way to show they actually care about you.

Ignoring you could be a signs someone is hiding their feelings for you

One of the main signs someone is hiding their feelings for you is they would pretend to ignore you just to divert their mind. I’m not saying everyone who ignores you has a feeling for you.

What I am trying to say is, sometimes people act weird and pretend to ignore the person they have feelings for. Because they don’t want to express it. Whatever the reason is, they just don’t want you to know their feelings.

Try to act romantic but afraid of your respond

Sometimes he acts cute and tries to flirt with you in a healthy way. Chatting in a flirty way, showing his romantic side. Always appreciating the way you look can be seen in his words.

However, he tries to flirt with you but is afraid of thinking what your response would be. Perhaps, he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship or maybe he doesn’t know if you also like him.

If this is the situation you are dealing with, it could be a sign he is fighting his feelings for you.

What to do when a guy is fighting his feelings for you

Most of the time it completely depends on you as well as on the situation. If any of you is married or committed to someone else. Then there is no point to continue it. One of the best ways is to ignore it and maintain a healthy distance.

If both of you are single, even then it is in your hand whether you feel the same about him or it is just from his side. Before making any decision just make sure he is a good human being and would be able to treat you with respect.


Love is a strong as well as a very complicated feeling. Sometimes it gives you a clear signal and things go smoothly but sometimes it leaves you in so much confusion. Hope all the signs he is fighting his feelings for you clear your confusion and would help you to think about what to do next.


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