Top 18 things to look for in a guy before making any commitment

Top 18 things to look for in a guy before making any commitment

Top 18 things to look for in a guy before making any commitment

What do girls look for in a guy has always been an interesting question and that’s why this post is going to be very interesting for you. Choosing your life partner and starting the journey of your new life is not as easy as it sounds.

There is always a fear or a kind of anxiety about whether the person you are choosing to spend your entire life with is really a perfect match or not. We all are different and have different expectations from our life partners. In this post, we have tried to cover top 18 important things to look for in a guy for better compatibility.  But before that just have a look at the list of qualities to look for in a man.

What do girls look for in a guy?

When it comes to looking for in a guy majority of girls fall for the good looks, muscular physic, social status. And their badass swag when they walk and it is quite justifiable because we are all sexually attracted to the opposite gender. And physical appearance is the first thing that grabs the attention but are you sure all these things can guarantee you for a happy and successful love life.

No doubt, all these traits are important and can add extra charms to your love life. But there are other things that you would probably ignore if you are actually looking for a compatible guy. With whom you enjoy each and every moment of your married life.

In this post we will try to cover all the essential characteristics a girl should look for in a guy. When it comes to choosing her life partner.

18 important things you should look for in a guy

1. A Man who respects you

“Respect” is one of the most important keys to enjoying a successful love life. No matter how sexy and muscular he is, how expensive gifts he gives you on your birthday or any other special occasion. Or how good he is in bed. If he doesn’t respect you, all these things don’t even matter. Especially when you are looking for a loving and caring partner.

2. Should be a hardworking person

When we talk about what to look for in a guy for a happy and healthy relationship, “hard work” must be included in your top priority. A guy with a hard-working mindset would do his best to give a good lifestyle. No matter whether it’s about his career, fitness, or even social life… he can easily handle all these things.

Ups and downs are a part of our life and we can not control the destination. But the things that we can control are our own characteristics such as self-discipline, courage, and hard work. Just make sure the guy you are approaching never run away from hard work.

3. Grooming and dressing sense

Grooming and dressing sense is one of the main important things to look for in a guy. And it can make a huge difference in your overall personality if you take them seriously. Women love disciplined men and taking care of yourself is a solid example of discipline.

As we all know we can not control natural beauty but taking care of hygiene, a good dressing sense. And a little bit of exercise can add some extra charm to your personality.

So, hit the gym, get a good haircut, improve your dressing sense and always be clean because it’s your body. And you are in charge of the way you look. Also, don’t forget to make a habit of wearing a signature cologne. It gives a bad impression when you smell bad and girls don’t like it.

4. Physical fit

Most women look for someone who is strong and healthy when it comes to choosing a life partner. A physically fit body can incredibly attract any woman because it not only looks sexy. And give them signals of happy and healthy sex life but also make them feel safe.

What I am trying to say is he doesn’t need to be a pro athlete or a bodybuilder to ensure the security of the family. A woman needs a man whom they can rely on and who can not break down easily facing challenges of day-to-day life. Someone who can handle the family like a man of the house.

And the best part is you can easily improve your physical fitness by making small changes in your life. Taking care of your diet and doing some physical activity in the gym can definitely bring some positive changes in your life.

5. Can provide a sense of security

 physical things to look for in a guy

In human beings, there is a basic need for safety and security. When we talk about protection and security, it doesn’t mean he should be strong enough to fight an entire army or break into a street fight. This is not what I mean…!!

Here I am just trying to say that when it comes to what to look for in a guy as your better half. Make sure you are getting a sense of security from him and would be able to provide essential things to live a good life.

In short and simple words, I am not saying he should be super rich but at least he should have a stable income source so you both can live a good life. A guy who is doing good in his career no matter if he is his own boss or doing a job.

6. He is Serious about his goals and is committed

Goals are important and doing your best to achieve them is even more important. A man who is fully committed to his life goals and is passionate about the things he loves can be a good husband and a dad.

7. A kind-hearted person

Nowadays, it is considered by some assholes that being a kind-hearted person is so feminine. So you have to be badass and muscular to get a lot of chicks. Unfortunately, some girls are sexually attracted to bad boys, and guess what? They ended up hurting their own expectations.

No matter whether you are a man or a woman, you have to be a kind-hearted person first before becoming anything else.

Just watch and observe how he treats people around him… the way he talks to the waiters. And the way he talks to the people who are low in stature as compared to him. This can tell you a lot more about him.

8. His social life and friend circle

His social life and friends circle can tell you much more about whether that particular person. That could be a perfect match for you or not. It is said that to know about someone, try to know what type of people they love. And what king of people they love to hang out with and what their social life looks like.

It would not only help you to understand him closely but also give you an idea if he is with bad company or not. Knowing the background of people with whom he handout also matters. Just have a look at his social life and friend circle and just observe them.

The motive of doing this is not judging someone on the basis of their social life, it is just to give you an idea to match the compatibility.

9. Someone who can make you comfortable

How can you spend your entire life with a guy who doesn’t make you feel comfortable? Being comfortable with your life partner is one of the most important things to look for in a guy in a serious relationship.

Feeling uncomfortable with a guy doesn’t mean that the person is bad or something, it’s just chemistry that does not match perfectly.

A guy with whom you feel comfortable would never make you feel insecure about your own personality. It would help you be more confident the way you are.

10. With whom you can laugh out loud

Laughter is an essential need to live a happy, healthy, and stress-free life. It not only makes you a fun-loving personality but also creates a positive environment around you.

When it comes to what to look for in a guy for a lifetime commitment. And choosing a guy with whom you can laugh out loud can be a beautiful choice.

Spending some quality time with your partner and easing all the stress not only strengthens the relationship. But also creates a positive environment for the kids.

 11. A romantic person who can bring adventure to bed

Romance is the true essence of a relationship and without it, marriage is just a contract and nothing else.

Finding romantic ways to add thrill and excitement to your married life is important. As a husband, it is your responsibility to plan romantic things and bring some adventure to bed.

If you want to know what do girls look for in a guy?”  just keep in mind girls want a romantic guy who can make them feel special and they expect all these qualities in their future husband.

12. Should be courageous enough to take the responsibility

If a man has these 9 qualities never let him go

Another easiest way to find out what to look for in a guy is by noticing how he takes his responsibilities. A guy should be courageous enough to take responsibility and fulfill them with full dedication.

For a healthy and successful relationship, both partners should be in charge of their own duty from managing the house to earning the bread and butter.

If any of them starts escaping from his/her responsibility then having arguments. And silly fights is going to be pretty normal in a relationship which is not a good thing for sure.

13. Respects your family and friends

It is important to make sure he does respect your family as well as your friends. A guy who treats your mom and dad well and genuinely respects them may not only prove himself a good husband but also a good son-in-law.

15. Confidence

Confidence is something that plays a major role in almost every field of life and how can you ignore it when it comes to impressing a woman?

Women love a confident man and to know whether a man is confident enough or not, observing the way a man behaves is one of the simplest ways to find it out.

A guy who trusts his ability, takes initiative, and believes in himself. This can easily handle all ups and downs of life and would be a better life partner. Focusing on all these points can help you when you are confused about what to look for in a guy.

16. Can have a good conversation

Well, this one is my personal as well as my favorite advice to you if you ask me what to see in a guy as a life partner. Having someone with whom you can have a good conversation is such a blessing.

Apart from romantic and flirty chat, enjoying a deep conversation with a cup of coffee not only allows you to have some quality time. But also it also strengthens the bond between both of you and helps you to understand each other.

It is okay if the person you are interested in is not so talkative. He could be at least a good listener.

17. Understanding

“Understanding” is also one of the most important things to look for in a guy to live a sexy, healthy, and peaceful life. Things begin to get worse and worse when there is literally zero understanding between a couple.

There are chances you may experience unpleasant things such as Arguments on small things, insecurity, and jealousy due to lack of understanding.

Arguments about silly things and cute fights are pretty normal in married life. But when it starts crossing the limit then it may become the subject of concern. So, keep in mind understanding is a key to a successful married life.

18. Can manage his anger

Well, you can compromise on other qualities of a guy when it comes to what to look for in a guy as we all know “nobody is perfect” but when it comes to “anger issues” I am pretty sure you would hardly do any compromise with it.

It is okay to have an anger issue because we all are human beings and love has no boundaries. We can still fall in love with a person who is dealing with anger issues but he should at least know how to manage his anger.

Whether it’s you or your better half, if any one of you is short-tempered and doesn’t even make any effort to manage your anger then domestic violence may be a daily routine of your everyday lifestyle which is not a good thing.

Bottom line

However, there are many more things to look for in a guy when you are stepping ahead to a new relationship but we have tried to cover the most essential and very basic traits that a guy should possess to enjoy a sexy, healthy, and romantic relationship.

Also, don’t forget to be the best version of yourself in terms of giving back the things you are expecting from your life partner. After all, taking care of and supporting each other is what makes a relationship successful.

Hope it helps, so what do you look for in a guy? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section so our beautiful readers can also enjoy it.


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