Signs of a feminine man you need to know

Best signs of a feminine man you need to know

In this post, we are going to discuss some Signs of a feminine man you need to know so you can have an idea about how to deal with them and establish a better understanding and coordination.

But before that let me just be clear we should not judge others the way they behave or the things they prefer because sometimes not only it could be offensive but also can hurt them emotionally and break their self-confidence which is not a good thing.

In today’s era, Having some feminine signs and characteristics is normal. Every man has some feminine traits and there is nothing wrong.

Do women love feminine characteristics in men?

There is also a misconception that no women find them sexually attractive which is completely not so true. There are several threads and posts on Quora and Reddit where women have mentioned that they are more into feminine men(not completely girlish ones).

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It really depends on the preference of your own choice. Some women can find a feminine man attractive and lovable… A guy who can understand them, support them, someone with whom they can share their emotions. And can enjoy endless deep conversations.

And on the other hand, there are also so many women who just can’t stand feminine traits in their better half. They want someone who can dominate them, can be a beast in bed, someone who can grab them in their arms, a rough and tough super muscular man.

Why does that even matter to find out the signs of a feminine man?

What Is Feminine Energy?

Well, actually it’s not that important as long as you are enjoying the company of that particular person you are interested in. You could have your own personal reasons to identify the signs of a feminine man. Maybe you are more attracted to a feminine man. And willing to spend your life with someone who can understand you in a better way. And can establish better compatibility with you and your career.

 Or maybe you are looking for a muscular and badass man as a life partner and where a feminine man is not a cup of your tea and that’s why you want to read about the characteristics of a feminine man before making any commitment.

Whatever your reasons are, here are some signs of a feminine man that would help you to identify a feminine man. 

13 most common signs that you’re high in feminine energy

1. They sit with cross legs

 A man is not comfortable sitting with their legs crossed, but it doesn’t mean they don’t sit this way. They do but that’s not very common among them. This is not their cup of tea. If a guy always sits crossing his leg then it could be a sign of a feminine man.

2. Take more time in the bathroom compared to other guys

From taking a daily bath to getting ready to go somewhere, a feminine man takes more time compared to others.

A man hardly spends 10-15 in the bathroom while a feminine man takes much more time in the shower than other guys. They take more time to get ready as well whenever they are planning to go out.

Usually, men don’t take that much time in the shower unless they are very tired and want to take a hot/cold shower after a really exhausting day. But that is a completely different topic.

3. Their skincare routine says a lot

Using lots of cosmetics and beauty products can be a sign of Feminine men because it is seen that feminine men are more conscious about skin care. From lip care to skin tone, from smooth heels to silky hairs… They are very serious about all things.

You can easily identify that they are way more interested in their sister, mom, or girlfriend’s beauty products. A masculine man doesn’t take all these seriously. They are with their regular face wash or soap, that’s all.

4. May prefer yoga over hardcore workout

If we talk about fitness and exercise, feminine man can go with yoga(or any other form of exercise that include stretching) over lifting heavy weight and doing hardcore exercise at the gym.

6. Not a fan of watching matches

Boys are always excited to watch the match of their favorite sport. It could be a wrestling match such as WWE, a baseball match, soccer, or even cricket.

Supporting their favorite team and enjoying the vibes is something they love to do with their buddies. When it comes to feminine boys, they might be less interested in these types of sports.

6. Easily show their emotions

Being a sensitive and emotional type of person could be one of the main signs of a feminine man. A man with the feminine trait is more open to expressing his emotions. Unlike a masculine man with a rough and tough personality who hardly expresses their emotions no matter how broken they are from the inside. 

7. Soft-hearted and can cry easily

13 signs he's too feminine

Well, men also cry and there is nothing wrong with showing emotions at certain times and situations which is very rare and occasional. If we talk about the feminine man they can easily cry or can get emotions even on small things.

The only difference is some do it alone (hiding in the corner of their bedroom) and some are comfortable crying in front of their family and close friends.

8. Don’t break into a street fight with other boys easily

They are usually less aggressive and don’t want to piss off all the time as the other masculine personalities do. If anyone pokes them or makes trouble, they prefer to avoid that shit as much as possible, unlike a masculine man who likes to punch in the face without even giving them a second chance.

That doesn’t mean they are cowardly or fragile, it’s just their nature and they don’t like violence. On the other hand, masculine boys easily fall into fights whenever someone is screwing up.

9. May be sensitive and take shit personally

Feminine men are very sensitive types of people and they can get emotional quickly. They get easily attached to things compared to a masculine man.

When someone says something negative about them or talks shit (no matter whether it’s a prank or someone is doing it intentionally) they take all these things personally, unlike the masculine man who doesn’t give a fuck about the assholes.

10. Don’t take control

From operating a difficult mechanical device to driving vehicles or riding a horse. And controlling all these things doesn’t come to them naturally. On the other hand, masculine men are naturally interested in all these things.

A masculine man doesn’t enjoy sitting in the passenger seat in their own car and allowing others to drive the car. While a feminine man doesn’t mind sitting in the passenger seat and allowing their girl. Or any other friend to drive the bike/car or whatever the vehicle is.

11. Easily get comfortable with girls when it comes to friendship

When it comes to friendship, you would notice that they have more female friends compared to males. Even in school and college, they feel comfortable with girls over boys.

Discussing the drama serials, watching Disney princess movies, and sharing the make tips/home remedies could be their favorite topic.

They Love to interact with moms, aunts, or other neighbor ladies and don’t feel shy to share and discuss random things.

12. Choose gardening, cooking, painting, crafting, or other creativity as hobbies

It is seen that feminine men are more interested in the things that need creativity and less physical effort. Cooking, gardening, make-up, hairdressing, painting, interior design, etc can attract them more when it comes to choosing a hobby.

On the other hand man masculine traits, they are more interested in wrestling, biking, going to clubs, washing their car, fixing electrical appliances, making wooden tables, cutting the grass off the lawn, painting the house, etc. Well, it is not compulsory but this is what we see in the majority.

How to deal with a feminine man

 why am i so feminine as a man

When it comes to dealing with a feminine man it depends on what sense you want to deal with them. He may be your son, your brother, your husband, a close friend, or even a random guy in your school or workplace and you may be willing to establish a better understanding and coordination with them… or you could be a person who just doesn’t feel comfortable with a feminine guy and just want to keep it simple without being offensive.

Whatever your reason is, here are some suggestions that can help to deal with a feminine man without being a jerk.

  • Don’t judge:
  • Maintain understanding
  • Keep in mind friendship matters
  • it is okay as far as someone is not harming you
  • Accept it, because he is accepting you the way you are

Don’t pass comments and say anything that can hurt them. Humiliating someone just because they are different is not a good thing. It would not only break their self-esteem but also can lead to social anxiety. They can lose their original essence.  It wouldn’t make you a hero. Never forget that we all are different and there is nothing wrong.

How to be a feminine man

Not all women love masculine men, some women prefer a guy with some feminine traits. Or what we should say is a very balanced combination of masculine and feminine men. They find them more attractive and appealing.

Well, To be honest, you don’t need to be someone else. Just be a human being first. People love real people no matter what their personality trait is. And if you still want to be a feminine man then I would suggest some tips that can help you be one.

Without wasting your precious time let’s get straight to the point and know how to be a feminine man.

1. Lower your voice tone in a soft way and add some sweetness

You can add some softness and tenderness to your voice tone. It would not make you girly or something else. It would just help you to have some feminine characteristics in your personality.

Do some practice on your voice tone and try to use a lower and more gentle voice tone whenever you are talking to someone.

2. Extra hygiene

From repeating the same t-shirt for more than 5 days to avoiding bathing regularly… from leaving the toilet seat open to spitting casually. There are countless habits of a boy that make them different from girls.

If you are willing to be a feminine man then you should try to observe that and make sure you don’t do these things.

3. Be over-polite

If you are willing to adopt the traits of a feminine man then you can start with the way you talk. Just try to change the tone of your voice to a more soft and gentle way, as I have mentioned above, and use words such as excuse me, sorry, please, and thank you more often.

Add some grace to the way you talk and you can also choose some elegant words from the Victorian era(okay I am joking, you don’t need to do that).

4. Don’t hide your emotions

Don’t hide your emotions, learn how to express them. But first of all, make sure you don’t open up with everyone. As long as it is someone trustworthy such as your best friend, your family member, or anyone else whom you can trust then it is completely fine. Otherwise, it’s better to zip your mouth.

5. Be less aggressive and try to understand the situation

Be calm, and be cool… there is no need to chase your male ego as long as it is not threatening your self-respect.

You should definitely fight when someone humiliates you, oppresses you, harasses you, or violates your basic right. You don’t need to be a coward in that situation.

What I am trying to say is people always get confused between a coward and a feminine guy and you should also know the difference between them.

6. You can help your mom or wife with house chores

Well, it doesn’t mean men don’t do the house chores or help their wives or mom with cooking and cleaning. They do, but the thing that separates them from the feminine man is, they don’t do it eagerly or with enthusiasm. A masculine person doesn’t like and enjoy all these things.

Apart from this, a feminine man loves to do all these things and also enjoys it. They love to help their mom/wife in washing the dishes, washing the clothes, helping them in making breakfast, and also in cleaning.

7. Control your male ego

There is a very small difference between self-respect and ego and you have to understand it. No matter whether you are a woman or man, rich or poor you have to make sure you treat people around you with respect.  

Masculine men are considered as dominant and their ego matters a lot to them and this is what you need to balance. Be kind, be generous and whenever you are wrong or make any mistake, just admit it and move on. Don’t be righteous all the time.

Bottom line

First of all, we have to understand there is no need for labels. There is no need to label people around you. Since the beginning, there has been a norm in society that they want to see others the way they are. Characteristics of a feminine man are not easy to accept in our society. Most of the time it is the subject of trolling and making fun.

Society doesn’t even care how an individual is feeling after getting their toxic comments. No one can understand the pain and the insecurity of a person who is different from the whole society.

Hope all these signs of a feminine man would clear your confusion and help you to know feminine men in a better way.


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