Why Am I Still Single? 7 Common Mistakes We AIl Make When It Comes To Love

Why Am I Still Single 7 Common Mistakes We AIl Make When It Comes To Love
Why Am I Still Single 7 Common Mistakes We AIl Make When It Comes To Love

Why Am I Still Single? 7 Common Mistakes We AIl Make When It Comes To Love

Everyone wants love, respect, care, and concern in life and wishes to give a perfect relationship such as butterflies in the stomach and heart glitter when partners touch us. But not everyone is that lucky to experience such beautiful relationships and as easy as we thought in our childhood regarding fairy tales stories. Do you believe that it is not possible to have such a relationship in your life? Yes, it’s possible, but sometimes you are the one who is standing in your way, and there are seven common mistakes that you will make when it comes to love. So if you are questioning that why you are still single, then have a glimpse of these seven common mistakes:-

  • Do you like to dominate the person surrounded you and wish to change their behavior at your convenience? This is one of the biggest mistakes you are making in connecting with any other person because, in a relationship, you can not control or change or force to mold the person’s personality. You need to understand that every person has their own identity and accept them as it is.
  • Don’t rush into things quickly and understand what you want in your life and where you stand in life. Because to be in a committed healthy relationship, you need to know where your relationship is going as you can not move where you wish. Don’t be an emotional fool and think with your brain as well as from your heart simultaneously. Interestingly, you will observe that your conscious and your heart will say the same things.
  • Respect your partner’s opinion and needs because we often think about ourselves and forget what our partners want from us. Despite being self-centered and obsessed with your choices and preferences always create conflicts in your relationship. Compassion and surrendered yourself to your partner are the fundamentals of a beautiful relationship.
  • The relationship is not about competing with your partner but rather understanding your er and seeing the changes in your relationship. If you always take your relationship as a matter of competition, you will always stay single, so don’t commit such mistakes and try to understand your partner’s point of view. Competition always creates disputes and feelings of superiority, but both are at an equal stand in relationships.
  • It’s a human tendency to attract negativity more than positive people and if toxic people surround you, filter your company. As you are the one who will divide your company and what you want in life, so choose wisely.
  • Before rushing into any relationship, you should make sure one is compatible between you and the other person. Yet, nowadays trend of moving into a relationship exists but if you wish to have true love in your life, try to develop understanding in the first instance.
  • Don’t forget your value, respect, and identity to get the love from others. The most common mistake that we often make in a relationship is to forget how valuable our identity is.

So if you still have a question about why you are single, sit and answer this question by yourself and see whether you also commit these seven mistakes mentioned above in your life.

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