We rise by lifting others: 5 benefits that justify well how we rise by lifting others.

We rise by lifting others. (Must Watch)

We have grown up hearing the famous quote “We rise by lifting others”, but we hardly apply this ideology in our daily life. Insecurity, selfishness, and the urge of competing with the world always demotivates us to help others.

Random thoughts screw up our mind with the negativity – “Why should I help him”, “ It’s not my job”, “Let it be, someone else would help him”,” She is such a wicked person, she is not supposed to get helped”, and so on…

But guess what…? The truth is totally the opposite. We rise when we lift others, it is as simple as that. If you are a spiritual person you can easily understand how effective is this. This ideology is also preached by all religions whether it’s Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, or even Christianity.

If you still doubt, you must read these 5 benefits that justify well how we rise by lifting others.

1. It enhances your network

“Your network is your – NET WORTH”, familiar with this quote? Whether you are a college student, an entrepreneur, or even an employee in a firm, your network will define where you are going to be in the next 5 years. One thing that I have personally experienced in my life is uplifting others can help you to enhance your network.

A generous and positive attitude naturally attracts people around you. Never expect anything in return while you are helping others or adding value to the life of people around you.

2. Enhance your personality and image

A tiny step and a little bit of effort can enhance your personality. A simple smile on your face, selfless nature of helping others, encouraging your colleagues, and complimenting your competitor, whether it’s a sport or in business, it takes nothing but introduces you as a generous and positive personality to the world which is itself a precious gift.

3. Introduce hidden opportunities

It may sound fictional or a fairy tale but it really works. Lifting to others and helping people around you may open doors to new opportunities and that opportunity can be a turning point in your life.

4. People remember you in their prayers

Not all things can be purchased by money, blessing is one of the best examples of this. By uplifting others, you can make a special space in their heart. Supporting your cab driver and helping an old lady in crossing the road wouldn’t cost you anything but make them remember you in their prayer which is a precious gift itself.

5. Give you a sense of satisfaction

Before going to sleep, while lying on our bed, we all analyze what we have done in the entire day. And it really gives you a sense of satisfaction when you have been generous to others in your whole day.

Do you also believe “We rise by uplifting others”? Let us know your personal experience in the comment box and encourage others to help each other emotionally and intellectually. We would love to hear about your personal experience.


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