How to leave a relationship when you are still in love

How to leave a relationship when you are still in love

How to leave a relationship when you are still in love: 10 easy tips to apply

Are you the one who wants to leave someone you love the most but don’t have any idea about how to leave a relationship when you are still in love?

Don’t stress out, in this post, you will come to know easy ways how to let go of someone you love who can’t be with you. Because we understand how complicated it could be when you deeply love a particular person. And due to some reasons you have to leave him.

Leaving someone who is abusive and a cheater is one thing, and I am sure you would not regret that. But the problems start when you are still in love and you have to make the decision to end the relationship.

Getting separated from the person you love the most not only makes you feel monotonous but also hurts you emotionally.

Possible reasons for leaving someone you love

how to let go of someone you love who can't be with you

There must be your own reasons for taking such hurt-breaking steps and no one… literally, no one can understand what you are going through.

If you have made up your mind to take a big step to leave a relationship. When you are still in love then I would suggest you mentally prepare yourself to handle the emotional pain and emptiness.

I am not scaring you, my motive is just to make you aware so you can strongly face all those things without hurting your own expectations. But, why would anyone leave the person they are in love with?

It may sound strange to those who are not in your situation. So, let’s try to find out why someone would leave their partner when they are still in love.

1. He has lost all interest in you:

There is no point in sticking with a person who is not interested in you anymore. You can not force someone to feel interested in you. It’s a natural thing.

Sometimes a person feels lost interest in his partner. It could be due to stress, workload, or misunderstanding but it’s temporary. If this is the case then leaving them is not a solution. Just give them some time.

2. You caught him cheating on you:

Nothing is more painful when you find your partner cheating on you. It could be devastating for anyone no matter how strong you are inside.

3. Family drama:

Leaving the person you are in love with is not an easy decision. Sometimes a person could be bound to do this. This is pretty common in Asian countries where due to cultural diversity and family drama a person has to leave his love.

Leaving the person you are in love with is not an easy decision. Although this type of situation is pretty rare. Sadly it could be a reason for leaving a relationship when you are still in love.

4. For self-respect and dignity:

No one deserves physical and emotional abuse in a relationship. Especially from the person, you love the most.

He/she is supposed to be the peace of your life but when they don’t realize. How it feels when they attack you verbally and physically, there is no point in staying in such a relationship.

It may be one of the main reasons people start looking for how to leave a relationship when you are still in love.

You are not a slave, and there is no compulsion to bear all this pain just because you are emotionally attached to that person. It’s up to you whether you are willing to live the rest of your life being a victim or ready for the new beginning. 

5. Long-distance relationship is not an option:

Long-distance relationship is not a cup of tea for everyone. It is one of the possible reasons for leaving a relationship when you are still in love.

It’s a painful feeling itself, but due to higher education and for a better opportunity for career growth. A person has to move to another country or city. And in this type of situation continuing their relationship might not be a better option for them.

How to leave a relationship when you are still in love: 10 easy tips to apply

1. Keep it easy and respectful

Keep it simple and easy, you don’t need to make it complicated by confusing him. Whatever the reason for your separation is, just be clear about what you want.

Pick a perfect time and talk to him. Let him know what you think and what is your expectation from the relationship. If you think this relationship is not gonna work and you do not want it anymore just let him know.

Ending a relationship is your own choice but keeping it respectful is your positive attitude toward the challenging phase of life.

2. Affirmation and guided meditation

leaving someone you love who can’t be with you

Perhaps you would not believe it and it may sound weird to you but meditation and affirmation. This can help you a lot when you are going through emotional pain.

We understand leaving someone you love who can’t be with you is going to be very challenging for you. The attachment and the attraction would push you to change your mind multiple times.

The moment you have spent together and attachment would hold you back. Even after the separation, it would stick to your mind. And chances are it would affect your everyday routine by spoiling focus and peace.

There are tons of free videos of affirmation and guided meditation on youtube. You can easily find them and start practicing anytime, anywhere. Just give yourself 20-30 minutes daily and enjoy it.

3. Prepare yourself mentally

Prepare yourself mentally for this decision. Break-ups will definitely hurt, especially when you are still in love with that person. leaving someone you have feelings for is not easy. And it never has been but what can we do, everything is not in our hands.

Sometimes, we can’t control everything but we can at least control ourselves. So, it’s better to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to avoid emotional disturbance.

Train your mind that it’s okay to feel that way. All the loneliness and emotional pain post-break are completely natural and you are strong enough to face all these things.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that it’s going to be temporary. And completely depends on you how long you want to hold this pain.

4. Think about your self-respect and dignity

The attachment and the old memories of him could hold you back and at a certain point in time, it could also convince you to bear all unexpected behavior of him/her and to forgive them.

If this is the situation you are dealing with, giving priority to your self-respect and dignity is one of the most crucial things that no one should ignore no matter how emotionally attached you are to them.

Dignity is the most precious thing to live a respectful life. If someone is messing up with it, it’s better to leave them.

5. Focus on his all negative characteristics

how to leave someone you love but is toxic

It is one of the easiest and craziest ways to stop feeling attachment to a particular person. You can also apply it in your life if you are thinking about how to let go of someone you love who can’t be with you.

Just focus on all the negative sides of him. Think about harsh and rude words he has told you when you were having arguments.

Remember all the bad things he has done to you. Doing it will make the process a little bit easy for you and you would not feel that much attachment to him.

I know, we are not perfect. Everyone possesses good as well as bad characteristics, and so do we. He might be a good person as well, but here our only motive is to focus on his bad side so your mind can stop feeling attachment to him.

It is seen and even I have experienced this when we focus on the good characteristics of a person we feel good and generous about them and as we come to know any negative side of them our mind starts hating them. Here, our motive is not to hate anyone, we just want to trick our minds so we can stop the attachment. You don’t need to personally hate him, it is just a part of a technique.

6. Running and other hardcore workouts

Involve yourself in physical activity as much as possible, from doing hardcore workouts to running some extra mile near, there are lots of options. Just pick any of them that you enjoy the most.

Not only it would help you to divert your mind from that person but it would also boost your self-esteem and your overall personality in a better way. It also improves your cardiovascular health and keeps you busy. Running early in the morning is something that personally helped me in many ways.

7. Focus on the bright side of life

Loving someone is just a part of a beautiful life. Separating or breaking up with someone you love, is not the end of the world.

If you focus on the bright side of life and see the world from a completely different perspective, you will come to know you were just wasting your precious time with someone who doesn’t even value that time.

From traveling the beautiful cities to experiencing the mouth-watering cuisine, from enjoying the vibes of the evening with your BFF to achieving your goals, there is much more you can do besides being in a relationship that you don’t want.

8. Challenge yourself to do more

You must have heard “you are more than what you think”, it’s a famous quote. You would never know your hidden strength and power if you will never try to push yourself beyond the boundaries you have set for yourself.

No doubt, a person who truly loves you is a blessing and you should be grateful for that but every one of us is not that lucky.

If you are not getting from your relationship what you have expected and wondering how to leave a relationship when you are still in love, challenging yourself to do more in your life would help you to divert your mind and would make you feel less attached to him.

It could be related to your fitness goal, career growth, lucrative job opportunity, experiencing a new adventure, or something else that makes your whole family feel proud of you. Just do it and challenge yourself…!!

9. Stop chasing them on social media

Stalking your Ex on social media is one of the most common things people do after break-ups. Whether you hate that person or are still in love with them, you just can’t control yourself to know what’s going on in their life.

But, guess what? Doing this would not help you to stop feeling attached to them and it would become even more challenging for you to move on. 

If you have made up your mind for breaking up with someone you love, then make sure not to stalk them on social media. The more you keep thinking about them, the more you trap yourself in emotional pain and regret.

10. Enjoy the advantage of being single

Having someone to love you sounds good and it actually is but being single has its own perk. Celebrate freedom and enjoy a peaceful day with yourself.

Grab your buddies and have fun with them. Don’t fall into a relationship just after the breakup. Give yourself some time and enjoy your own company.


Every relationship has some ups and downs, but that doesn’t mean you should start looking for how to leave a relationship when you are still in love.

As long as there are no major issues such as cheating and physical abuse, I would suggest you don’t think about ending the relationship. Try to solve the matter like a mature couple.

I hope now you have some idea of how to leave someone you love, just keep it simple and less complicated.


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