10 cool ways to deal with the people who talk behind your back

How to Deal With People Talking About You Behind Your Back

Dealing with people who talk behind your back can be frustrating. It not only makes you feel sad but also breaks your trust. You can’t control these people gossiping about you because they do this behind your back. That’s why we have come up with easy tips to deal with this type of situation. That is why we have come with 10 cool ways to deal with the people who talk behind your back.

Gossip has always been the topic of entertainment. We naturally get interested in someone’s personal life and get excited to know the controversial part.

All the controversy automatically attracts us and no matter how hard we try to avoid it we just can’t help ourselves. I think this is the reason why reality shows get huge TRP.

Reality shows and other contests are one thing but when it comes to real life, it really hurts. Talking behind someone’s back can never be appreciated but still, itis considered very normal in our society and people enjoy it.

Now, the question is why people talk behind someone’s back. Let’s try to find out its main reasons.

People talk behind your back for 3 reasons

It is their nature, they love to enjoy gossiping:

You must be thinking you are the only one who is the subject of discussion but guess what? They got some other targets too to keep themself entertained. It could be their nature to gossip and bad-mouth the person who is not present at that moment.

It’s not your fault and you are doing nothing wrong because it’s their nature to entertain themselves with gossiping and talking shits behind everyone’s backs. They don’t even realize how hurtful it could be for a person who is being talked about.

Perhaps they are brought up in an environment where gossiping and badmouthing are pretty normal.

Family environment plays a crucial role in the upbringing of kids. Normalizing bad manners should not be appreciated by the guardians.

They have personal issues with you:

Other main important reasons for people to talk behind your back might be they have some personal issues with you and they are intentionally talking shit behind your back to spoil your reputation. They want to humiliate you among the people who know you.

From office dirty politics to competitive neighbors, they could be anyone. Perhaps, you have told them something offensive or it could be just that they don’t like you at all.


Feeling jealous of a particular person can be one of the biggest reasons for talking behind someone’s back.

If you often face people at your workplace or college talking about you behind your back… chances are,  they are feeling jealous of you. Their insecurity and their interior complex might be the reasons for jealousy.

Now, let’s move on and have a look at the easy and effective tips to deal with the people who talk behind your back so you can stop yourself from spoiling your mood and temper.

10 cool ways to deal with the people who talk behind your back

Talking behind someone's back

1. Ignoring this shit is the best option

When it comes to dealing with people who talk behind your back, ignoring them is the best and smart option. You can’t control everyone and discussing it with them could make the situation even worse. So, it’s suggested not to waste your precious time and energy on these gossip lovers.

2. Stop giving them such importance

The more you give importance to them, the more you spoil your mental space. There is no need to take seriously the opinion of people who talk behind your back and judge you.

As you stop giving them importance in your life, their behaviors wouldn’t even matter to you. Also, keep an eye on the messenger. Observe, if the messenger is genuinely worried about you and wants to alert you… or he is there just to fuel the controversy?

Have you ever wondered why it feels bad and emotionally hurts you when a person is bad-mouthing behind your back?

As long as we are not aware that people are talking shit about us behind our backs. It doesn’t even matter. but, as we came to know about this, we started reacting.

Well, what I think about it is whether consciously or subconsciously their opinion and point of view about our personal life affect us. Talking behind someone’s back is not something we can control. So, it’s better to stop giving them importance.

3. Maintain a healthy distance

If you are aware of the person who enjoys gossiping and talking behind someone’s back, thepossibilities are he would do the same behind your back so be careful and maintain a healthy distance from them. Just keep it up to casual “hi” and “hello”.

They could be your colleague, classmate, neighbors, or even your relatives, and spoiling your relationship with them is not a smart option. Just maintain a healthy distance and make sure it doesn’t seem like you are ignoring them or showing them attitude.

4. Choose the people carefully in your network

feeling someone is talking about you

It is very important to select the people carefully with whom you hang out and share your personal life. Make sure they are trustworthy, especially when it comes to gossiping.

We all are human beings and sharing feelings and problems is something that we do with our friends, family, relatives, or even with a mentor. It not only makes us feel light and relaxed but also introduces the hidden opportunity and the solution to our problem.

Doing this, you have to make sure that the listener is a reliable person and can keep things up to him, so keep in mind selecting people carefully is one of the most crucial things that you should not ignore. 

5. Don’t allow them in your personal space

We are not supposed to cut ourselves from the whole society. Sometimes, it could be offensive and rude to them. Whether you want it or not you have to be nice to them. But that doesn’t mean they are welcome in your personal space.

If you are aware of a person’s behavior and are sure he would be backbiting behind your back, it’s better not to allow them in your personal space and share anything that can be a crispy topic for gossip.

6. Focus on your goal

Coming to know people talking behind your back can hurt you badly, especially when people you trust are also part of the game. Can you imagine the people whom you trust the most and share important things with are now enjoying gossiping about you behind your back?

It can not only trigger you and force you to react but also distract you from your goals. It will negatively affect your productivity and spoil your focus on your goal.

As you come to know about it you would keep thinking about this topic and diverting your mind from it would be not that easy for you, especially when you are a sensitive type of person. That’s why you have to make sure not to get distracted from your goal.

7. Don’t connect with them on social media

Social media has become a huge part of our everyday life. From professional to personal life… it has become a trend to share everything on social media.  So, make sure and think twice before adding someone to your friend list.

If you have doubts about a particular person or are aware of his bad habit of talking behind your back then there is no need to risk your personal life by adding him/her to your friend list. It’s just a suggestion.

8. Be extra nice to them

I understand it would be very irritating and frustrating when someone talks behind your back, and it’s okay to feel angry about them but it’s not going to help you in any way.

If you would ask them about back-biting, chances are they would refuse from accepting it, and from inside they would start to hate you more. Doing this, the situation may get even worse.

There is no need to inquire about this matter. They would just simply refuse to accept that they were gossiping about you, no one will admit it. So, it’s better to make it less complicated and controversial.

What you need to do is just be extra nice to them and smile whenever you are talking to them. Ask them how they are doing. And, whenever you get the chance to help them, just go for that.

Be nice to them, by doing this they may realize their behavior toward you was wrong and the possibilities are they may feel guilty gossiping about you.

Another plus point of it is, all the people will notice your positive behavior toward the person who is talking ill about you behind your back. They would come to know your true personality.

9. Motivational quotes work well

It feels bad when your friends and colleagues talk behind your back. While taking steps to deal with them you can also take the help of motivational quotes related to this topic.

Thankfully, there are hundreds of inspiring quotes that can make you feel better and can fuel the motivation in you to keep going.

If you are aware of people who talk behind your back, just try to ignore them and read some “people talking behind your back quotes”.

10. Don’t be a part of the negativity

When someone is talking ill about the other person with you, it’s your responsibility not to be a part of that negative practice.

Directly interrupting them can be rude. Try to change the topic smartly or let them know politely to talk on some other topics. Also, give them signs that talking behind is not a good thing.

How’s it talking behind someone’s back?

Badmouthing has never been a good practice, it does nothing but spread negativity and spoil our relationships with friends and families. Whether it’s a person who talks behind their back or the one who is being talked about, It negatively affects both parties.

It not only spoils the mental peace of the person who is the subject of gossip but also pollutes the image of those who enjoy badmouthing.

Everyone loves gossip, whether it’s related to a celebrity or an ordinary person. We take it very normal and don’t even think about how it can affect someone mentally.

As long as we are not the subject of discussion, we are cool with that but once we come to know that people are talking about us behind our back then we realize how hurtful it could be. As we come to know that people are talking about us behind our backs, only then realizehow it feels.

The bottom line

So, next time when seeing a person talking behind someone’s back, you know better how to maintain a distance from them. I Hope, all the easy and cool tips in this post will help you to deal with people who talk behind your back.


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