10 main signs your husband doesn’t value you

husband doesn’t value you.

Marriage is all about love, respect, care, and facing all the ups and downs together. It feels really bad when you miss the respect. And value from your husband that you deserve. In this post, we are going to discuss the 10 main signs your husband doesn’t value you.

I think there is a minor difference between love and value. We can get attract a particular person and involved with him/her sexually. And romantically but respecting and giving value to them is a completely different thing.

Love can be short-term and can be used to fulfill sexual desire and other emotional needs at a certain period. On the other hand, respecting and giving value is about how much a particular person matters to you. Their feelings, their emotions, their problems, or even their point of view matters a lot to you.

10 main signs your husband doesn’t value you

sign your husband doesn't value you

1. He doesn’t appreciate your efforts

A huge sign your husband doesn’t value you is that no matter how hard you try to be the best wife, he doesn’t appreciate your efforts.

Your big and small efforts are always ignored by him. From managing the home to taking care of all essentials… from cooking his favorite dish to surprising him on the bed, he hardly appreciates your effort no matter how hard you try to grab his attention.

If all these things sound quite familiar to you. Then chances are your husband doesn’t value you.

2. Most of the time he behaves rudely

One of the main signs your husband doesn’t value and respect you is that behaving rudely with you is pretty normal for him. No one deserves to get treated rudely by their spouse.

It not only disturbs your beautiful married life but also makes a negative impact on your kids. It’s not a healthy practice especially when it comes to creating a safe and positive environment for kids.

When someone behaves rudely and uses negative-tone toward a particular person no matter if it’s their better half or anyone else, it shows the hate inside their heart. If you are facing all these things in your married life, chances are your husband doesn’t respect you.

3. Your challenges and problems are a headache for him

When your husband doesn’t value you,  he would not show any interest in knowing your problems and challenges. Even if you discuss it with him, he sees it as a headache and hardly shows any concern about it.

Marriage is not only about choosing someone to get romantically involved with and enjoying the sex, it’s more than that. Supporting each other in ups and downs and facing all the challenges and problems of life together is what makes a marriage beautiful.

If you are also going through this situation then it might be a sign your husband doesn’t value you.

4. Romance and craziness are missing in sex

10 signs your husband doesn't love you

Sex without romance is just a need. A need to burst your sexual urge and to get satisfaction but when it is combined with romance, affection, and some craziness… it becomes the most pleasureful experience that a person can have.

Sex is important in a marriage but romance and affection equally play a crucial role to strengthen your bond with each other.

He hardly makes you feel special when it comes to physical intimacy. It feels like you are missing romance and love in your sex life from his side, it might be a sign your husband doesn’t value you.

5. He Doesn’t make effort to make you happy

Planning the small surprises, giving you presents, and helping you with house chores are something that makes a wife feel happy. A wife doesn’t want much from her husband, a little bit of care and his attention are enough to make her feel happy.

If you are observing all the effort from your side and he hardly does anything to make you feel special, it might be a sign your partner doesn’t value you.

6. He doesn’t give importance to your feelings

The way you feel, your emotions, and your happiness are not that important to him, most of the time it’s about him.

In easy words, it may sound like a movie where he is playing the leading role and you are just a supporting character in his life who is not that important.

What you want, your expectations from the relationship, and your requirements seem like it’s not his responsibility. He doesn’t even care about your pain and emotions.

In married life, you are supposed to take care of your spouse financially, emotionally, and mentally.  If you are missing all these things in your married life, it may be a sign your husband doesn’t value you.

7. Your opinion doesn’t matter to him

To find out whether someone values and respects you or not, just observe their reaction when you are sharing your opinion or point of view with them on a particular subject. Do they take it seriously? Does your opinion matter to them?

I understand how much it hurts when your opinion is ignored and it feels like you are not capable enough to give a valuable opinion. Not only in relationships, but sometimes you might experience it with your friends and clients.

Your opinion, your suggestions, and the way you think don’t matter to your husband. He just doesn’t seem eager to know your opinion. If he does this all the time, it could be a sign your husband doesn’t value you.

8. He Doesn’t share important issues with you

One of the big signs that show your husband doesn’t value you is he never shares important issues with you. Whether it is about his work or related to finance and property, he hardly shares any important issues with you.

I understand every one of us is not an expert, and having knowledge about all fields might be out of our reach but people at least discuss all these things with their spouses because they value their better half and they feel their partner should know about it.

9. For him, you are doing nothing great

One of the biggest signs your husband doesn’t value you is he doesn’t appreciate your efforts in the contributions in the house. It’s not compulsory you must be a working woman to contribute at the home.

A house-maker is equally valuable to anyone out there. From cooking, cleaning, and managing all your stuff to taking care of kids and teaching them good manners… All these efforts are something no one can pay off.

But unfortunately in most of the family, all the effort of a housewife is ignored by all family members, whether it’s your adult kids or even your husband. Kids are kids,  but when your husband doesn’t appreciate your efforts too, it could be a sign he doesn’t value you at all.

10. Fighting and arguments are part of your daily routine

When your husband doesn’t respect you, you can clearly sense it from frequent arguments and fights in your everyday life. In every marriage, almost all couples fight and argue about silly things but that’s very occasionally. And the best part is they don’t cross the limit and turn into ugly ones.

If you both are equally responsible for the toxic environment in your house then you can’t blame only your husband, but when it’s from his side and always seems annoyed around you and blame you for everything, then chances are he doesn’t value you at all.

I understand people are going through so much stress nowadays, especially the person who is the bread earner of the family.

Your husband would also be going through some pressure due to his workload. As a result, he easily gets annoyed even on tiny issues and falls into arguments.

But, if this is not the situation and he treats everyone nicely except you then it may be a sign your husband doesn’t value you.

What to do when your husband doesn’t value you

First of all, don’t look for an exit from this marriage. Every married couple faces ups and downs but that doesn’t mean you should give up.

There is much more you can do to achieve the respect you deserve in your marriage. Communication is one of the best tools to sort out most problems.

Just talk to your husband and let him know how you feel when he doesn’t value you. Just let him know how much it hurts you when he ignores all your effort. Also, tell him clearly that you would not stand it(with love and politeness).

Learn to respect yourself first before accepting it from your husband. Gain some confidence and work on yourself. From your fitness to your style, do what you love.

Apart from this, we also need to understand that it’s not always the man, sometimes it could be your own mistakes that allow him to treat you with no respect. We need to think from all angles.

One of the main reasons your husband doesn’t value you may be your own carelessness about your look. Probably, most of the time you are busy doing house chores, purchasing groceries, or watching drama on TV.

Every husband wants a sexy wife that can make him feel good when he comes home after an exhausting day. Someone who can make him feel special but guess what, most of the wives get confused between making them feel good and offering the service like a maid.

Apart from this, try to get other possible reasons for that. Analyze the reasons and try to find out what can be done. I’m sure, every problem has a solution. You must be thinking what’s the use of doing it if my husband doesn’t respect me?

Having a toxic, abusive, and narcissistic husband is one thing and you seriously need to take a stand for yourself. But when it comes to getting value and respect, you should at least give it a shot. Think from your husband’s point of view and try to find out what he is missing in you as a wife.

The bottom line

Respect and value for each other are the roots of a successful marriage. We can see relationship issues in almost every couple. No one is a perfect couple, but that doesn’t mean we should give up. Hope all the signs your husband doesn’t value you would give you an idea about how to deal with it.


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