Signs your family doesn’t care about you: Signs, solution, and reasons

7 big signs your family doesn’t care about you

Signs your family doesn’t care about you: Signs, solution, and reasons

Feeling unloved, ignored, and unworthy by your own family member is enough to make you feel broken from the inside. Sometimes it could be just in your mind that your family doesn’t like you, and sometimes. It may be the actual signs your family doesn’t care about you.

That’s why we have come up with this post where we will discuss all the points related to this topic. But before moving further, let’s try to find out why your family doesn’t care about you.

Why doesn’t my family care about me?

Your problems, your needs, your feelings, and your opinion doesn’t matter at all. And it feels like you are ignored by your family all the time. You always end up thinking Why doesn’t my family care about me?

Well, there may be several reasons for that and most of the time it could be your own imagination that no one loves you. As a kid or a teenager, negative thoughts like this are pretty common.

Toxic and selfish parents can be the subject of concerns who prioritize enjoying their life without caring for their kids. But most of the time it’s our own behavior and attitude that separate us from the entire family.

Too strict environment: Strict parenting may cut the bond between your parents and you. Always talking about grades, discipline, and manners can be suffocating sometimes.

Too busy in their professional life: Involving too much in their professional life can make you think that they don’t like you. And they don’t care about you. Workload and stress can be the reason for the way they treat you.

Maybe they are upset with you: Your low performance at school, your bad behavior. And your own attitude, and your arrogance can make your whole family upset. Usually, all this disappointment is temporary. As you apologize things get back on track.

They are too selfish and busy enjoying their own life: Well, it’s too rare, and if you are going through this, it’s really sad.

Now the question is how do you tell if your parents don’t care about you? All the points mentioned above could be the possible reason that makes you feel your family doesn’t like you but before taking a decision it’s important to identify the signs your family hates you.

Here are some main signs that will give a clear indication of whether you seriously matter to them or not.

Signs your family doesn’t care about you

8 Signs Your Family Doesn’t Care About You

1. You are not a priority to them

One of the main signs your family doesn’t care about you is you are not a priority to your family. It feels like your parents are so much into their own life and they don’t even bother to know about how your life is going on.

Having a favorite kid is very common in an ordinary family. Every parent has a favorite kid whom they love the most but that doesn’t mean they don’t love other kids, of course, they do.

When you feel ignored, it feels like no one needs you in your house. Your existence doesn’t matter to anyone in the entire house. Believe me, it hurts the most.

2. They don’t take you seriously

Your opinion, your suggestions, or even your advice they don’t really care about what you think. Your point of view doesn’t matter to them at all compared to your other siblings. Whatever the reason is for that, if you are observing all these things in your family then there is a chance your family doesn’t care about you.

3. Criticize you without caring about your feeling

Criticism is part of our life. From our professional to our personal life, We all face criticism in our day-to-day life.

From drastically breaking our confidence to fuelling the inner spark, criticism actually plays a crucial role in our life. It depends on you in what way you handle the criticism.

It hurts the most when your own family criticizes you all the time for whatever you do. They neither appreciate your effort nor encourage you to do more in life.

If this is the same situation you are dealing with in your personal life it might be a sign a family member doesn’t care about you.

4. Not any special attention when you are ill

Not only family members but even friends and neighbors show gentle gestures when you are ill. If your family doesn’t show some extra care when you are ill or not feeling well, it could be a sign your family doesn’t like you.

5. Not support you financially

Well, we can not expect financial support from everyone but as far as our parents are concerned they would come forward with a helping hand. Getting pocket money as a teenager is one thing but getting financial support as an adult is another.

It feels really painful when the people close to you leave you with problems, especially when it’s a financial problem. Family members are supposed to help each other as much as possible.

Even after being financially strong and stable, if your family doesn’t support you it’s a sign your family members don’t care about you.

6. Don’t guide you and give you life advice

One of the easiest ways to find out if your family actually cares about you or not is just to notice whether they give you guidance such as life advice and give you other tips that help you to become a better version of yourself.

What I am trying to say is almost in every family, a person gets guidance and family values that help them to face the challenges of life.

It could be your, Dad, Mom, grandparents, elder brother/sister, or even your favorite uncle who shares their own personal experiences and life tips. I don’t know how to explain this but I guess you are getting what my point is.

Just see if your family member is interested enough to talk to you and share advice and suggestions.

Counseling about the periods from your elder sister, or the advice of your big brother to become a cool and tough guy… From getting financial advice from your successful uncle to getting relationship tips from your aunt. This is how family members help each other to help you grow.

If you are in such an environment where nobody cares about you and doesn’t seem interested in guiding you or giving life advice then chances are they don’t really care about you.

7. Not interested in your career

Usually, it is seen in a family, everyone is too much concerned about your career, especially your Dad. Whether it’s a start-up or your first job, your family really cares about your progress and they genuinely want to see you grow.

And if things do not go as you planned, it not only affects you but also leaves your family members in stress. Just observe whether your family is interested in your career or not. It will give you an idea if you really matter to them.

What to do when you feel like your family doesn’t care

sign a family member doesn't care about you

Well, I don’t know whether you guys are gonna appreciate my suggestion or not but here are the things I would love to share about what to do when you feel like your family doesn’t care about you.

But before that, we need to understand that this situation is way complicated because here we are going to deal with our family members. So, before making any decision make sure you don’t hurt any of the members of your family no matter how cold their behavior is toward you. You are not supposed to lower your standard by responding to them the way they treat you.

1. Never neglect your responsibility

There is a difference between western culture compared to eastern countries. Even after you get signs your family doesn’t like, you should not neglect your responsibility, especially to your parents.

Whatever your parent’s behavior was toward you, make sure you don’t pass that negativity to the next generation. Kids learn from the adults around them and they would treat us the way we treat our parents.

Don’t forget to give emotional and financial support to your parents in their old age. Forgiving and letting go is the best option to live a satisfying life.

Apart from this, if you are the eldest kid in your family, don’t ignore your younger sibling. Love them, and support them whenever they need you.

2. Love them more

Emotionation distance between you and your family may be due to a lack of interaction and communication and this could lead you to think why doesn’t my family care about me?

I would suggest you give it a try before making a distance from them. After all, nothing can replace the family.

Initiate from your side and let them know how important they are to you(especially your parents). Show some extra love and care and try to spend some special time with them.

Doing this not only helps your parents to understand you in a better way but also creates a loving environment in your home.

Even after making all these efforts, if your family still doesn’t appreciate your effort and uses you for granted then it’s better to focus on your career and personal life.

3. Focus on your career

You can not force someone to love and care about you. It’s a natural thing and free from all bonds. I understand it feels painful when your own family doesn’t care about you but what can we do?

In this situation, focusing on your career is one of the most crucial things that would help you to divert all aggression and frustration in building a successful life. Try to divert that energy to build a successful career.

When you will reach the top, all these things would not even matter at all and you wouldn’t even get the time to think about all this negativity.

4. Make true friends that genuinely care about you

Friends and family are one of the most important things in an individual’s life. You not only get emotional and financial support from them but they also correct you when you mess up in your life.

The point is you can not change your family but you can at least make new friends. I know, getting trustworthy friends is not as easy as it looks but if you find at least one trustworthy friend who really cares about you, it’s enough. You don’t need anyone else.

Grow your network and meet new people. On this journey, you would meet good as well as bad people. Sooner or later you would become smart enough to identify them.

5. Learn self-love

When there is no one to help you out in the dark you have to be your own support system. Your happiness, your goals, your ambitions, and your health should be on top of the list.

Never ever allow anyone to make you feel bad and worthless about your own individuality. Just keep in mind you are enough for yourself.

While practicing this, please don’t forget that you are a down-to-earth person and there is a difference between self-love and selfishness. Don’t mix them up. 

Bottom line

Try to have a conversation with them and tell them what you feel about their behavior and how it hurts you the most.

Hate is such a negative word and if you get signs your family hates you, overcoming the feeling of pain could be challenging by itself. Hope, all the signs and suggestions in the post signs your family doesn’t care about you”would help you stay strong in life. If you are willing to share your personal experience related to this topic, please feel free to share it in the comment box. We would love to hear about your experience, stay strong…!!


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