Lost interest in everything? Here is what you need to do

Lost interest in everything? Here is what you need to do

Are you one of those who lost interest in everything you used to love? Feeling demotivated and doing nothing all day long except following your regular routine.

No spark and no excitement left in your life while starting your day. And you don’t even feel the pleasure of doing new things.

Don’t worry, losing interest in everything is pretty normal and most of us experience it at a certain point in time. The only difference is some of us get back on track after a few days. And others just get trapped in the loop and start feeling uninspired all the time.

Sometimes, feeling lost interest may be due to personal issues and sometimes due to mental. Which we have tried to cover in this post but before that let’s try to know a little bit about this topic.

What do you call a person who lost interest in everything?

Well, you don’t really need to label or call them by a specific name. But just for your curiosity, let me explain it to you. There is a word called “Anhedonia” that describes a situation where a person who lost interest in everything.

The person feels lost interest in everything he/she used to love. All the pleasure and excitement slowly gets decreased and the worst part is most of the time. And they won’t even have the clue why he/she feeling that way.

That’s why we have come up with the major reasons which can help you to identify why you have lost interest in everything. Here we go…!!

Top reasons why have you lost interest in everything

1. Anxiety, depression, and stress: Mental health issue

Anxiety and depression can be major reasons for feeling lost in everything you loved to do. Nowadays, the majority of people go through the issue of mental health such as depression and anxiety.

Stress leads to a loss of interest in everything that you love to do. Stress and overthinking can lead to a change in your behavior as well.

From hanging out with friends, making plans, shopping, and visiting your favorite spot, to avoiding outdoor activity… it feels like you have just lost all the energy and your inner spark has vanished.

I can feel you and understand how crucial mental wellness is for living a cheerful and happy life full of excitement.

2. Heartbeat after a breakup

Break up hurts the most, especially when you are experiencing all these things for the very first time. It can even make you depressed. At a certain point in time, everything would seem uninteresting to you. Lost interest in everything after the breakup is a major issue our youth is facing these days.

The spark, the excitement, and the happiness vanished away from your life and you just can’t divert your mind from the memories of your Ex.

If you are broken from the inside you would feel a loss of interest in everything, it’s pretty common. Your inner willpower would not allow you to go with the flow.

3. An upset mind

It’s not always the breakup and relationship issues that disturb your mental peace and make you feel broken. Sometimes there may be some other issue such as not getting a promotion at work or any appreciation for your effort, rude behavior of your favorite person, etc for losing interest in things you love.

When we do not feel good from the inside we would hardly find anything interesting no matter even if it’s our favorite thing.

4. Lack of energy due to poor diet

Lack of nutrients can be the reason for low energy. When you are not taking a proper diet and keep eating unhealthy food it can affect your overall health.

Lacking important nutrients such as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamin B complex, and adequate amounts of protein, zinc, iron, and potassium can make you feel low. Eating oily and fried food on a regular basis can also be a major reason for your poor health.

It will automatically make a negative impact on your active life. Feeling numb, low, and fatigued can be due to a lack of energy, and when you don’t feel energetic you would feel like you have lost interest in everything.

5. Spending too much time on social media

Spending too much time on social media not only decreases your productivity but also cuts you from real life. It’s like a trap and keeps you busy without even realizing that it is consuming a huge part of your time.

I agree, most of the time it depends on what way you are using it. If you are using it to grow your business or for networking then it’s going to be a really amazing thing. But if you waste your precious time watching the reels and other time-consuming stuff then you should stop it right now.

6. Lack of physical activity

Lacking physical activity such as exercise and outdoor games can be the main reason for feeling like you have lost interest in everything and everyone.

Lazing around in your room doing nothing exciting may be responsible for poor blood circulation in your body. It not only makes a negative impact on your body but also disturbs your mental health.

You must have seen that people who love adventurous activities and love outdoor games live their life in full spirit compared to those who are less involved in physical activity.

7. You are Trapped in your comfort zone

Relaxing in a cozy corner of your house doing nothing might look pleasurable sometimes but doing it all time is not a good thing.

Slowly your subconscious mind would adopt this habit and there is a chance you will lose your interest in everything. You would start canceling the plan with your friends and also start avoiding meeting new people.

As well all know, leaving the comfort zone is crucial in terms of experiencing crazy things that would drive you crazy. Leaving your comfort zone, taking risks, and exploring new things are what add livelihood to a boring life.

What should I do if I lost interest in everything?

5 Things to Do when feeling lost

Well, here are some really simple and effective steps that you can take to add excitement and spark to your life once again. Just take one step at a time and trust the process.

You would not get a sudden change but believe me it would definitely give you result if you give yourself some time.

1. Take care of your diet and eat healthy foods

As I have already mentioned above deficiency of essential vitamins and nutrients can affect your mental as well as your physical health. As a result, you will feel fatigued, dizzy, and numb. Low energy and excitement will make you feel lost interest in everything.

Take care of your diet and add some healthy foods to your plates such as nuts, seeds, fresh fruits, and some superfoods that can fulfill the daily requirement of essential vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Involve yourself in physical activity as much as possible

Try to get involved in physical activity and lift some weight. Spend some time in the gym or do some push-ups, squads, and chin ps at home.

Just train your subconscious mind that all these things are really crucial for you and you don’t have other choices. You can even start running and skipping. It would definitely give you positive results.

Apart from the workout, you can even enjoy outdoor adventure activities such as trekking and camping. It would give you some new experiences.

All these things would improve your blood circulation and make you active and fit like never before.

3. Don’t be a thinker, be a doer

5 reason why am i not interested in anything

Don’t be a thinker, be a doer. Overthinking would not help make a quick decision and would never allow you to step out of your comfort zone. As a result, even making a small decision will be difficult for you.

Just do whatever is on your mind, at least give it a try. Slowly you would gain interest and all those things would start looking exciting as they used to.

4. Join Clubs or NGOs near you and offer volunteer service

We can understand how it feels when you lose interest in everything and everyone. You neither find any pleasure and excitement in doing your favorite things nor feel motivated enough to push yourself. Now, the question that revolves around you must be “what should I do if I lose interest in everything”?

Well, the best way is to push yourself in some volunteer services that would not only help you to engage with awesome people but also allow you to build a great network. And, as we all know networking is one of the best assets for us.

You can join some club near you and can offer volunteer service related to your interest. Responsibility will push you to do more and you will also feel blessed to give your time to NGOs and help the people around you.

5. Get a hobby, pick a thing you love to do

As we grow up and get busy in our day-to-day life we hardly get enough time to do the things that we love, here I am talking about our hobbies. Repeating the same hectic day, again and again, can be really exhausting and most of us get really tired as we get back home.

It has been seen that people who continue their hobbies and utilize their time in a more meaningful way are happier and more satisfied compared to those who just waste their time doing nothing.

It’s okay if you lose interest in everything, but doing nothing and waiting for the perfect time is not an option. Just do whatever you love… whether it’s swimming, yoga, football, running, painting, photography, gardening, wrestling, or even reading. Just do it…!!

It’s okay if you don’t feel motivated or feel lost interest in anything but you can at least pursue your hobbies just to make yourself happy. After all, it is your life, and making yourself happy must be your top priority.

Just pick the things that you love to do and enjoy your own company. It will make you feel worthy and I think it’s a perfect way to utilize your precious time. Hope you understand what I am trying to say. Hobbies also help to improve mental health and calm stress.

Bottom line

Hope, all the points would help you to identify why have you lost interest in everything and I believe you would definitely take the essential step not only to overcome the situation you are facing but also to inspire others who are feeling lost interest in everything.


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