12 Signs he’s not into you anymore: Stop investing your energy in the wrong person

12 Signs he's not into you anymore

In this post, we are going to share 12 signs he’s just not that into you. So you can have a clear indication before approaching him.

What I feel about Love is that it’s a beautiful feeling, but make sure it is from both sides. One-sided love looks exciting in the beginning but later it gives you only pain and frustration. And, in this type of situation moving on and focusing on yourself is one of the most crucial things.

So, here are the subtle 12 signs he’s not into you that would save you from wasting your precious time. On someone who is not that interested in you.

Subtle 12 Signs he’s not into you anymore

Signs That He Is Losing Interest In You

1. Conversations say a lot about whether he’s into you or not

The way a person communicates with you can show a lot If. If a person is really interested in you or not. The way he texts you in an exciting way, teases you, and notices every single detail about you. It may be the signs he’s into you and you are special to him.

Believe it or not, communication is one of the most important things. That describes the feeling of a particular person towards you if he is interested in you.

It doesn’t matter who is texting or calling first as long as both of you text and call each other. Whenever you get time. But, when it is always you who says “hi” first and initiates the conversation then. There is a need to reconsider it.

Does he call you just to know you are doing well and want to have some quality time over the phone talking about random things or does he just call you whenever he needs a favor or help? Just try to notice it.

2. Observe his behavior when he is with you

he's not into you signs

Observing his behavior is another one of the most important things. That you can do to identify whether he is into you or just wants to keep you in a friend circle.

See his behavior with other women. Just observe how he behaves with them and then see how he behaves with you. What is his body language when he talks to you? Do you notice flirty behavior in his way of talking?

Is there any spark and excitement in his eye? Does he put a smile on his face while talking to you or does he just treat you the way he treats his other friends?

All these points say a lot and give you a clear indication of whether he is interested in you are not.

3. Doesn’t reply quickly to your call and text

Signs It Is Time to Let Go of Your Relationship

This is one of the easiest ways to find out whether he’s into you or not. If the guy you are interested in (or have feelings for) doesn’t look excited replying to your calls. Or text messages then it may be a sign he’s just not that into you.

When a guy loves someone or has a crush on a particular person he would reply to her message quickly with full excitement and would also make an effort to lead the conversation.

This shows that he’s really interested in that personal and loves to spend time with her. And no matter how busy his schedule is. But when a guy doesn’t reply fast and often ignores the text then it could be a sign he’s not into you anymore.

Sometimes, the situation may be that he is very busy and has not got time to call you back or leave a message which we can understand.

4. Less eager to know about you

If you are in love or even casually attracted to a particular person you would automatically feel an eagerness to know more about them.

I would not say “each and everything” but you would at least ask them how was their day. It would love to know about their problems, what is in his/her mind. And what they love and what they don’t, their future plans, the way they see the world. If you are observing that he is not excited to know about you. Then it might be a sign he’s not interested

in you. 

Sometimes, a person may be an introvert and you both are at a point where you are just trying to get to know each other, then it is completely okay. You don’t need to worry about that.

But introverts at least pay attention and are good listeners. I am sure you can easily find it out if he is not as eager to know about you as you are.

5. Don’t take your problem and issues personally

He is not that interested to know what you are going through or the problem you are facing in your life. And even if you tell them, they don’t seem excited to resolve it.

If you are also observing this type of behavior it might be an indication that he’s not into you and you should not waste your precious time on him. Just maintain a good friendship and don’t over-expect him.

Normally, it has been seen in men that they take their partner’s problem personally. And consider it like it’s their own problem. What I am trying to say is they never leave the girl they love alone in trouble and try their best to help them out.

6. Don’t seem jealous or react when you talking to other guys

Jealousy is not always a negative emotion. Sometimes, it is quite cute and romantic. When your partner is feeling jealous seeing you around the other guys, it’s a sign he’s into you.

He would definitely react and you can even sense it by observing his face and the sudden change in his behavior.

But, when he is not giving any reactions or doesn’t seem jealous then chances are there he’s not that into you.

7. Weekend plans and other outgoing activity is from your side

Do you often feel like you are the one who always initiates making plans such as going out, hanging with friends, organizing a get-together, or relaxing at home doing your favorite stuff with him?

He doesn’t seem excited about doing things together. This might be a clear indication that he’s not into you. It’s better to move on and you need to understand that it’s okay if someone is not interested in you. After all, self-respect and dignity come first.

When a guy is into a girl, he would hardly misses a chance to spend quality time with her. People are naturally attracted to the person they are into.

8. Cancel the plans at the last moment

I can feel it when you are planning to go out or just willing to relax at home together doing your favorite things and as the time comes you get a call or a text message from him that he would not be able to be over there making random excuses. And after that, he would apologize in a casual way that you can even sense he has not any regret for doing it.

It is completely okay when he does it occasionally but when he does it too often and you feel like you are not that important to him. Then, my dear friend, it can be a sign he’s not that into you and you should understand that.

9. Enjoy talking with other women

No matter whether you are a married couple or dating to know each other in a better way… seeing your partner talking in a flirty way with other women is really painful.

He enjoys talking with other women with enthusiasm and when it comes to you he looks tired and less interested then, it may be a sign he’s not into you anymore.

10. Telling you everything is not that important for him

He hardly tells you much about his day even when you ask him. All the interesting things that are going on in his life, his plans, his goals, his problems, his interest… he doesn’t share that much part of his life as you do with him.

Usually, guys love to share all these things with the person they are interested in. Flirting with each other and smiling together are one of the favorite parts of people. Who are equally interested in each other.

And as they gain trust they start sharing almost everything about their personal life from family drama to office politics… from goals and plans to bucket lists.

If you are missing it from his side then it might be a sign that you are not that important to him and he’s not that into you.

11. He may look not interested in things you love to do

People love to do things their partner loves. They want to make a special place in the heart of their love. Even if they don’t like the things their partner loves to do they at least try to pretend that they are really enjoying it. This is love..!!

When a guy is not into you he may seem uninterested in the things that you love to do. He would hardly accompany you. I think it is pretty clear signs he’s not into you anymore.

12. No time for you

When a guy is into girls, he will make time for her no matter how busy he is. From doing late-night flirty chatting to making romantic weekend plans… from shopping together to relaxing on the couch on their day off, they just enjoy each other’s company. 

Things may change when you are married and having kids which is pretty normal. But when a guy is not putting effort to make some time for you as you do for him then it may be a sign he just not that into you.

Bottom line

One thing I would love to suggest here regarding all the signs he’s not that into you is that it is based on personal opinion. Sometimes, it may be like he is having a tough time or needs some space, or maybe he’s into you but afraid to express his feelings, which is completely okay and we can understand that.

Hope signs he’s not into you anymore would help you to clear up your confusion. If you got any piece of advice or any suggestion, just feel free to let us know in the comment section.


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