How do you know if a guy likes you: Top 15 signs a guy is into you

How do you know if a guy likes you Top 15 signs a guy is into you

How do you know if a guy likes you: Top 15 signs a guy is into you

If you ask me how do you know if a guy likes you, there are no certain ways to find out with a 100% guarantee unless you ask him directly. But don’t you think approaching a guy directly and asking him if he likes you can be quite embarrassing…? Yup, it might be because you really don’t have any idea how that guy is gonna react.

No worries, luckily there are some signs we are going to share in this post that can help you to give some hints. if he is really into you or not but before that let’s try to understand why it is even important… I mean why even bother to know that?

Importance of knowing if a guy likes you: confusion makes controversy 

If you think there is a guy who likes you but you are not sure then finding it out is really important. Here is why…

  1. To spend your life with someone who really cares about you and respects you from the bottom of his heart. If you are single and planning to get married. Choose a guy who really likes you and can be a compatible partner.
  1. To eliminate the misunderstanding and let him know that you are not interested. If you are already committed to someone and enjoying your married life then there is no point in thinking about it. It’s better to ignore it and focus on your family.

It feels really amazing when someone is showing special interest in you and you all would agree, in a relationship. Nothing is more beautiful and exciting than having a life partner who actually likes you and accepts the way you are. If you are also excited about how to know if a guy likes you. Then these top 15 signs definitely gonna help you out.

How can you tell if a guy likes you: Top 15 why to know a guy likes you

1. Observe his body language

One of the best and most popular ways to know if a guy likes you is by observing his body language. His body language may give some signs. That can help you to know whether that guy is into you or not.

See if there is a sudden change in his body language when you are around him. Peering the hair, fixing the clothes, and flexing their muscles are pretty common among guys to leave a good impression of themselves. You may also notice that his lips would be slightly apart when he is looking at you. It may be a sign that he is lost in you and loves to admire you.

We are all different and can act differently around the person we admire or secretly have a crush on them. For example:

  • He acts awkward and looks nervous when you are around him

Getting nervous is completely okay around the person you like or have a crush on them. He may look nervous or may act sometimes weird due to his shyness.

He’s wants to impress you but due to overexcitement. He may get confused or he really doesn’t have any idea what to do or say.

It doesn’t mean he is fragile or a low-confident person. It’s just normal, we all act weird especially when our crush is around us.

  • May turn on his “alfa” mode

If he is a cool and bold type of person then he may turn on his “alfa” mode when you are around him.

Rolling shoulders back, flexing the muscles, talking in a deep and muscular voice, and styling in a cool way may be the signs he wants to impress you.

2. Eye contact can say a lot

There is no doubt, “eye contact can tell a lot”. The way you make eye contact with people in different situations works as a communication. And most of the time we don’t even need to use words.

The eyes are the most unique part of your body. It not only helps you to watch but can also help you to communicate without even uttering a single word.

To know if a guy likes you and is interested in you just observe how he responds.

When you make eye contact with him just observe whether he gives you a casual “hi” raising his eyebrows(which is pretty common in friends and office colleagues) or gives a smile with a blush. As we all know, it’s slightly hard to hold your smile or act normal when your crush is around you.

Even if he is with someone else or is busy with some piece of work, his eyes would be secretly looking for you. If you look into his eyes you will see some special sparks.

Not in a perverted way, but the way he looks at you can be charming and you can easily guess that he has feelings for you.

3. He Loves to chat with you and is always eager to initiate a healthy conversation

If he is having a crush on you he will try to initiate the conversation and would definitely find the excuse just to lead the conversation.

Whenever he talks to you he always puts a smile on his face(with a little bit of shyness) and you can easily sense it.

Even if you have nothing to say or don’t know what to say next he would do his best to keep you engaged without making you feel uncomfortable.

Not all secret lovers talk too much, some may be introverted. Even if he is not such a talkative guy he would still love to engage in the conversation and would be a good listener.

4. Shows special interest in you

15 Positive Signs He Is Serious About You

When a guy likes you he would show an intense interest in you whether it’s about your likes and dislikes, your favorite food, your hobbies, things you love to do,  or even your personal life.

I think it’s pretty normal because when you feel attracted to someone and start liking them you can’t help thinking about them. You automatically get interested to know about them more and more.

5. He notices every single thing about you

The way you like styling your hair, the way you dress up, even the way you walk… he would notice every single detail about you no matter how small they are. He even notices small changes in you and can easily guess if you are not feeling well or having a bad day. He remembers even the smallest things that you have told them or shared with them months ago.

6. Replies your text fast

People hardly reply fast unless they are your BFF who is dying to share the gossip and controversies or someone special who is having a crush on you and doesn’t want to miss a single chance to interact with you.

If that guy gives you a quick response and replies to your text fast with full excitement then it can be a signal he has feelings for you and he actually likes you.

7. Ready to help you out with your problems

Everyone is busy in their day-to-day life and dealing with their own problems. There is no doubt that friends and family do help us whenever there is a problem but if he is always ready to help you out without any selfish reason, and gives you priority no matter how busy he is then it might be a sign that he likes you and has a soft corner in his heart for you. 

8. He is really comfortable sharing his future plans and also asks about yours.

how to know if a guy is serious about you

Sharing things such as future plans and ideas are completely normal, people share this type of thing with the person they like and trust the most.

If you would ask me “how do you know if a guy likes you” I would suggest you notice if he shares his future plans or ideas with you.

He wants to know your opinion about his plan. People don’t share their future plans and creative ideas with everybody. They do this with the people who are closest to them.

Not only would he talk about his future and other planning but he would also eagerly ask you about yours. Asking these types of questions does not guarantee that he loves you or is having a crush on you. It may be just an indication that he likes you and trusts you.

9. He supports you

He supports you no matter what the situation is. Whether it’s a fun game, a college competition, or even an office presentation he would support you and want to see you happy.

Not only does he give you moral support but he also tries his best to support you emotionally. Whether you are feeling sad, upset about something, feeling depressed and anxious, or even having a bad day. He would try his best to be there for you.

One thing you should keep in mind is that most of the guys do all these things casually and pretend that they care about you and also support you emotionally.

But, it could be the fake one because most of them do it just to hook up (just for lust) and here you are not supposed to blindly believe anyone. Just be careful and don’t let anyone play with your emotions.

10. Always takes your side

If a guy likes you he would always take your side. He wants to grab your attention by doing cute and heartwarming acts. Taking your side may be his gentle gesture and caring way just to show that he has feelings for you.

You don’t need to get confused cause people closest to you also take your side but when a guy is into you he would do it differently and you can easily sense it.

11. Defends you when someone is roasting or insulting you

Roasting each other is pretty common among friends as far as it is not getting toxic and we all are mature enough to handle this shit in our own way. The thing that matters is “how does he(that special guy) react…?”

The best way to know if a guy likes you is to watch if he defends you. When someone is insulting you or passing negative comments.

It shows that the person really cares about you and can not tolerate it whenever someone is humiliating you or saying shit about you in front of him.

12. Initiate to pay the bills whenever eating out or sharing a transport

Whether you are sharing a taxi, buying snacks, or eating out he would insist on paying and offers to buy things for you. Giving presents and buying things is one of the common signs that he may be interested in you.

13. Respects you

If a guy respect you then it is mean he likes you

Respect is the root of a good relationship, no matter whether it’s professional or personal. If there is no respect I don’t think it would work.

Okay, let’s not dive into deep, what I am trying to say is to know if a guy likes you, just watch the way he treats you, observe his behavior… does he treat you the same as he treats his other friends and colleagues or giving you special attention.

If he treats you respectfully and shows some extra care and politeness in comparison to others it might be a sign that he likes you and has feelings for you. Just observe him, you don’t need to judge him.

14. Always gives you priority and put you first

One of the best ways to find out if a guy likes you or not is to look at whether he gives you a priority and puts you first or it’s always about him. 

From planning weekends and choosing hang-out spots to going to restaurants. He always puts you first and looks interested in what you want. Like a true gentleman, he would try to give you priority as much as possible.

Apart from this, even if you are with your friends or office mates having a discussion or planning something exciting he would ask what you think. He would be interested to know your opinion. All these things may be a sign that you are special to him and he really likes you.

15. Invites you to family functions and wants to introduce you to his family. 

He would count you in whenever there is a special occasion in his family. Introducing you to his family, (especially to his mom) and treating you like a family member may be a sign that you are special to him.

how to react when a guy likes you

It really depends on the situation and is completely up to you. After all, it’s your personal life. Discussing it with your family and closest friends can give an idea.

If you are already in a relationship you don’t need to think about it. Just be loyal to your partner. Love is unconditional and you can not stop someone from liking you. The best way is to ignore him, keep some distance, and focus on your family.

The bottom line

Next time the question arises in your mind how do you know when a guy likes you”

You can just simply go through all the points mentioned above.

When someone is attracted to a particular person he would act differently. And you can even see certain changes in his behavior which is pretty natural.

The points mentioned above are just signs that can help you to give an idea to clear the confusion.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that changes and indications can be different as we all know. We all are different so obviously those signs may depend on our personality.

Now, I think you got some ideas on how to know if you like a guy. Hope it helps you…!!


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