How to tell someone that you like them without being embarrassed

How to tell someone that you like them without being embarrassed
How to tell someone that you like them without being embarrassed

Having a crush on someone and don’t know how to tell them…? Relax, it is completely normal and most of us have gone through this situation in our life. Expressing the feeling toward a special person is not as easy as it looks.

Stalking the social media profile, researching what they like and what they don’t. Admiring them silently standing from a corner, and creating endless stories in your own imagination. And with that special one is something that we all have experienced in our lives. And it becomes even more exciting, when you have fallen in love first time.

Waiting for hours and stalking just to see a glimpse of his/her is one thing but when it comes to confronting them it becomes really awkward.

Now the question comes, “are you seriously going to spend that much time telling them about your feelings?” Sometimes waiting for the perfect time could be too late and chances are you would lose the opportunity. That’s why the best move is to choose directness.

But, isn’t it creepy or weird telling your crush you love them directly…?

Smooth ways to tell your crush you like them

Well, telling someone about how you feel for them is not creepy and doesn’t make you a weird person. But the way you tell them could make you one. For example, if you are not respecting the boundaries and making them uncomfortable then it could look creepy to them. 

You have to understand that we all are not the same, everybody is different and possesses different characteristics. The thing that works for your friends, does not guarantee that it will also work for you. That’s why doing a little bit of research about your special one is really very crucial before approaching them and you will read about it further.

Why is it scary to tell your crush that you like them?

I think there are two main reasons that make it complicated and hold you back from proposing your special one. And these are “the fear of rejection” and “embarrassment”.

People don’t want to ruin their friendship or any professional relationship. That’s why most of us shy away and feel hesitant when it comes to sharing our feelings. Let’s suppose, if you ask your crush, “Hi (name), I think you are very cute and I’m willing to know more about you. Can we grab some coffee when you are free…?”

If he/she gives you a positive response then it’s great for you but if he/she replied in a rude way. And tried to humiliate you then it’s better for you not to waste your precious time on a “piece of shit”.

Be mentally prepared for rejection

As far as rejection is concerned, it’s completely okay. You can not force someone to love you back and it also does not make them a selfish person. It’s completely their personal choice. You have to understand that rejection is possible and it’s okay. You don’t really need to take it seriously… After all, there is the plenty of fish in the river and who knows your perfect one still waiting for you. 

The best way to tell someone that you like them is to do it directly without creating any drama. But before that, you should apply some tips that can make the process slightly easy for both of you. Here are some tips that can help you to share your feelings with your crush without making it awkward.

8 effective tips to tell someone that you like them without being awkward

8 Ways To Tell Someone You Like Them

1. Observe them and understand their nature

Outer beauty, looks, and other physical features are the major factors that attract us to a particular person. And this is a common thing that you notice in your crush but physical appearance doesn’t guarantee that the person you are falling for is a nice person.

That’s why it is suggested to observe them and try to understand their nature. What they like and what they dislike. What characteristics are they looking for in their partner? It would help you to gain clarity before taking the further move.

2. Try to get engaged with them but don’t be so over-attached

You have done some observation and now it’s time to take step 2. Try to find the opportunity that adds interaction with him/her. Talk to them confidently, people love a confident person. Try to lead the conversation on a topic that they seem interested in and also ask what their weekend plan is. 

You can even invite them to join you if you get something exciting on weekends. Show interest when they talk and listen to them carefully.  All these efforts would make you notice and help them know about you.

3. Have a smile on your face while spending time with them

Having a smile on your beautiful face may add some extra charm to your overall personality, especially when you are with your crush. It not only gives them signals that you have a soft corner in your heart for them but also represents a social, fun-loving, and generous gesture of you and people really love this type of character.

Having a serious face all the time can make it even more difficult and they would hardly approach you back even if they like you. A fun-loving and cheerful personality makes everyone comfortable and people love to be around this type of person.

4. Try to find excuses to help them and indicate that they are special to you

Never miss an opportunity to impress your crush and always come forwards whenever it’s possible. It may give them an indication that they are special to you and it also makes a good impression on them.  Do it in a cool and smart way and make sure you are not losing your self-respect.

If he/she is in your office you can help them whenever they need help and if your crush is in your college/school you can help them with assignments and projects. Doing this, you will have to make sure they don’t put you in a friend zone.

5. Approach a trustworthy mutual friend

Saying them directly is the best way that you like them and there is nothing wrong. Express your feeling in a confident way. Just let them know how you feel about them and ask if they are interested to grab a cup of coffee with you.

If still you are feeling shy and do not get the confidence to approach them directly then you can ask a mutual friend for help. But keep in mind that a mutual friend must be a trustworthy person because it’s a very very personal matter. And the situation may be even more embarrassing if the friend is not trustworthy.

That mutual friend can easily ask your crush what he/she thinks about you. Once you come to know your crush also likes you back it will become easier for you to approach them. And the situation would not be as awkward as it used to seem.

6. Tell them you enjoy their company and love spending time with them

Just let them know you like spending time with them and you actually enjoy their company. There is no need to pass the signals or play the game because doing this can make it more confusing and complicated.

Be confident and never consider yourself less than anyone. You can mention this thing while having a casual conversation with them that you love their company. If they also show some interest and respond in a positive way then you can go to the next step. And let them know how much they matter to you.

7. Have flirty chat with them

A casual and funny flirty chat always adds a spark to a new friendship and when flirting combined with some humor then it may save you from being embarrassed. You must keep in mind that it should be non-sexual and healthy chatting so staying in limits is very crucial.

8. Send them a message if speaking directly is difficult for you.

Sending a text message to your crush sharing your feelings is also one of the most common methods to purpose someone because people feel less scared and according to them it is less embarrassing as well. Just send a message to your crush and tell them you are quite interested in them and can also ask for a day out. People really love when someone shows interest in them.


Love is an amazing as well as a very complicated feeling. The way a guy approaches a girl is slightly different compared to when a girl approaches a guy. Men love to speak directly, they don’t overthink while girls think a lot. Hope, all the tips mentioned above will be helpful for both.

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