Turn your wounds into wisdom

Turn your wounds into wisdom
Turn your wounds into wisdom

Turn your wounds into wisdom

Turn your wounds into wisdom its basically mean is that you have to work on your dream hard to get it. It often believes that it’s all about your intuition. Does it a true or mere myth? Every person has different wisdom power, so it’s used, but sometimes it seems hard to exercise the wisdom productively.

Many twists and turns occurred in life, and many times, a person loses hope, but don’t you think it’s the lesson and learning you gain from the same.

Learn from experiences

To reach a certain point in your life, a person needs to be cautious enough about the events that have taken place in their lives and learn from such experiences. Because there is nothing called failure, and a person would either win or learn from the experience, try to turn ugly experiences into the power of wisdom that encourages you to make the right decision.

No such thing is called a failure

  • The most important thing in your life is learning because that makes the person stronger, so you need to decide whether you wish to stop your life and cry off for such wounds or turn the wounds into wisdom.
  • This choice will decide your life and how you perceive it, so choose it wisely, keeping in mind the ins and outs of the same. Once you decided to walk on the path of making its wisdom and not let yourself suffered from such wounds, you would go onto another stair of success.
  • Life is not that short, and to make your life hell by getting depressed for what you suffered is just declaring yourself dead, notwithstanding alive. So please don’t waste your life thinking about such wounds. Rather, turn it into the power of wisdom and utilize it expeditiously.

Mentally strong to deal

  • If you are mentally strong enough to handle any situation in life, you will turn your wounds into wisdom and know-how to make the right decision.
  • Before taking any decision or anything, your heart and the mind will give you an indication as to choose it, and if you ignore the same, you will move in the wrong or such direction, which ought to be wrong for you.
  • And this is called the power of wisdom, intuition, or intellect, but the same could only be obtained after experiencing different phases of life.

Heart and wisdom

  • It is often observed that heart and mind say different things to you that make you confused. Still, it is psychologically proved that your wisdom and kindness will never give you further directions, and you need to ascertain what iterates you.
  • The moment you rightly identify what your heart and wisdom wish to indicate to you, it would be easy for you to decide.
  • So don’t just stick to the wounds you are experiencing or experienced. Rather, stimulate your inner power in such a way that turns it into wisdom.
  • By your inner power, you can make it judge what is right and what is wrong for you. So despite thinking too much about your sufferings, you should start making it your determination and zeal to perform.

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