Why am I so attached to someone I barely know: Top reasons and solutions you must know

Why am I so attached to someone I barely know: Top reasons and solutions you must know
How does getting attached to someone you barely know affect your life?

When it comes to “Why do I get attached so easily” you need to start thinking in a pattern. Getting attached to someone you already know is natural and it is pretty common. It could be a close friend who is always out there to support you, a mentor who is guiding you and giving you great advice, or even your life partner with whom you are sharing all ups and downs of life.

It becomes complicated when a person you find attractive enters your life. Let me just explain it with some examples:

That person could be someone who is just shifting in your neighborhood. Or there is a really cute person joining you at your workplace, or a super hotty just started working out in your gym. Or maybe there is a really very charming personality you have just met in a coffee shop.

And, observing them you start thinking “why do I get attached so easily to a girl/guy”. Because you already have started falling for them. 

Having a crush on someone who is around you is pretty uncontrollable. You just can’t help it unless you are committed to someone who really means a lot to you.

How does getting attached to someone you barely know affect your life?

Feeling attached to your beloved is good as long as it’s a healthy attachment. After all, we all are human beings and we show our feelings and emotions in different ways.

Showing love to your family, friends, and spouse and feeling attached to them is important. We also get easily attached to our pets whether it is your goldfish in the fish bowls or any other animal such as a cat or dog.

The problem arises when it starts affecting your life and you start feeling sad in the absence of them.

Overattachent toward an object or a person not only brings sadness and spoils your mental peace but it distracts you from your daily task and goals. It can make you weak and hurts you emotionally. You can’t even enjoy the present moment if you keep thinking about them.

Getting attached so easily to everything has nothing to do with your gender. However, It is considered that girls get easily attached compared to boys. Well, it could be correct at some point in time but that’s not how it looks.

Guys also get attached so easily but they usually don’t show emotion and feeling. The way a guy shows his emotions and attachment is slightly different compared to a girl shows. But, it doesn’t mean that they don’t get hurt or have feelings.

Why do I get attached so easily as a guy?

We all are human beings and we all have the same feeling no matter whether you are a man or a woman. As I have already mentioned above, the only difference is the way we express ourselves.

Men usually don’t share their feelings easily no matter how tough the time they are facing. Apart from sex, there is much more a guy needs. From emotional support to feeling loved, from sharing problems of life to laughing out loud together.

When you miss all these things, there is a chance you may feel lonely and get attached so easily when you meet a beautiful girl and interact with her. 

Being a guy when you feel like you are getting attached so easily there are chances you are feeling lonely in your life and you need someone really special to fill that gap.

Other than this, there could be more reasons why you get easily attached that we would try to cover in this post. So, keep reading till the end.

Why I am so attached to someone I barely know: Top reasons we must know

Main reason we must know why I am getting attached with someone so easily

You are single and need a life partner to share the feelings

At a certain age, you would feel like there should be someone who can be with you selflessly and support you. Someone with whom you can cuddle on your bed, hold her hand, kiss the way you want, and have just a really good time that eases all your stress and makes you feel complete.

Loneliness might be the reason for getting attached easily to someone you barely know. Whenever you meet someone and interact with them it could feel like he/she is the one you are looking for.

If you are one of those who feel that way then I think you should start thinking about getting married. Someone with whom you can share all ups and downs of life, plan a beautiful family and can enjoy each and every moment of your beautiful life. It would eliminate your loneliness.

Over sensitive nature

As a higher sensitive person, there are higher chances that you would get easily attached to anything.

A highly sensitive person experiences and feels things on a deeper level compared to others.

Whether it’s a friendship or a relationship, you easily feel connected with the person you care about.

It is seen that people with over sensitive nature develop attachment toward particular things or a person quickly as compared to others. When someone is being nice to them and shows love and care, they easily trust them and start feeling attached to them quickly. 

If you are also one of those who get attached so easily to objects or a person, chances are you are an over-sensitive person. And you need to stop taking things too personally.


Developing feelings and getting attached to a person you have just met a few months ago can be pretty normal in most cases.

Having late-night chats, sharing your feelings, and talking about the topic in which you both are interested. Showing kindness and doing cute things looks very fascinating in the beginning.

The problem begins when you start expecting too much without even knowing them personally. The way they think, their priorities, their nature, and their behavior… You can not understand all these things in just a few days.

Expecting too much from someone you have just met can develop attachment toward them. And, as you get separated, it leaves you in the pain of loneliness.

The reason for separation could be anything, maybe they have to move to another country for further education or more career opportunities, maybe they are interested in someone else,  or maybe it just didn’t work out for both of you.

Being friends with someone is okay but expecting too much can hurt you. You have to understand that everyone has their personal life and different priorities.  

Lack of purpose in life (not a specific goal)

The thing that I personally feel and most of you would agree with is that not having a purpose in life may be the reason for your unnecessary attachment to anything.

Look, what I am trying to say is that healthy attachment is completely okay and it’s a part of our life. Thinking too much about a particular thing or a person can disturb your life. The more you focus on them, the more you feel attached.

It would do nothing well but bring unwanted pain into your life and a huge distraction from your actual goal.

I know, it’s not that easy to divert your mind from someone with whom you feel so connected. But you have to understand that one-sided attachment is not good. You can not force someone to like you back the way you like them. After all, everyone is different and so their priority is.

Lack of focus in life would draw your attention toward them again and again. I don’t mean that people who are more focused on their life don’t get attached. They do for sure, but they give priority to their goals and life.

Very less interest in physical activity

Doing physical activity not only gives you great physic but also improves your mental health. Don’t take me wrong, it does not mean that getting attached too often is a mental health issue. But it might be the reason for emotional pain for sure. 

Not having an interest in any physical activity such as playing outdoor games, running, workout at the gym, etc can divert your mind again and again toward that person you are feeling attached with. The more you involve yourself in physical activity, the less you get time to think about them, you should definitely try it if you get easily attached to everything.

Less engagement with family and friends and avoid hang-out with them

Low interaction with your family and friends and spending most of your free time at home doing nothing can also be the reason for “getting attached too easily disorder”.

What we usually do is whenever someone special comes into our life we stop giving much time to our friends and start spending more time with that new person. When things don’t work and we get separated, it becomes hard to forget them.

Spending time with friends and family helps to divert your mind from them. That’s why it is important to hang out with your friends.

Lack of discipline and self-control in life

Discipline is the key to living a happy, healthy, and balanced life. It not only allows you to stay consistent and focused but also helps you to invest your energy in the things that actually matter.

When there is no discipline, there would be no self-control. We met hundreds of people in our lives and developing emotional attachment is pretty normal. But, we are not supposed to get personally attached to anyone who is not giving us the value we give them.

The practice of controlling your thoughts and emotions and taking discipline seriously in your life would help you to divert your mind from unnecessary stuff to things that actually matter in life.

Depending on others too much for your happiness

Harsh but it is true, we all (most of the time) depend on others for our happiness from hanging out with close friends to having a meaningful deep conversation with your favorite person, from having lunch together in the workplace/college to enjoying the shopping with BFF. So, what is the problem here…? We all do that, right? Nope, there is no problem at all.

The problem arises when you start investing too much time in someone who doesn’t deserve it and becomes dependent on them for your happiness.

Doing that you can get attached to them easily and which might not be a good thing. Because whenever you would separate it can hurt you emotionally.

That’s why you have to understand that you are in charge of your life and you don’t need to depend on others for your happiness.

Unfulfilled need for emotional support

The biggest and one of the main reasons I would mention as it comes to “why do I get attached so easily to everything” is an “unfulfilled need for emotional support”.

Whether you are a man or woman, an adult or a kid, young or old there is always a need for emotional support. The only difference is men don’t show it easily(as I mentioned above)… They like to keep it to themselves and women never fight shy to express it. I am not being gendered-biased here. It could just be my point of view.

How to stop getting attached so easily

Why does I get attached so easily as a girl

Well, as it comes to how to stop getting attached so easily it’s not that easy but it is also not impossible. Sometimes, we even start feeling attached to the things that wouldn’t even matter after some time. But what can we do…?

There are some tips that I would love to suggest here. These tips would definitely help you not to get attached so easily.

Take 21-days challenge

One of the best and most effective ways to stop getting attached so easily is taking the 21-day challenge.

You must have heard about the 21 days challenge, if not let me just tell you in short. According to human psychology, it needs at least 21 days to change a habit.

And we adopt bad habits very fast as compared to good quality. The same thing can be applied to a relationship. Falling in love with someone is easy and it takes no time but when it comes to forgetting someone for whom you have feelings then it could be slightly challenging. 

You can use the 21-day challenge if you feel “why do I get attached so easily to a girl/guy”. Stop interacting with the person for 21 days. You don’t even need to think about them. Just throw them out of your mind and never ever let them enter even in your imagination.

Keep busy yourself with other important tasks. Focus on your fitness and learn about self-love. Soon you will notice the result. I understand it is not as easy as it looks but nothing is impossible.

Promote self-love

Self-love is one of the most important things to living a happy, satisfied, and peaceful life. After all, it’s your life and you deserve to be loved. If you don’t love yourself then how can you expect someone to love you?

Getting attached too easily may be a sign that you are taking too much interest in someone you barely know. Self-love is much more important than investing too much in someone.

Workout and meditation: Take care of your body and mind

One of the best ways to divert your mind from something useless and painful to a more productive and important one is to focus on your fitness. Workout and meditation both are really important to stay physically as well as mentally fit.

You can either take membership of a gym nearby your house or even can go with a home workout. It not only makes you feel strong and confident but also helps you to stay in shape.

Apart from this, as far as meditation is concerned It is one of the most important things that make you more focused in life and prevent all negative thoughts and self-doubt.

You can also go with deep breathing exercises. It brings more oxygen to your brain and helps it to function in a better way.

If you are struggling hard to stop getting attached easily, you should definitely try this, I am sure it would help you.

Set some boundaries and give them space

Attachment develops when you give too much attention to someone or get personally involved with them. The more you think about that particular person, the more you get attached to them.

As far as your family, close friends, or someone who is worth it, there is nothing wrong but when you start investing your effort and energy in someone who is not equally involved or interested as you are then there is a need to maintain your self-respect. Getting attached so easily is our problem, not theirs. It does not make them bad, rude, or selfish people.

At that point in time, you just need to give them some space. There is nothing to getting too personal with someone you just recently met.

Giving them space and focusing on your goals can help you to stop getting attached so easily.

Spend time with family and hangout with friends

When it comes to supporting you no matter what the situation is, family and close friends are the ones who help you without any selfish reason.

Spending some time and hanging out with them not only eases your stress from an exhausting week but also refreshes your mind.

So next time when it feels like you are getting attached to someone easily just spend more time with your friends and family. It would help you to divert your mind from that person.

Focus on your career

When it comes to how to stop getting attached to someone you barely know, focusing on your career and taking it seriously can help you with that. Wondering how…?

Well, it wouldn’t do anything magical except divert your mind and energy from the thing or the person you are feeling attached to something meaningful. The more you focus on your career and growth, less you feel attached to other distractions.

I know it might be boring advice but believe me, when you start enjoying what you do it becomes more exciting.

Enjoy your hobbies and do something exciting

Top signs you get attached too easily
Discipline is the key to living a happy, healthy, and balanced life

Apart from focusing on my career, hanging out with friends, and sweating out in the gym, there are many more exciting ways to keep yourself busy and stop yourself from getting attached to someone you barely know.

Well, I am not saying you should be doing things 24×7. Of course, you should relax sometime and do nothing.

But what I am trying to say is you can pick a hobby and enjoy your own company. Something that you love to do, something that drives you crazy… It could be anything. From cooking to shopping, from trekking to swimming. Just pick a hobby and do what you love.

Bottom line

I understand that getting separated from someone you like or have feelings for can be so hurt but what can we do? We are not supposed to control anyone, the thing that we can control is our way of thinking.

Taking small steps at a time can make a huge impact on your life, especially when you are trying to figure out how to stop getting attached so easily.

So, next time when you feel “why I get attached so easily to everything” Hope all the mentioned tips would work for you and help you to focus on your life in a more meaningful way.


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