The true meaning behind the famous saying “if you love someone let them go”

The true meaning behind the famous saying if you love someone let them go
The true meaning behind the famous saying if you love someone let them go

Nowadays relationships become one of the easiest things to get in but to maintain such a connection is the toughest one. The relationship with the right person is the most beautiful feeling one could ever experience but it is also true that many times relationships get over. On the other hand, if someone truly loves you then it will never leave you in any circumstances, and if any such condition arises then let them go. If you really love someone then don’t compel that person to stay in your life and leave that person free to make their own decision. It is true that you cant restrict one to always be with you and on the other hand, it’s also true that the one who really loves you will never leave you.

The wrong person finds a hundred reasons to leave you.

Restriction and compelling your love is the antithesis of a strong relationship that could not be last long so if you really wish to be with your love never ever force them to stand by your side. Your soulmate will always find a way to be with you and never have thought to leave you. It is true that the person who loves to be with you finds thousands of reasons to stay but the one who never wishes to be with you find hundred of excuses to leave you. However, you can not hold any relationship forcefully and need to live freely, the things or the person belongs to you will never leave you.

Built your relationship on strong pillars.

 No relationship can be built on force or compulsion but can be built strongly on the pillar named independence, love, understanding, trust, and a lot more. So it is true that if someone loves you let them go, the one who left you never belongs to you, and the one who stays in your life irrespective of any situation truly loves you.

The right person will never leave you.

You should spend your life with the person who genuinely loves you and never quite your company no matter what is going in your life and if you are with such a person, then you are experiencing the best part of life. Every hurdles or problem become zero if you are with your support system who never escapes from your life. However, it is rightly stated that few people are meant to be with you forever, else everyone would leave you.

Pure and unconditional love.

Your love life will only succeed if you and your partner are committed to being together no matter what situation you both faces. Love doesn’t mean to see only good times together but also meant to face a bad time and cross it with each other support. If in such a horrible situation your partner does not leave you then you are with the right person and loves you unconditionally. It is true that love doesn’t come with a condition and could only succeed if it’s pure and unconditional. So you should wait for the right person and if you love someone truly them let them free to live you and don’t compel.


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