7 Ways A Woman Broken By A Narcissist Loves Differently.

7 Ways A Woman Broken By A Narcissist Loves Differently
7 Ways A Woman Broken By A Narcissist Loves Differently

7 Ways A Woman Broken By A Narcissist Loves Differently.

Do you feel the luckiest person on the planet gives such a dramatic partner and a perfect relationship? Of course, it is the most obvious fact that the very first relationship turns to be your whole world but do you think your world is just around your partner and nothing else exists in this universe.

Damn, everything changes when a woman’s face breaks up with the person she thinks of him as her world. If you know such a woman and love her, then you will observe her way of living is different. Seven most common ways lay the first stone in the woman broken by a narcissist:-

  • She cannot trust any person with a blindfold. Once the trust is unfolded, it becomes impossible to trust any other person blindly. Such a woman has trust issues and is unable to trust any other person in her life. Because she didn’t have her voice in her past relationship, that led to a shiver the confidence and self-trust, she was with someone who only dominates her and controls her in the name of losing the connection.
  • Such a woman always seems to be isolated because she doesn’t want to get hurt again and loves to remain in a dark, isolated room where no one can come close to her. Such a woman fears loving someone or even getting in touch with someone because her inner scars are still bleeding, and she finds herself unable to heal such pain. She is protecting herself from everyone as she is unable to find happiness over her past ugly relationship.
  • Such women don’t feel safe in crowded places and love to stay alone because of their experienced emotional abuse in their past relationships. Therefore, she needs someone who can make her feel safe and secure and where she can, without any fears, live her life to its fullest.
  • Once a woman breaks down in pieces, it’s so tough to realize that she deserves the best in her love, as such a woman can’t judge the real love. The toxic relationship persuades her in believing the fabricating definition of love, where she finds herself unable to understand what real love is all about. She is in a perplexed state of mind where she can’t find the meaning of true love.
  • Insecurity is the main factor in such a woman in abundance, where she feels insecure in every relationship that exists in her life. And due to such insecurity, she tightly holds every other relationship in her life to protect the same.
  • Loyalty for such a woman is a myth and nothing else. After experiencing a toxic relationship in its life, she termed loyalty in words, “loyalty is a myth that exercises in the name of sex”. She can not believe any other person and low anymore because love for such women don’t exist.
  • Such women don’t believe in good things and are surrounded by negativity all around them. So she sabotages her happiness and tries to run from every good thing that happens to her with a fear of getting injured from the same. She believes every good thing turns to be evil for her, so she should stay from it.

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