Valentine week 2023 full list: Valentine week calendar check full list from 7 to 21 Feb

Valentine Week List 2023

The 2023 Valentine week full list from 7 Feb to 14 Feb is out now on our site, and you can easily check the Valentine week 2023 calendar right here so you can plan each day special with your special one. We are happy as well as excited to provide the valentine’s week full list of events and the calendar to make your entire month more romantic, exciting, and fun.

Love is in the air: Valentine week days

But before moving further let’s try to know the history behind this worldwide celebration of love. This popular festival originated in ancient Rome when emperor Claudius II ordered the execution of the saint Valentine due to help the soldiers to get married while it was prohibited due to some reasons. Basically, it is the death anniversary of Saint valentine which is symbolized as the day of love and compassion later.

Valentine week 2023 full list: Valentine week calendar check full list from 7 to 21 Feb

Rose day 2023- February 7th

Aah…!! Rose day is the first day of the beautiful valentine’s week. So as we all know the beginning of any special event should always be special. That’s why celebrate this romantic day with your spouse in a romantic way and let her/him know how special they are. You can also celebrate it in an extra and dramatic way or you can either choose to keep it simple and cozy. After all, in the end, the things that matter are your emotions, love, and true feelings. And for that, even a simple beautiful red rose can do a lot.

Propose day 2023 – February 8th

If you are planning to get married and are all set to start your beautiful journey of love, February 8th- the proposed day is the perfect day to let her/him know about this romantic decision. You can also choose your wedding date on these days with your family and friends. It’s really gonna be a memorable day of your life.

Chocolate day 2023 – February 9th

Who doesn’t love chocolates? I think we all love it, especially the one we received from our life partner. Celebrate the beautiful day of valentine’s week in a romantic way and let your love know your feelings in the form of delicious chocolates.

Teddy day 2023 – February 10th

February 10th is celebrated as Teddy day in Valentine’s week. People give the teddy to their life partner and express their feelings about how much they love each other. It’s just a small gesture to make a simple day special. Girls have always been fascinated by the Teddy bear, and you can also gift your wife a cute teddy on this teddy day.

Promise day 2023 – February 11th

February 11th is celebrated as the promised day in the list of valentine’s week, especially among the school kids and new couples. And even if you don’t fall into this category, you still can celebrate with your better half. Just for fun, just to make the moment special you can also go with this.

Hug day 2023 – February 12th

The best thing about hug day is even if you are single you still can celebrate. You can give a warm hug to your best buddies, family, and other friends. It’s just a great way to express your feelings toward your beloved and let them know that they matter a lot to you. Believe me, a simple hug can work magically.

Kiss day 2023 – February 13th

Another fun and interesting day on our list for valentine’s week is kiss day. It is celebrated on February 13th, just the day before valentine’s day. However, international kiss day is celebrated on July 6. Full of compassion and emotions…no doubt, kissing is a special way to share your feelings with your loved ones.

Valentine’s day 2023 – February 14th

Finally, the most awaited day for couples who are madly in love with their better half. It’s a day to celebrate compassion and affection towards each other. Say thanks to each other in a unique and romantic way for being each other’s back in all ups and downs.

Plan something romantic and exciting to spend the entire day with your soulmate. Surprise each other with some beautiful gifts, organize a romantic dinner and enjoy delicious food. You can also go a step ahead and can do something creative and unique (such as visiting beautiful places) to make the moment memorable.

The valentine’s calendar

Valentine Week List 2023

Valentine Week (Day) Date Day
Rose Day February 07 Tuesday
Propose Day February 08 Wednesday
Chocolate Day February 09 Thursday
Teddy Day February 10 Friday
Promise Day February 11 Saturday
Hug Day February 12 Sunday
Kiss Day February 13 Monday
Valentine’s Day February 14 Tuesday
Valentine Week List 2023


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