When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace

When the power of love

Every human being love to retain power but forget to understand the power of love which creates harmony, sacrifice, respect, dignity, etc. It is important to understand the meaning of love and then one could understand the power of the same which develops peace in the world.

The universe operates till the time love exists within it and yet, one person who affirms the power of love would make the world at peace. What is the most important thing on this planet is to scrutinize the significance of peace in it and how it could be maintained is a question.

Materialistic vs Nature

Peace could only be maintained within the person if the same know how to be satisfied with what he possesses and does not run behind materialistic things. In today’s era, materialistic things make the person keen on the love of power and not the power of love.

The phrase simply refers that the world will experience peace only when it is inclined towards the power of love and not in love with power. The strength of love makes the power even stronger but on the other hand, the person who loves power which implies ego and greedy perspective would make the same weaker.

The love for power and materialistic things would not make the person live with peace of mind and it would always make the same unsatisfied with what he has. Therefore, what is required to live a happy and peaceful life is to live the same with love and not with hatred.

Gratification and love for power

The most beautiful element of a peaceful life is to make our soul satisfied and when every individual operates their life with love then the power of love makes the world at peace. You will observe that the more you run behind materialistic things the more you will become keen for illegal gratification.

Materialistic things imply everything which does not link up with nature. The moment you observe the significance of nature in your life, you will realize the importance of the power of love. It is only and only loves which could even melt down the iron whereas your egoistic behavior could ruin everything.

Supremacy in love for power

If you wish to make anything last long, you need to know the power of love. Nature also supports the power of love because it is the only thing that could influence humans to think once again. The love of power makes the person greedy enough and persuades the same to run behind money and it might lead to the same irregular gratification.

The person who starts hastening for money, power, and fame, would lead the world and society for superiority, manipulation, and master and servant relationship. Because love for power would make the person crazy for supremacy and detach himself from nature which enhances the power of love. So you should always be attached to nature and observe the beauty of the same which takes you towards eternity.

Abstract of your existence.

The power makes the human blind to the real things that happen around him and encourages the same for man-made activities. Though it is important to work and earn to survive in this universe, nowadays humans forget to face the reality. The same could make the individual lose his identity and drive behind materialistic things. Therefore, instead of making yourself drive for unrealistic things, you need to accept the truth and acknowledge the beauty of nature.

Every human should know its existence and what is the purpose of taking birth on this planet. The day, the person concedes his identity then the same won’t drive crazy for unrealistic things. The power of love makes the universe at peace where the supremacy of emotions, sacrifice, attachment, harmony, unity, etc could be seen. On the other hand, if society focuses on love for power then the manipulation or undue influence of the one who is having active confidence in others would discern.

Climb in the power of love

Every person wants to create an undue influence on those who are inferior to them and this love for power creates the world a cold war, manipulation, and a lot of negativity. In having a love for power, one wishes to demotivate others and never encourage them in their hard work whereas in the power of love one would not affect by the victory of others. In the power of love, one would climb the stairs of success whereas in love for the power you would consistently degrade the other person. Now you need to decide what you wish to have in your life, whether love for power or power of love.

Therefore when every person inculcates love within himself and disseminates the same then one day world will know and experience peace. It is important to note that the abstract of life is to attain peace which could only be retained by disseminating love. Indeed what we give to others, the same will return to us and the same implies giving and taking back love. So if you are giving ego, attitude, negativity, superiority, and manipulation to others then you would get the same in return. The power of love must supersede the love for power and then only the world could be at peace.


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