28 Interesting topics to talk about with a girl: Helpful for all guys

Interesting topics to talk about with a girl

Don’t know interesting topics to talk about with a girl? No worries, here are some engaging and Deep topics to talk about with a girl you are interested in. Talking to girls has always been complicated for some guys, especially shy ones.

Most of the time we don’t know what to say after “Hi and hello”. Even if we try, our mind goes out of ideas and it might be slightly challenging to lead the conversation at that point in time. That’s why we have come up with 28 interesting topics to talk about with a girl. So, without further delay, let’s get started…!!

28 Topics to talk about with a girl

1. Ask about how was her day

things to talk about with girls

It’s one of the common, basic, and warming things to ask a girl to start a healthy conversation. You can simply just ask about her day at work/college and also let her know about yours.

Share the interesting things that are going on in your life. She would also feel comfortable sharing about her life if you initiate the first.  Not only is it a perfect way to start a conversation but also shows that you genuinely care about her.

2. Discuss what’s Trending

conversation starters with your girlfriend

Discussing trending topics and current affairs has always been a great way to talk not only with girls but with everyone. And the best part is people love to initiate the conversation and share their points of view on particular topics which are on trends.

We understand how awkward it may sound when you are trying hard to initiate talking with a girl you are interested in but except for asking random things(which do not even make any sense), there is nothing in your mind. But the good thing about discussing a trending topic is, not only does it cut the awkwardness during the whole chat but also makes everyone excited to put their point of view.

From celebrity gossip, popular tournaments, politics, or viral reels on social media… there is much more that grabs your attention.  So next time when it comes to topics to talk with girl best friend, talking about what’s on trend may be a smart step.

3. Her likes and dislikes

conversations to have with your girlfriend

Can you imagine you are talking to a girl and you have not asked her likes and dislikes yet…? When it comes to topics to talk about with a girl, asking “what she likes and what she doesn’t” can be a great topic to talk about. Not only would it help you to know her in a better way but also make her feel you really care about her.

4. Ask about her role model and inspiration

things to talk about with your girlfriend on the phone

Everyone has a role model that keeps inspiring and motivating them to do more in life. Asking about each other’s role models is a great topic to start a conversation with girls. Ask who her role model is and what qualities of them she likes the most. Also, let her know about your role model.

5.  Fantasy

topics to talk to your girlfriend

Once the girl is comfortable and okay to share the personal thing then you can ask about her fantasies (not sexual fantasies). Everyone has a fantasy, from expensive cars, owning beautiful horses, and wearing branded clothes, to being a powerful leader, supermodel, etc.

Ask about the things that fascinate her and also discuss the things that fascinated you. It could be a great topic to talk to a girl about. Actually, girls like talking about these topics.

6. Ask about her nightmare or biggest fear

things to talk about with girlfriend

No matter how hard we try to be brave, our nightmares can push us back. It’s completely normal to have a nightmare but you know what, you may feel good when you discuss it with a good friend or any other trustworthy person.

It could be an interesting topic to start a deep conversation with a girl. You can ask her nightmare. If she is comfortable with you, she will discuss it in brief. Plus, keep asking questions during the conversation related to this topic. 

7. Talk about your childhood: What type of kids you were

conversation topics with a girl

Ask her how her childhood was and what type of kid she was. You can also share about your childhood and can share funny and silly experiences about your childhood with her. It’s gonna be an exciting topic to lead the conversation with her.

Once you start the topic about childhood, it could be a never-ending chat because the memories and funny incidents would keep coming one after one.

8. How was her school life

interesting topics to talk about with a girl

School life is something that we always miss as an adult and always share the funny and exciting things that we used to do in our school life. Some of us were the shy and quiet type of students during school time while others were naughty and loud.

Discussing school life is going to be an interesting topic to talk with a girl. But if she had an unpleasant school-life experience it’s better to not bother her and pick some other topic to talk about.

9. Qualification and profession

thing to talk about with a girl

Asking about education and qualification can be a general topic to talk about with anyone you are meeting for the very first time. It can be a good topic to initiate a short conversation with a girl you have recently met.

Share about your favorite subjects as well as the boring ones. From picking the subjects and college to starting your career… There are lots of things to talk about.

One thing you should keep in mind is to keep it simple and casual, make sure you don’t sound like an interviewer. It can make them boring or irritating if it seems like you are taking her interview.

10. Which movie scene makes her cry

topic to talk about with your girlfriend

Movies can also be a great topic to talk about with girls, especially those that touched you emotionally and made you cry.

Usually, people enjoy movies full of action, thrill, or comedy but emotional movies have their own level and it touches everyone in a different way, so you just can’t say what movie scene touched them emotionally.

When it comes to interesting topics to talk with a girl, you can talk about the movies and the special scenes that make you emotional. While doing this you don’t need or pretend to be a tough guy who doesn’t cry or get emotional. Remember guys, it’s okay to cry and express your emotions.

11. Her biggest adventure

what to talk about with girls

Ask her about the adventurous things she has done in her life or any other adventurous incident that happened to her. It itself is going to be a long story, and it usually starts like “hey, you know I was…then this happened and that, etc.”  You don’t even need to put in extra effort to make it engaging.

12. Talk about her pet

conversation topics with a girlfriend

If she owns a pet, it’s a plus point, you got lots of things to talk about and if she has not then it still could be a great topic. Just ask her if she is an animal lover or owns a pet.

Ask if she is an animal lover

If she has a pet

Talk about the pet: Pet owners love it when people ask about their pets.

Ask her if she is a cat lover or a dog lover

Some people are dog lovers while others are crazy about cats. When two-pet parents meet, there is so much to talk about. They could even show you the pics of their pet. You don’t even need to bother your mind to find the topic, it automatically comes to you and makes your conversation go on.

13. Food

gf conversation starters

Discussing each other’s favorite food can be an ongoing topic to talk about. Whether you are a big foody or not, there has always been a dish that is your all-time favorite. From Chinese, and Thai, to Mexican and Indian… there is much more you can discuss with each other.

Apart from the all-time favorite dish, there are lots of mouth-watering dishes, snacks, and other cuisines that grab your craving. Ask about her favorite dish and other food item and share yours with her.

14. Traveling: Her all-time favorite country

stuff to talk about with a girl

Ask her if she loves traveling, you can also discuss cities and the countries you have been to. From sharing the best traveling experience to discussing your favorite tourist destination, there are so many things you can talk about.

You can also ask her about her favorite country she would love to visit if she got a chance. We all have a favorite country that fascinates us the most and we dream to visit it. You can ask about her favorite country or place and if she has already been there you can ask about her experience as well.

15. Her point of view on the current government

what to talk about to a girl

Politics has always been a great topic to have an engaging conversation on. Knowing others’ points of view and letting them know what you think about it can be a good way to engage in an interesting conversation.

For examples

Hey, “what is your opinion on our current government”?

Can their new rules and regulations bring positive changes to our city?

Do you love their work?

Do you think their decision is gonna help in our economic growth and new job opportunity?

Well, it should not sound too formal or something like you are interviewing her. Just keep it casual and interesting. Keep putting your points of view and try to make it more engaging.

Just make sure the person you are talking to is not a supportive or a die-hard fan of the opposition party. Sometimes discussing politics and the work of the current government can bring heat to the conversation. As long as you are doing it with mindfulness it’s okay.

16. Her hobbies

hat should i talk about with my girlfriend

When it comes to knowing someone special in a better way, it is important to know how they spend their spare time. It is one of the most important things when you are trying to talk to a girl you are interested in.

Ask her about her hobbies, and try to know her hidden talent and creativity. Also, talk about your hobbies. Discussing each other’s hobbies is an easy topic to talk to a girl about. And the best part is, if you both have mutual hobbies, you can talk endlessly about them.

17. Challenges she has faced

convo starters with your girlfriend

Ask her about the biggest challenges she has faced in her life and how she dealt with them. Not only will it help you to know about her life in a better way but it would also make her feel light because people feel emotionally light when they share their problems and challenges with others.

Sharing odd experiences and challenges during a conversation is an amazing step to engaging each other. Another benefit of it is you would be able to know each other’s experience to deal with the challenges.

18. Her biggest strength and her weakness

topics to talk with girlfriend

Every individual is born with their unique strength as well as some weakness and discussing them with each other can be a pretty engaging topic, especially when it comes to topics to talk with your girlfriend.

Talking on this topic not only engages you more with her in the conversation but also helps you know each other’s personality and characteristics which is itself a good step.

19. Knowing each other’s passion is also a great topic to discuss

topics of conversation with girlfriend

If you have nothing special to talk about you can discuss the things she is passionate about. It’s a good way to initiate the conversation with the people you want to connect with. Passion is something that brings excitement into our lives and keeps us motivated to do more and more.

Your passion could be for anything… from singing, boxing, and fitness, to entrepreneurship, business, and even writing. Just go ahead and discuss it with each other.

20. Talk about her goals and dream

things to talk to girls about

Goals and dreams are something that keeps us inspired in our life. And the interesting part is it can be an interesting topic to talk about with your closest one. It is also a great way to engage in a conversation with someone whom you met recently and willing to know more about them.

If you are looking for an engaging topic to talk about with a girl then talking about your goals and dreams may be an ongoing topic for both of you.

21. How she sees herself after 5 years

interesting topics to talk with a girl

Ask her how she sees herself after 5 years. She would definitely have some plans and goals and it would be quite interesting to know about them. People often talk about the future with their friends and ask each other how they see themself after 5 or 10 years. You can also try it when it comes to topics to talk with girl best friend.

22. Talk about the latest Tv show or a popular web series

how to talk to your girlfriend

If your mind is out of ideas and you don’t know what to talk about with a girl or any other person you want to have a healthy chat with, picking a popular series/TV show, any latest web series, or a new movie can be a smart way to continue the conversation.

Whenever there is any trending drama or show on Tv, you can see the craziness about that show in the youth. People (especially the girls) get easily excited to talk about that. So, talking about these types of entertaining shows can be a good choice when it comes to topics to talk about with a girl. Make sure you don’t sound girlish, just keep it simple and interesting.

23. Their bucket list

what to talk about with your gf

While discussing interesting topics talk about how we can forget the “bucket list”. If you are looking for interesting topics to talk about with girls, you can ask about her bucket list, I’m sure it’s gonna be so fun. Everybody wants to do some crazy and adventurous things before getting old and sharing it with your friends is itself an exciting topic to talk about.

24. Her perspective on religion and spirituality

things to talk to a girl about

If the girl is into religion and spirituality, it can be an interesting topic to talk about with her and if she is not it still can be a good topic. You can ask her point of view on spirituality and the practice of mindfulness.

25. What is the biggest advice she has gotten so far that changed her life or made a huge impact on her life?

In the journey of life, we meet lots of people. These people not only give us different experiences but also make a huge impact on our life(I am talking about a few selected people). Their guidance, advice, and life experience teach us a lot, and it’s up to us how we act on that.

When it comes to topics to talk about with a girl, you can discuss the life-changing advice you have received so far that make a huge impact on your life. Another benefit of talking on this topic is you would also be able to know the advice she has got and you can apply it to your life as well.

26. The silliest thing she has done

Nobody is perfect, sometimes we all do silly things and act like an idiot. That’s okay, you don’t need to pretend all the time that you are the smartest creature on earth.

Asking her about the silliest things she has done so far can actually be pretty humorous and probably it can make the whole conversation very entertaining. Sharing your silly or awkward story first can make her comfortable. So, make sure to initiate while talking on this topic.

27. The qualities she sees in an ideal husband

If you ask a girl what qualities she wants in an ideal husband, I’m sure she must have a huge list for that. Since teenage, girls dream of finding their prince charming, and it’s pretty common in girls. In fact, every person should seek some qualities in their ideal partner for compatibility and a beautiful relationship.

You can ask her about the qualities she wishes in an ideal husband. Not only would it help both of you to know each other but it would also encourage you to add some great qualities to your personality that girls want in their life partners.

28. The definition of love

Talking about love can be an interesting thing to have a beautiful chat, especially when you are finding the topic to talk about a girl you might be interested in. Everyone experiences love in their own way but the common thing everyone expects from their partner being in love is loyalty, compassion, care, and understanding. 

Ask her what is the definition of love according to her. Also, share what you feel about this beautiful feeling and let her know your point of view. It would help you to express your romantic side to her.

The bottom line

Talking to girls can be slightly challenging, especially when you are a shy type of guy. It may feel like your mind goes out ofideasabout topics to talk about with a girl and at that time you just don’t know what to say next to continue the conversation.

Sometimes, breaking the ice can be difficult but once you are comfortable with each other, the whole conversation can be really interesting. Hope all the topics to talk about with a girl mentioned in this post will help you and would give you great ideas.


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