20 fun and exciting things to do alone: No. 12 and 16 are crazy

Things to do alone

Things to do alone might sound boring, especially when you are an outgoing and extroverted type of personality but you would be surprised to know there is much more you can do when it comes to things to do alone.

Perhaps, you could be in a completely new city or any other place where you know no one… or You got a lot of spare time but nothing special to do so you’re looking for something fun and exciting to break the boredom. Whatever the situation is, the point is you need something that keeps you busy and entertained. 

This list of 20 fun and exciting things to do alone will help you to utilize your precious time in a more productive, fun, and interesting way that would not only break your boredom but also brings a new experience.

But before that let’s try to know how youth is wasting their time in an unhealthy and unproductive way that drastically spoils their focus, discipline, and most importantly their career.

The Biggest time waster: Make sure you’re not doing this when it comes to things to do in your room alone

The sad reality is whenever people are alone and they have a penalty of time, they prefer wasting their precious time doing addictive things such as porn, masturbation, overthinking, etc. all these shits not only spoil their concentration and mantle peace but also distract them from discipline. As a result, they lose command of their goals and dreams.

One thing you strictly need to understand porn and masturbation should not be on your list when it comes to things to do alone at home. All these things may look pleasureful at the beginning but sooner or later it would become a habit, or what should be called an “addiction”.

Rather than just passing the time just because you’re getting bored and have nothing special to do, our motive should be using that time in the best possible way with fun and excitement. That’s why we have come up with the best 20 fun things to do alone.

20 fun and exciting things to do alone: No. 12 and 16 are crazy

1. Take yourself on a date and enjoy your own company

best thing to do alone

Ok, it may be crazy but I’m sure you gonna love it if you push yourself a little bit. You can plan a perfect date and can enjoy your own company. Sometimes, you should treat yourself in a special way and do the things that make you feel happy. After all, you also deserve happiness and there is nothing wrong.

Dress well, wear sexy cologne and take yourself to a good restaurant and enjoy your favorite dish. Enjoy the evening and spend some quality time with yourself. Just feel the moment and leave all the worries and work stress behind the noise of the city.

I know you need the courage to do that but once you are out of your comfort zone, things will go smoothly. Usually, we don’t like to go alone for a night out, especially to a fancy restaurant but once you have made up your mind everything would go smoothly. And, you would realize it’s the best thing to do alone.

2. Skincare and grooming

Taking care of your skin and applying some grooming tips are one of the best activities to do alone at home. We all want to look good. When we look good we automatically feel confident. I know looks don’t matter but taking care of your skin and hair is very important and there is nothing wrong.

I like grooming and skin care when there is no one to disturb me. You can also start by applying a face pack, removing unwanted hair, taking care of your nails, and nourishing your hair as these are very basic steps of grooming.

3. Analyze your expenses and make a budget

Managing your finances is very crucial, especially when you spend money carelessly. Saving is always going to pay you off. It will not only help you to spend your hard-earned money on valuable things but also inspire you to invest it in productive things that will help you to grow financially.

Analyzing your expenses and making a budget will help you with that. If you are alone at home and have nothing to do, you can plan a new budget and look at an overview of your expenses.

4. Deep meditation: Best things to do in your room alone

things to do in your room alone

When it comes to things to do in your room alone, meditation must be at the top of your list. Physical health is important but mantle health is even more important. When you are mentally fit, you can easily take up challenges and will perform beyond your expectation.

Our society doesn’t talk much about wellness but it’s one of the most crucial topics that no one should avoid. Depression, anxiety, and stress can drastically affect your personal as well as professional life. So, it’s your responsibility to take care of it.

Deep breathing exercises improve the supply of oxygen in your brain and it helps to function in a better way. Meditation and deep breathing exercises not only improve your focus and concentration but also reduce stress and make you feel calm.

All you need is a peaceful and comfortable space. You don’t even need to worry about the correct posture or anything else. As a beginner, you can start with 5-10 minutes and then increase it according to your choice. Tutorials and other free videos are available of guided meditation on the internet. You can also try them.

5. Reading an interesting book

If you are looking for things to do alone at home just occupy your spare time with some good books. Reading a book can be a great way to spend your time when you’re alone. Not only is it a good habit but books are also considered a good companion for us.

For book lovers, it’s going to be a plus point for you because you can enjoy it without any disturbance. And if reading books is not a cup of your tea then you should at least give it a try.

6. Home workout

Home workouts are another fun and exciting thing you can do alone at home and they must be on the top of your list.As we all know fitness comes first, it not only helps you to stay healthy but also gives you sexy and good looks. You feel better about your own personality when you are physically fit.

If you are one of those who don’t get time to hit the gym, the home workout is gonna be a great thing for you. You don’t even need expensive equipment for that. From push-ups, chin-ups, and squats to lunges… There are lots of simple exercises that you can perform at home. So, next time you research things to do alone, just challenge yourself and do some exercise at home.

7. Cycling

things to do alone at home

Cycling has always been one of the best ways to break my boredom. You don’t even need to choose a specific location to enjoy your ride. Whether it’s a lap of nature or the crowd of your city, you still can enjoy cycling.

All it needs is a smooth and less crowded road and suitable mesmerizing weather… just you and your bicycle, that’s it. The best part about cycling is even if you don’t have any idea where to go, you still can find some interesting places. Just start pedaling and here you go…!!

I like it slow. All I want is to enjoy the motion of the city or the village, depending on where I’m cycling. Another plus point about cycling is that it doesn’t need fuel, which means it is great for our environment. It’s also a good way to exercise without exercising. Dah…!!

8. Listening to podcast

Podcasts have become a trend now these days, after all when you are getting such valuable content at your fingertip then why would anyone not go for it? In the journey of self-improvement and stepping ahead into your life, we need mentors and experienced people who defeat the obstacles and odd situations in their personal life.

And when they share their journey, life advice, or mistakes from their personal life, it’s gonna be so much helpful for us.

9. Call a friend or a family member

Catching up with a close friend or a family member is one of the best things you can do when you are feeling alone at home.

We all know that due to the hustle of our day-to-day life we hardly get time to talk to our closest one, which may create a distance which is obviously not a good thing.

Texting them is one thing but talking to them is something that makes you feel good. You share the things you are excited about, your problems and issues, and gossip.

It is a healthy practice to maintain the relationship in its beautiful form. Not only does it sort out the confusion and misunderstanding(if any) but also makes them feel good that you really care about them.

So, if you are looking for things to do alone, call a friend or a relative you have not met for a long time.

10. Yoga

things to do alone in the summer

Yoga is one of the best things that you can do alone anywhere, whether it’s in a public park, a peaceful landscape, or even in your room. Not only it would help you to improve your body posture but also gives you better flexibility. There are countless benefits of doing yoga but make sure you are consistent about it.

Start it with very basic moves. Once you are comfortable with that then you can easily try the other yoga poses. You can even take an online class or can watch youtube tutorials, which would definitely help you in a positive way.

11. Learn a new skill

If you are searching for things to do alone I am pretty sure you must have some spare time that you want to occupy with something that can break your boredom. If yes, why shouldn’t we use it to do something productive?

I would suggest you learn something new in your spare time and make those hours more productive.

From learning an online course, different languages, cooking, and designing to some self-defense skills… There are countless things you can do to utilize your precious time.

You can even invest some time to sharpen the skills that you already know. It will not only help you to boost your confidence in that field but also would open lots of future opportunities that will help you in your career growth.

12. Swimming is fun

things to do alone outside

Swimming is also a great way to enjoy your own company especially when it comes to things to do alone in the summer. It’s also a great exercise that involves almost every muscle of your body, the perfect way to hit the cardio.

If you don’t know how to swim, that’s great. Now, you have the chance to learn something new and interesting. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, it is still gonna be so much fun.

Choose the pool near you and make sure there is a certified safety instructor. You don’t need to compromise your safety. Learn it with the help of a professional and enjoy the moment.

13. Shopping

Well, shopping can be a good way to utilize your spare time, especially when it comes to things to do alone on the weekend. No doubt, shopping is something that we enjoy with a partner and that partner could be your BFF to your soul-mate. But, you still can enjoy it alone.

From buying groceries to stapling up your wardrobe, there is much more you can do during shopping. If you think it is not your cup of tea doing shop alone, you just don’t need to stress out. There are still other things you can do alone.

14. Explore new spots in your neighborhood

If you have nothing special to do and feel bored at home, why don’t you try to explore your neighborhood? Who knows what unexpected opportunities and surprises are waiting for you?

If you are just shifted to a new location, possibilities are you would not be completely aware of that area. Explore the new places and interesting spots in your neighborhood. It’s the perfect way to know about it. You would also be able to know about the people around you, a great way of socializing.

15. An amusement park

A tour of an amusement park can never be a boring choice. Going there with your friends or partner is fun but enjoying it alone is also exciting. No argument to choose a ride, no time waste, and no one to irritate you chasing the toilet and Mcdonald’s again and again, just you and the adventurous rides.

Do whatever you want, and have as much fun as possible. Next time you are looking for things to do alone outside just give it a try. I’m sure you would not regret it.

16. A day as a tourist in your own city

What about spending an entire day as a tourist in your own city? Sounds crazy huh…? As we grow old and get busy in our daily hustle, we don’t even think about it.

I am sure there must be lots of interesting and exciting spots and landscapes in your city that attract tourists. Just plan a complete day out in your city and enjoy it alone.

Enjoy the local street food, meet new people and take lots of selfies for your social media profile. It’s one of the best things to do alone outside… just you, your camera, and your beautiful city.

17. Cleaning house and rearranging your wardrobe

Cleaning your house and rearranging your wardrobe can be boring but it’s one of the important tasks that should not be avoided, especially when you have a very tight schedule.

Rearranging your wardrobe once in a while is necessary, not only would you find the clothes that you have been looking for a long time, but can collect the clothes and other stuff that was not in use so you can separate them for the donation.

Apart from this, a neat and clean space attracts positive energy and gives you happy vibes which are crucial to living a good life.

So if you are still looking for things to do alone at home, you can start with cleaning your own room and wardrobe.

I personally don’t like doing these tasks, but it’s important for you to live an organized and disciplined lifestyle.

18. Local market

If you love to explore the local market then it’s going to be a good option for you to do things alone outside. Even if you have nothing to buy, you can still go and get a round over there.

Fresh spices, seafood, fruits, and vegetables are healthier than what we get from a departmental store, and the best part is you can still do some bargaining. It’s going to be so interesting.

A crowded place like a local market is the best place to see the motion of a city. You can even pick your camera and take lots of pics for your social media account. People love to watch these types of things.

19. Go running or walking

Jogging or walking would be a great option when it comes to things to do alone outside. Just grab your running shoes and you are on your way.

The thing that I love about jogging is, there is nothing to plan. All you need is a good track and a less crowded road. That’s it.

Running is super beneficial for our overall health. From calming anxiety, stress, and depression to improving cardiovascular health. Not only does it improves blood circulation but it also boosts our mood. It also helps in reducing belly fat… There are unlimited benefits to it.

20. Why don’t you try cooking a new dish?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t live without delicious food. What I think about living independently is that everyone must know how to cook, (at least the basic cooking skills). I’m sure everyone loves eating, but the problem is it is considered a female trait.

Getting bored at home and don’t know what to do to keep yourself busy? Just try your hands at cooking a new dish.

If you don’t know how to cook, it’s the perfect time to learn how to cook. Today’s generation is way lucky, thanks to the internet. There are tons of cooking videos available online. Just be consistent and learn cooking.

If you already know how to cook then try something delicious and a mouthwatering dish. It’s a perfect way to do things alone at home.

Bottom line

Our motive is to provide you with the best tips to help you out for breaking your boredom, especially when you are things to do alone at home

All the tips mentioned above may help you enjoy your own company in a fun and productive way. However, there are just a few activities that I have suggested in this post but there are much more thighs to do alone at home all you need is just think out of the box.


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