Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful

never doubt that a small group of thoughtful

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.

Every change starts with a small group of people who wish to make a revelation in society. And also commenced movements for it. But whenever a small group wishes to make a change in society, it would only start with a thought that comes into action. And later in a revolution that make a reform in the society. So never doubt the thought of the committed citizens, who are determined to make productive changes in society. And that too, for the betterment of it. It is only the person from whom any new idea emerges which will scatter into groups of people. Who will have a thought on it and recommend the way to implement it.

Requirements of change

What is required for reform in society? Is it just a thought or more than that? Indeed it commences from the thought but ends with the implementation of it which will change the norms of society. The thought of even a person will make a change throughout the nation. But such change or thought has to be accepted throughout the nation. And for the acceptance of mere thought, it must be turned into action. Which requires fruitful strategy, a positive attitude, and a lot. Indeed, the thought of abolition of social evils commenced from a single person who scattered into several groups. Then movements have taken place, laws have enacted, and so on.

Mechanism of change

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The procedure to change a thought into its execution requires a lot of effort and strategies. More than this, determination to stick to the point no matter what hurdles come in the way to execute it. So far as it relates to the thought, committed citizen to implement the same is also necessary to make a change. It is significant to note that determination in the minds of citizens is one of the essential conditions for change. And such change can be in any manner and any field but before such change. So, it is required to be accepted worldwide.

The mechanism of making change, even a small change will commence from one person or a small group. So you should never underestimate the power of thoughts of even a small group. The process of making a change may be a long period. But a positive change is always required for the betterment and progress of society. The revolution don’t come within a day or a month but years passed for the same. Moreover, doubting someone’s idea is not only underestimating someone’s efforts but also leads to increase negativity. The thought can be small or petty but to change the same in actions is the toughest task. It is always advisable to boost new thoughts into actions so that fruitful change can be seen and experienced by every citizen.

Consistency in thought that turn to action

It might be possible that such change requires a test and error method which requires consistent effort until and unless the desired result appears. It is observed that change could not be possible in one way and sometimes several failures need to face so that one could reach productive conclusions. But this does not mean in any manner that one should stop and this is the only point where one should stay determined. A change commences with an idea but requires loyalty, determination, consistency, and action that gives a positive result. So never see any idea with suspicion rather an idea would lead to reformation in society.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Whether it’s inventing the bulb or the freedom movement, everything comes with an idea therefore, it is the idea and thought that play an indispensable role in the process of change. Moreover, change is a need of society because with time, need change, and to make the norms according to our convenience, reforms took place.

Therefore, whether it is in the field of science or technology or law and order, it is a society that needs changes, and society forms from a group of people. We witnessed several times that need is the reason for major changes. And that is the reason, it is often used that necessity is the mother of invention. Until and unless we don’t feel that change is required or something wrong is happening in society for long, we won’t move forward to change it. But one more thing is important to make a change once a forward move has taken place then it should not be stopped. Because once it stopped then such thought would die and nothing would change so rather than demotivating or underestimating someone’s idea we should take forward action to support it.   


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