Silence is the most perfect expression of scorn

silence is the most powerful scream

Everything does not need an answer every time because silence is one of the most powerful weapons. When you don’t want to express anything in words and don’t want to react to anything then silence would be the best answer to it. Indeed, every action has a reaction but in opposite direction. But everyone believes that reaction could only be in expressed words. And fails to understand one fact that silence is also one of the reactions one could show to anyone. This is the meaning of Silence is the most perfect expression of scorn.

Power of silence

silence is the most powerful scream quote

The power of silence is more than words sometimes because a reaction through words does not always solve the problem. It might be possible that sometimes words lead to clashes or disturbances in your life. So it becomes very important for every person to decide at what time they need to speak and at what time they need to be silent. Don’t ever try to underestimate the power of silence because it could not be measured.

Think twice before speaking

To live a settled and stable life, you need to be mature enough to understand to what extent your words are important. You need to decide whether your words are enough important or not for those before whom you are using the same and then speak. That’s the reason it is often used that think twice before speaking. Because when you think then you will realize whether your words are significant or not.

Moreover, so far as it relates to you and your decision. You need to take it wisely and not depend upon others for it. Silence is the most powerful expression of scorn which means that if you know where to remain silent then such silence would work as a weapon for you. Don’t make your words used frequently at that place where they don’t have any significance and make in unworthy. If you wish to make your words as well as identifying important in society. Then you need to know the importance of silence. 

Make your worth in the society

silence is the most powerful scream

The moment you learned to determine where to speak. And where to remain silent then your existence will be made a worth in society. Sometimes the silence of the person speaks more than their words and that is the power of silence.

Silence is the best expression of scorn quotes often make the person in confusion as to whether silence means always remaining silent but it is not so. What it means is to know the difference between when to speak and when to stay silent. Sometimes it might be possible that you are unable to show your anger or hesitation or your emotions to anyone but your silence shows it. It screams as loud as your words or maybe more than that. And this is the reason it is often stated that silence is the best expression of scorn.  

Express or implied

Words could be expressed or sometimes it is implied and now what does this implied means? This is also recognized by the law of the land. What is implied also plays the same importance it has in the expression of words. Therefore, you don’t need to be expressive all the time when your silence works as equivalent to it. We often called such people introverts or ambiverts but do such people exist or it is merely the behavior of the person? If are you an extrovert but know the power of silence then you could be a great leader.

Great leaders know what is silence

Silence is the best expression of scorn known by the great leader of society and they know the importance of the same. Therefore, if you wish to establish your identity and existence in society then you need to know the meaning of this expression. If you are unable to react over any matter then the answer would be your silence. And that is more than enough. So don’t think that every time, everything needs an express silence, sometimes implied gestures of conduct. And silence would be the best expression for any situation. 

A way of expression

Silence is the way of expression that everyone needs to understand and what causes it and what has its effect. The moment you get to know what impact silence laid down on others and your surroundings then you won’t speak all the time. Sometimes it is not appropriate to show your emotions or what you feel through your words.

It has the power to show what you want others to do and therefore it is such an expression that automatically without even using a word you can communicate. If you are trying to be the best version of yourself. Then you need to understand who you are and where it is required to speak.

Requirement of time

Don’t you feel that many times you have spoken where it is not required and later on regret doing so? If this happens to you often then try to think twice before you speak and see what will change when you remain silent when it is not necessary to speak.

The most unsatisfied part or aspect of life is regret so instead of regretting your herds that you have spoken out of anger, you should try to stay calm and silent. This will make you a better person inside as well as in society and does not cause any harm. So how you will decide where to speak and at what time you should stay silent, is determined by the time and the situation. But one thing is for sure silence is the best expression of scorn.


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