It is better to have loved and lost

it is better to have loved and lost poem

Love is the most beautiful feeling on this planet and no one is left out from experiencing this emotion. Every creature on this planet has emotions and understands the language of the same very well. So whether it’s humans or animals, birds, or any other creature. It is a very well-proven fact that love is the strongest feeling that could melt the hardest stone. This is the meaning of its better to have loved and lost poem.

Accept your emotions

it is better to have loved and lost than

It is tough to understand the depth of this emotion. But once you get to know that you are in love with someone. Then it is difficult to leave the same. So before getting loved and indulging in loving someone, you should understand its consequence. And the most interesting part of love is that it has no consequence and you need to accept it as the way it is. It could not change but it will last longer if you will accept the way it is.

Losing in love never deteriorates you

Having a second thoughts because love and mind are antitheses to each other. So whenever you are taking any decision with your mind in respect of love then you will surely lose it. More interestingly the line that it is better to have loved and lost Shakespeare. Which imparts the philosophy of loving and losing. Because the person who has never been in love with someone. This is worse than the person who could live their life with the beautiful feeling called love. In the universe, no one is left out from this emotion so it’s better to like someone. And be lost with it than not to love.

Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all

it is better to have loved and lost shakespeare

What if you never had something in your life, you will not miss it but the moment you had. And certain memories with someone then you will start missing the same. But this proverb that it is better to have loved and lost is more than it seems. And to experience this, you need to be in true love with someone. The moment you are in love with someone, you will realize that losing yourself in it. Is something beyond the stars in the sky. Indeed quote it’s better to have loved and lost makes the person unbreakable.

Not being loved ever is loneliness

It is often misunderstood by several experts that it is heartbreaking to lose someone. But this quote does not only mean loneliness. But a true love that will never be yours will not hurt you. Because in love you are in love with that person does not means that the other will love you. You are the one who cherishes this emotion and no one else. Indeed, it’s better to have a loved and lost poem written by Shakespeare that had an in-depth meaning. So never misunderstood that loving and losing will lead you to depression, loneliness, and whatnot to be called. This is not evil that will destroy your identity but the moment you love and lost, you will realize that you are growing where no one could restrict you.

A quote of strength 

This quote that it’s better to have loved and lost is an indication of strength but people often misunderstood it as weakness. Because they start linking this quote with losing someone but having no one for life is the even worse thing. If you are in love with someone and lost in the same then you will realize that you have the only one who is in the power of such feelings and no one else could interfere with it. No one could hamper your emotion because you and only you are the ones who are involved in loving someone.

Loving and losing and never to have loved at all

It might be possible that you will get the other person around you but it’s only you who is involved so never misunderstood this. You can imagine a situation where you don’t love anyone in your life. And then you will realize that because you don’t love anyone so you are unable to survive on this planet because it’s only love which gives us strength to fight, it gives us a way to live and enjoy, though you may love and lose. On the other hand, if you never loved any person or any creature then you don’t have any way to live.

Loved and lost within yourself

It might be possible that you love yourself to such an extent that you lost within yourself and that is called self-love but it is not possible to not love any person ever. However, it is possible to live your life with yourself and this is one of the healthiest love ever that one could achieve because in this no one else has the power to control your emotions, or betrayed you.

So start acknowledging one proverb in your life that it’s to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all because a human is a social animal who cannot live in isolation. The most important component of life is love and in absence of it, life could not operate smoothly. Don’t run for love and start losing yourself which is not worthy enough rather you should know your worth and loving and losing does not mean staking your self-respect.

What it means is just to love and be lost in it and feel the emotion that makes you complete within yourself and in this, even you don’t need anyone else. Loving and losing is a single-man exercise that one could achieve on its own and without getting mentally disturbed. So before involving yourself in loving and losing you need to ascertain the meaning of the same clearly so that you won’t go off track.


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