Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

dont cry because its over smile because it happened

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason but yet don’t want anything contrary to your wish? Indeed, if something happens according to your wish then it’s good but if not then it’s better because then it’s the choice of God. It might be possible that many times we start feeling depressed about the events that happened in our life but failed to see the reason behind them. On the other hand, later on, we also realize that whatever happened to us is for good reason only. So instead of thinking badly about everything that occurs contrary to your wish and starting crying over it, you should welcome it with a smile and see the positive change in it.

See the beauty of what’s happening

Life is unpredictable and everything will not be going to happen because of our choice so don’t cry that it’s over, smile that it happened. Once you start accepting certain things in your life you will recognize that life becomes even more beautiful than earlier and you are unable to see the beauty of life. You need to unveil your blindfolds so that you could able to see those things with your naked eyes which you cannot do because of illusion.

To see the ulterior motive behind anything that happened in your life, you need to have a clear vision. Do not mingle yourself in illusions and get disturbed for not having positive results in your life.

Maybe something good is coming your way

Don’t cry because it’s over simile because it happened for the reason that you never knew what good is coming to your door. It might be possible that you never want such a thing in your life but don’t feel ugly for the same. It also might be possible that the thing which you eagerly want in your life is not coming your way. But you need to remember that whatever is happening in your life is for some good reason. So don’t cry just smile.

When you learned to smile in every situation then the such day is not so far that every situation seems to be petty to handle. Many times just because of our emotions we make the situation as big as a bull and unable to handle the same. But the moment we learn to take every situation with a smile then nothing remains tough to deal with.

Stability in state of mind 

The hardest thing for anyone is to accept anything with a smile or deal with any situation with a smile. Whatever the situation is, whether you are heartbroken or bankrupt or lost your loved ones, just remember that nothing is more important than your peace of mind. This state of mind will only come to you when you stay stable throughout.

Therefore, to make every moment of life memorable, you need to stay calm in every situation you are in and try to figure it out. If something happened wrong to you that does not mean that right will never happen. Everything happens for a reason so observe that reason or even if you are unable to find out the reason, don’t start crying about it. You need to push yourself hard so that petty events of life won’t disturb your mental peace. Don’t let any event harass you because it will not only make you disturb but also make you unfit.

Control your emotions.

Whenever a human fails to work on his emotions, he will lose his peace of mind, so don’t cry about what happened, smile that it happened. We think we decide what is happening in our life but many times it’s not us but destiny that decides for us and that is also for the good reason. It might be possible that certain events happened in your life for no good reason but for giving you a lesson. So whatever is happening in your life, never cry about it because your tears are so precious.

Don’t waste your emotions on anything which is not in your control but what is in your control is you and only you. We met so many people in our life and some became the most important element of it that we can’t imagine our life without them. But the sour reality is that life will not stop for anyone and you need to walk along with it and you don’t have any other option.

Do not cry because it’s over smile that it happened

 It might be possible that you find it unrealistic or unable to move on from any event or any person. But you need to do that because you don’t have any other option or get ready to deteriorate yourself to infinity. Everything is in your hand whether you wish to move forward or stick to one point only. The day you decide what you want in your life then you will never cry over petty things.

Why cry, either you should do it to solve the issue or if you find yourself unable to do anything then just smile and wait for the right time. Every person you met so far either makes you learn something in your life or create an unbreakable bond that lasts long. But one thing is for sure nothing remains eternal except our soul so don’t cry that it’s over smile that happened. Rather you should smile and have a positive outlook on everything that is happening in your life and take another move.


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