How to Make Someone Feel Better? 9 Ways to Make Someone Smile.

How to Make Someone Feel Better. 9 Ways to Make Someone Smile.
How to Make Someone Feel Better. 9 Ways to Make Someone Smile.

How to Make Someone Feel Better? 9 Ways to Make Someone Smile.

Are you unsure how to make your loved ones happy and make them feel better in tough times? In this pandemic situation where everything seems to be harmful, and the positive result of COVID is the most dangerous sort of effect that scares everyone. This is one of the most challenging times the universe is facing, and it is essential to make your surrounding positive where you and your loved one could feel happy and positive. In this challenging time, it becomes crucial to stay peaceful and with a stable mindset. So if you don’t know how to make someone feel better, then there are ten ways to make someone smile, and such ways are as follows:-

1The very first way to make someone happy is to stay happy and peaceful. If you don’t stay calm and pleased in your life, it is next to impossible for you to make someone happy. Your happiness will become the reason for joy that you would bestow to your loved ones. So start keeping yourself happy, and then only you will be able to make someone smile.

2The second way to make someone feel better in this difficult time is to talk healthily and share precious time by making many memories. At the pandemic, many families were together and tackle the most challenging situation so easily with their love and remain optimistic.

3The third means to achieve the end of being happy and make themselves happy is to stay connected with each other and share all your sorrows and happy moments. The effect of suffering is indeed reduced to negligible by sharing it with your well-wishers, so don’t be in pain.

4Life is the second name of ups and downs, so don’t bother much and walk with the flow, and this rules four to make someone feel better. If someone feels disheartened and narrates its succeeding to you, then listen to them and not jump in between.

5Another way to make someone feel better is to listen to their problems calmly, and rather than stating their mistakes, try to find out the same solutions. Try to support the person in their tough time, and this is the core element that makes that person happy.

6If you are trying to make someone happy, then first know why such a person is unhappy and then sort things out for them but if you can’t do anything for them, then explore nature with such person. Spirit possesses such power that could heal every pain quickly and time indeed heals every pain.

7If you wish to make someone feels better, then plan a short date or a trip that could change the weather and the mood of a person. But at the time of planning a short trip, you should keep in mind that such a person loves the place for which you are planning a trip.

8The eighth way to make your loved ones feel generous is to give them surprises because everyone admires the surprise and make them feel unique about themselves. Sometimes a person needs the support and motivation which regenerate their energy and strengthen them. And your surprise may give them courage and excitement in their life once again.

9If you want to make someone smile, then you should praise them at a time because every human being wishes to get a compliment from their loved one, and your small appreciation could make a big smile on their face and encourage them to do when better than earlier. So try to applaud the person to make them feel different about themselves.

The last but not the least way to make someone feel better is to give the person why they should start loving themselves and make them count the unique characteristics about it. By doing this, they came to know how distinct personalities they hold, and they can do anything they wish to in their life.

however, it’s important to make someone smile in these challenging times where everything goes wrong, but you could make it right if you wish to. Despite complaining about the challenging and undesirable situation, you should make yourself positive enough so that you could make others happy and give them the strength to deal with it.

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  1. Linda Pearson

    Thank you so much, I have realized that before I can make others happy, I must first know how to make myself happy.

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