21 Reasons Why You Are Stronger Than You Think

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As human beings, it’s natural for a multitude of factors to influence what we feel throughout the day. While we might be experiencing a crazy adrenaline rush for one second, the other might be followed by emotional thoughts. And it’s completely alright to experience fleeting feelings. However, our fragile mental health does not get easily convinced by such logic.

This is precisely why forming a vigorous mental fortitude is of the essence. The journey of crafting an optimistic mindset can be tricky, and you can easily fall into the abyss of unhealthy cravings and sadness, which might convince you to think you are weak. With this in mind, let’s dive into the 21 reasons why you are stronger than you think. 

Why Are You Stronger Than You Think?

1. You hone your shortcomings instead of lamenting them.

No single person in this world can claim they have never faced adversity in their lives. We all have, and it is what shapes us. Let’s say you forgot to complete a task at your job and were reprimanded for it. You will think back on your negligence and will work on writing a schedule that reminds you to complete your tasks on time. 

So, now you have learned to craft a schedule and finish your responsibilities on time. And that’s what mentally strong people do. Instead of wallowing in regret and hanging your head in shame, never forget you are stronger than you think and work on improving your shortcomings which, in the future, develops you as a better person.

2. Your self-esteem remains unharmed in the face of failure.

Feeling sad over a loss is normal and expected, considering you have high hopes for achieving something. Though hopes and feelings might be shattered, they will not impact your self-confidence if you are optimistic. Instead of taking failures to heart and blaming your worth, you consider them a lesson.

Say you invested your days into developing new software, and in the end, your work was rejected. The utter rejection can take quite a toll on your mental state and make you feel useless when that’s not the case. 

3. You seek to push past your comforts.

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Self-confidence is a difficult feeling to master these days. Most people hate themselves for not being something they aspire to be. Even though they want to change, they give up in the middle since they believe they won’t be confident enough. For instance, to become a public speaker, you first have to try speaking in front of smaller crowds instead of cowering away in fear.

Change is hard, yes. But if you don’t have enough confidence to leave your comfort zone, you will forever remain in it and spend eternity in painful regret. To change yourself for something better, you will need to shower yourself with positivity and believe you can indeed become what you aspire to be.

4. You know your priorities and live accordingly. 

Having your own rules and living a life that makes you happy and feels at ease is something most people lack. For example, if an influencer uploads their productive daily routine, most people start to adopt a similar routine without even considering whether it matches their lifestyle.

If your friends love coffee and you don’t, it’s completely fine. You are built differently and comfortable with it, so why bother changing it? If others’ popular way of living does not easily influence you, then consider yourself lucky because you are unique and mentally stronger.

5. You consider failures as opportunities for growth.

As we mentioned quite a few times in this article, a life without hardships is akin to a mediocre movie with no plot. You might have been a bright student scoring straight A’s in every subject, but one day you got sick and scored less than usual; how would you feel?

If you feel bitter and regret your weak immunity, you will need to do some homework to enhance your mental fortitude. However, suppose you feel normal and instead work on improving your immunity. In that case, you, my friend, are an optimistic individual who can face and recover from life’s hardships.

6. You practise delayed gratification.

Life is not fair to anyone. One day the smart one gets the spotlight, and the other day, it is the hard-working one who receives the fame, hence why it is necessary to practise positivity daily to gain a better balance of emotions.

Many of us think of life as a mere race, and crossing the finish line is what matters. The right perception towards life would be referring to it as a marathon. You can take breaks in the middle, and no one will complain. Since the goal is not to win the race but to reach the finishing line no matter how late it gets. So whenever you feel exhausted, you take a break and believe you will achieve your dreams.

7. You face fears instead of being frightened by them.

always remember you are stronger than you think

Do you have acrophobia? If you are not aware, acrophobia is the term used to describe the fear of intense heights. Though you might not have extreme fear, you will likely feel slight anxiety when climbing hills. Most famous mountain climbers you read about in magazines are like you, scared of heights. And yet they climb them and break records. 

Is it because they have forgotten their fears or have conquered them? No. The lesson is they face their fears. If you have encountered one of your longtime fears instead of running away from it, isn’t that a definite sign that you are unique and stronger than you think? 

8. Your decisions are logically calculated.

Business leaders always seem to be successful. Take Elon Musk and Warren Buffet, for example. Regardless of the industry they cater to, their startups ought to be successful within a certain duration. What do you think is their secret? Is it their endless optimism, adept financial advisors, or ability to think logically?

Being emotional is not wrong; getting swayed by fleeting emotions can be a lot more dangerous than you think. Making pivotal decisions at a time of intense emotions will come back to bite you at your lowest, which is why it is essential to be chill even at the toughest moments. Mentally strong people follow stoic principles and ensure that their decisions are thoroughly calculated.

9. You learn something new from your surroundings.

Everyone you meet in your life is unique and has exciting life experiences. No matter how much of a bookworm you are, your vast knowledge is nothing but a mere drop in the ocean. And wise people know this very well.

Instead of only sharing their experiences and lessons, intelligent people listen more to others. Even though their knowledge might not be monetarily valuable to you at the moment, it might unexpectedly help you and shape your reputation in the future.

10. You focus on what you can control.

One of the primary causes of depression among younger generations is social media. Most social media influencers impose unrealistic expectations on their followers, who assume it is the norm.

For instance, many young people today believe they can become wealthy in months without effort. Failure to do so results in them drowning in despair and depression. 

Wise individuals, on the other hand, are aware of the obstacles of reality and, rather than feeling awful about themselves, concentrate on increasing their knowledge and habits to help them become wealthy.

11. Come to terms with self-development & self-approval.

Waking up early in the morning is known to stimulate your brain and help you in building a productive and successful life. However, not everyone likes waking up before the birds, and you might be one too. So, do you think this aspect can influence your success?  

Contrary to most billionaires who state they wake up early, Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Meta, wakes around 8.00 a.m. Does that make him any less successful? No, he is still richer than most people on earth. That’s what self-acceptance is all about. 

Successful people do not follow the schedule of others. They know their limits, acknowledge them, accept them and work on improving them at their own pace. Remember, you’re stronger than you think, and get yourself for who you are.

12. Take accountability for your actions.

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Not every choice you make will deliver triumphant results as you expect. Sometimes, things might get awry, and you might meet with disappointment. But when you meet misfortunes, how do you react? Do you lash out at others or mentally blame yourself for being unworthy? If you do either of the two scenarios mentioned, you are not a strong person, period. 

Since sensible individuals take responsibility for their actions and work on honing their skills, such people won’t have time to worry about flaws or blame others for their decisions. So if you are a person accepting responsibility for your choices, give a pat on your back.

13. You solve problems instead of dwelling on them.

Whenever you face a problem, do you run away in fear and try to solve it? Your answer to this question can easily tell how strong your mental state is. If you prefer to run away, remember, you can’t run away forever. But if you are someone who prefers to solve it by any means, then you are someone who achieves whatever you dream of.

Problem-solving is a unique skill that a person needs to develop. When faced with adversity, be a level-headed individual and always remember you are stronger than you think.

14. You learn from your blunders and focus on improvement.

You might be someone who doesn’t get easily discouraged by committing mistakes. But if you are afraid of making another mistake, you can hardly call yourself an expert. The wisest men in history all made some mistakes before they received appreciation. 

They learned from their mistakes and were not afraid of mistakes because mistakes sometimes lead us to our destination. A sensible person is aware of this and only focuses on improving their shortcomings.

15. You express gratitude every day.

How you feel about your present condition can express how strong your mental health is. Do you feel annoyed about your lack of luck, or do you believe that you, too, can become the successful person you aspire to be? If you choose the latter, you choose a path to transform into a better version of yourself. 

Mentally strong people do not always focus on improving their skills alone; they are always grateful for the experiences they have acquired. Waking up and expressing gratitude for the present moment can do wonders. So whenever you wake up, remember you are stronger than you think and thank yourself for being so.

16. You are more competent than you believe.

you are so much stronger than you think

During your work, there might be situations where you will have to handle a project in which you have no prior experience. However, if you manage to accomplish the task, you have a chance to be present in the good books of your seniors. 

So what will you do if you find yourself in such a complicated situation? Will you be too scared and complicate things, or will you invest your time learning about the project? We don’t know about you, but mentally strong people believe in themselves and work on completing the assigned task. 

17. You prefer being productive. 

It’s quite tempting to leave your table when you see your friends enjoying the weekend to the fullest. However, the efforts you have poured into date will become meaningless, and you will stray far from achieving your goals.

However, if you’re stronger than you think, you will not easily be enraptured by distractions. You will acknowledge being distracted and, instead of getting misled, will take a break and resume focusing on the tasks that will shape your future. Choosing productivity over distraction will make you mentally stronger and also helps in breaking unwanted habits.

18. You know when to be an optimistic person.

There are two types of optimism, and your personality can be accurately conveyed through the type you belong to. So, if you are feeling extreme pain in your legs while working out, would you continue your exercise or quit?

Feeling sore while working out is normal, but the pain is not and might indicate something else. If you continue working out and ignoring the pain, it makes you an ignorant optimist who injured himself knowingly. But, if you consider the pain as a sign to take a break, you are a strong optimistic individual who knows their limits and draws the line accordingly.

19. You sincerely rejoice in the triumphs of others.

Feeling happiness when you win is normal, but feeling immense joy when seeing someone else enjoying their victory is an exceptional trait that only a few people possess.

The world is filled with envy; when someone shares their happiness, only a few enjoy it. You might not know who wishes you genuinely and whose wishes are hidden with contempt. But you know you, and if you enjoy reaping the benefits of their efforts, you are much stronger than you think. 

20. You strive towards enhancing your skills. 

Not everyone is good at scoring exceptional marks in exams. Every person has a unique talent. Some might be born with an exceptional flair for art, while others might have worked hard for it since childhood. And the successful person among both will be the one who spent their time sharpening their skills.

It’s completely alright to want to flaunt what you’re good at. Regardless, if your expertise lies in showing off alone, it indicates that you are looking for outside approval. Individuals who possess strong mindsets don’t look to others for approval. They are also not easily moved by the skills. They continue to concentrate on honing their abilities until they are satisfied.

21. You bounce back from failure.

For some, failures are lessons, but for most, failures are the end. Feeling extreme despair over failing once does not indicate you are not worthy of achieving success. This will require you to invest some additional effort, and the fact that you have acknowledged the necessity to do so clearly outlines your mental strength.

When met with failure, mentally stronger people will work on learning what went wrong to identify the mistakes they have committed. Once they realize their errors, they will develop a better plan and commit themselves to achieving success. You will feel distressed, but more than that, you will have unwavering hope for the next time.

Final Verdict

Becoming a better person is filled with obstacles that disguise themselves as distractions that are too tempting to avoid. Whether you let distractions allure you, the choice rests in your palms.  

Accepting oneself to be stronger than one think is the right mindset to possess to progress ahead in life. Focus on improving yourself daily; remember, we all have our weaknesses. The mentally strongest person in the room is the one who acknowledges his shortcomings and works on improving them.


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