How do you know you’re in love: 12 easy and interesting ways

how do you know you love someone

Today’s post is going to be interesting for you because here we are going to talk about how do you know you’re in love because it’s one of the most popular questions among youth.

As we all know, at a certain point in life we all experience attraction toward a particular person. And start liking them. It could be anyone, from your college professor to your class fellow, from any celebrity to someone in your neighborhood, or even your workplace.

It’s pretty normal, especially in your teenage years. But the problem begins when you get confused between sexual attraction and love. And due to this, you trust the wrong person and end up hurting your own feelings.

When it comes to how do you know you’re in love, let me tell you it’s not gonna be that easy. Possibilities are, you would feel confused thinking about whether it’s a normal crush and obsession or you’re actually in love. So, make sure you don’t get confused between them.

Don’t get confused between crush and love while figuring out how to know if you love someone

how do you know if you love someone

Liking someone or having a crush is completely different if we compare it to falling in love. Love is a beautiful feeling and may give you the best experience of your life. But, when it is one-sided, it’s going to bring so many emotions, drama, and pain.

Because, as you know, we can not force someone to love you back. Love is an emotional feeling… free from all bonds.

Most of the time having a crush is one-sided and you don’t get emotionally attached to them. People don’t stick to their crush and you would also feel that it may be a temporary feeling that hardly stays long. The attraction changes from time to time… from person to person. There is nothing to get serious about.

On the other hand, what I feel about love is it is not short-term or a temporary feeling. The pain of separation or break-up may hurt you deeply, but when you have a crush on someone you would not take it that seriously. 

Almost every one of us has a crush on someone. It could be a movie star, an athlete, a supermodel, a sports person, or even a class teacher or professor. And you would notice that it’s more about physical appearance and attractiveness but love is more than that. It’s an emotional connection and compassion between two people.

Now, the question is how to know if you’re in love. How can we find out if we are actually in love or it’s just a casual attraction and attachment? Well, here are some easy and interesting ways that will help you if you’re stressing out about how do I know if I’m in love.

How do you know you’re in love: 12 easy and interesting ways

how you know you love someone

1. You just can’t stop thinking about them

No matter how hard you try to divert your mind from them you just can’t help thinking about them. Spending romantic time with them in your imagination, thinking all the time about them, and eagerness to know more and more about them can be a big sign you’re in love with that person.

All these things are pretty normal in love, especially when the love is one-sided. Thinking if he/she has the same feeling for you, what they would be going right now, their likes and dislike… all these questions just keep roaming around in your mind when you are in love with a person.

It feels good and happy hormones are released when you think about them. It gives you pleasure and you can even notice happiness and a change in your mood.

2. Compassion and affection

When you are in love with someone you will feel a special affection and compassion toward them. A compassion that you feel only for them. The way he/she smiles, the way they talk, the way they tease you… each and everything drive you crazy and melt your heart.

They don’t need stylish outfits and makeup to steal your attention, even if they are in a simple and casual look, you still just can’t help yourself to admire them.

If you are also confused about your feelings and don’t have any idea how to know if you love someone, just see if you have solid compassion and affection toward that person. It will help you to clear up your confusion.

3. They become your top priority

When you have feelings for someone you start prioritizing them over everyone else. You give them a special corner in your heart. Their points of view and opinions matter to you and you love to listen to them whenever they are talking to you.

You don’t even think to hurt or disrespect them. You genuinely care about them. This could not be just a physical attraction or a crush, it’s more than that.

If this is the situation in your case, there is a possibility you are in love with them. Just make sure the feeling is from both sides and they also respect and care for you.

Most of the time it is seen when you give too much priority to someone… chances are they can use you for their own selfish reasons. Love can be blind but you seriously don’t need to be an “idiot”.

Once there is a clear indication that they are also interested in you and have the same feeling then there is nothing wrong with investing your time and energy in that person because self-respect comes first.

4. Sexy and attractive people don’t distract you

how to know if youre in love

You don’t get distracted by the other person no matter how good-looking they are. The person you have feelings for is enough for you. You wouldn’t even think about the other person out there.

Your heart wouldn’t allow you to check out other chicks/hunks when you have true feelings for your love. After all, love is not about physical appearance, it’s the connection of hearts and emotions.

5. You have always time for them

No matter how busy you are, you always make time for them. The meeting and schedule that you wouldn’t change for everyone, now you are rescheduling all those things just for them. Spending time with them makes you feel great.

Even if you are feeling tired or low after an exhausting day, you still make time for them and the best part is you don’t even feel fatigued with them. If you are also experiencing all these things, chances are you’re in love.

One thing you would notice when you’re in love is whenever he/she texts you, you reply to them fast. Their messages make you excited and you even wait for their calls and messages with eagerness. All these things may be an indication you have special feelings for that person.

6. Leaving your comfort zone becomes easy

Love gives you the power and encourages you to do the things that you didn’t even want to try. From working hard to make your lifestyle even better to challenge yourself to become the best version of yourself, leaving your comfort zone becomes easy when you are in love with someone.

You wouldn’t even realize you are out of your comfort zone while putting effort to impress them. Apart from impressing them, the real reason behind your hustle is to give them a secure and comfortable lifestyle.

And the best part is you do it with excitement and happiness, that’s why love is so important in married life. Most of the time, people lose the spark and the chemistry after a few years of marriage, and that’s when they start losing interest in each other.

7. You feel high whenever you are with them

Whatever your personality trait is, it feels exciting and fun when you are in love. Even if you are not such a ‘socially active” kind of person, you still feel high and energetic with that person you love.

And the best part is you wouldn’t even realize that all the sudden change in your mood is because of that special person, it’s like you just naturally feel good from inside.

Each and everything looks nice, things that seem to be boring, now become interesting when you do it with the person you love. This is the power of being with the right person.

8. Spending time without them becomes difficult

When you’re in love spending time without them becomes difficult. You just can’t wait to meet them again. It feels empty, low, and dull when that person is away from you. Time doesn’t easily fly without them, everything seems boring.

Having a crush on a particular person is one thing but when you start observing that spending time without them becomes challenging for you, it could be a sign you are in love with that person. You feel emotionally attached to them.

One thing I would suggest here, you should not be obsessed with someone too much which affects your performance and productivity in your professional life.

If you are committed to each other, it doesn’t bother you because at the end of the day you would definitely spend time together(as a married couple). Problems become when you are not yet committed or the feeling of love is one-sided.

9. Jealousy is pretty common

how do you know if youre in love

How can a love story be complete without jealousy? Whether you want it or not, you just can’t be normal seeing them with someone else. You easily get jealous when they talk about someone and appreciate them in front of you.

Jealousy is considered a negative emotion but we can not deny that it’s a part of love, a cute part(as long as it’s not hurting anyone). If you easily get jealous seeing him/her with someone else, possibilities are you’re in love.

10. Their problem and personal issues make you worried

Whenever there is a problem in their life, it makes you feel worried about them. You want to help them out as soon as possible. Being nice and showing kindness is one thing but when you are in true love, you just can’t sit relaxed seeing your partner in trouble.

When it comes to how do you know you’re in love, just observe if their problem and issue also make you feel upset and worried. When we are into someone and have true feelings for them, we want to see that person happy and safe.

11. You easily sacrifice for them

Sacrifice is one of the main things you would see when a person is in love. being selfless for the person you love is something you would see in every love story.

When someone is in love, he would do everything to make his partner happy and he/she wouldn’t even think before sacrificing for them.

And the best part is you don’t even feel regret or upset for giving up the things, choices, and wishes for your love. I think it comes naturally from person to person which is the true essence of love.

When it comes to how you know you love someone, just see if you are ready to sacrifice for them. Just observe how it feels when you are going to do something(not so easy) for that person.

12. You want to see them happy, you want to make them happy

Their happiness becomes your top priority. Your heart melts when they smile, and you get upset when you see them sad.

You love to make them laugh, you enjoy making them smile… Their happiness really matters to you.

From making them laugh with your lame jokes to solving their problems, there is much more you do for that person just to make them happy.

Love is in the air

Everything becomes prettier and nicer to you. Even a small task such as going grocery shopping, doing house chores, or even just a simple walk becomes more interesting to you.

And the funny part is your friends and family members are noticing all these changes in you… after all, you can’t hide it from them.

You always feel good. One thing you may notice when you’re in love, you don’t get angry and frustrated easily. It feels like there is a positive vibe in the air. I think it may be due to the release of happy hormones in your body.

The bottom line

Love is a beautiful feeling and plays a crucial role in a successful married life. One thing I like about love is that it can be developed by putting in some effort and time.

Feeling attraction toward someone special and thinking all the time about them not only brings a sudden change in your day-to-day life but also brings lots of confusion such as whether it’s love or just an obsession and crush.

Hope, all the points mentioned above would be helpful for you when it comes to how do you know you’re in love. If there is something that you would love to share with us related to your confusion, please feel free to let us know in the comment section.


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