Where should we go on a date: 15 exciting places to visit on your first date

where should you go on your first date

Stepping into a new relationship and thinking where should we go on a date?

No worries, in this post we have come up with 15 exciting and fun ideas that would give you an idea about where should you go on your first date so you and your partner can enjoy that special moment in the best possible way.

But, before that here are some points that you should keep in mind before planning your first date to have a wonderful experience. 

Sometimes, choosing the right place for a date can be really complicated.. especially when you are completely new in a relationship and you really don’t know where should you go on a first date.

Doing a little bit of research before planning anything can not only save your precious time and money but also assure safety and comfort. So, here are some points to keep in mind before going on a date.

Where to go on a first date: 4 crucial points you should not avoid

Where should I take my gf?

Keep it simple and affordable:

You don’t need to plan something dramatic or extra, just keep it simple and casual. After all, the meeting is about knowing and understanding each other. I don’t think you should spend that much on your first date.

Once there is a clear indication from both sides that you like each other. And want to continue the relationship, then you can think about spending as much as you want.

Also, make sure the place is not so cheap or bad. Leaving a good impression is also very crucial on your first date. What I am trying to say is just keep it casual but exciting.

It must be safe:

Safety comes first and you should not compromise with it. Going on a first date with a person you don’t know much can make you nervous, especially when you are a girl.

Just keep in mind wherever you go on your first date, it must be a public place and you are familiar with the location. Choosing a public place is one of the most important things. Not only would it break the awkwardness but also would be a good decision in terms of safety and security.

Apart from this, your family member or a friend should know about you and your date. I know, it may sound immature to you but there is nothing wrong with informing your family and friends about it.

If you are planning hiking, trekking, boating, or any other adventurous activity, make sure it’s not too risky or dangerous. If your date is not comfortable with your idea just don’t force them.

Choose an interesting place, no one wants to feel bored on their first date:

If the place is boring and dull and there is nothing interesting. Then sorry to say it may spoil the vibe and it can be a not-so-pleasant experience for both of you.

First dates can make you excited as well as nervous and leading a healthy conversation can be slightly challenging. That’s why, wherever you go on your first date make sure it’s an interesting place. An active date can also be a great choice for that. It would keep you engaged and works well when it comes to breaking the ice.

I would not suggest going for a movie:

Are you seriously gonna waste your 2-2.5 hours watching a movie with your partner on your first date? I mean, a movie is a great idea but I think it’s not for the first date.

The first date is all about knowing each other and spending some time together. An active date might be a good option for your first meeting.

Something that engages you, connects you and helps you to understand each other in a better way. And, I don’t think a movie would be a good option for your first date. It’s just my personal opinion, if you and your partner love it, a big thumbs-up!!

Where should we go on a date: 15 exciting places to visit on your first date

Where should I take a girl for first date?

1. A theme restaurant

Theme restaurants are on trend now these days. People are loving it and you would be amazed by the crazy ideas of making your dining interesting. Your date would also love it and you will have great fun over there.

One of the best things about these restaurants is that they not only give you a new experience with lots of excitement. But also give you so much content for your social media story. From taking countless selfies to eating out in a unique way. There is much more you can’t even expect for your first date.

2. City mall

If you are looking to do something interesting with your partner on your first date and thinking “where should we go on a date” where both of you not only can get to know each other in a more friendly way but also spend some great time doing fun activities together.

A city mall can never be a boring spot, especially when you are super excited about your first date and deciding where should you go on your first date.

You can start with window shopping and then spend some time in a cafe to eat something tasty. From the game section to other interesting activities, there is much more you can do on your first date.

When you get involved in some activities with a person who is completely new to you, it helps you to get engaged and establish coordination with them. It is always a good way to break the ice and shyness. I’m sure you would feel comfortable with each other.

3. Keep it casual and go for a coffee date

Looking where should you go on a first date…? What about the coffee shop? Find a beautiful coffee shop near you and take your date there. Just keep it casual, It would help you to know each other in a comfy way.

A cup of hot coffee is enough to start a beautiful conversation with a person, especially when the person is your romantic interest. Initiating a conversation becomes easier with a cup of your favorite coffee.

Once everything goes well and it feels like you both are a good fit then you can pick other interesting places for your second date(a fancy restaurant or something similar).

4. An awesome day at the Amusement park

An amusement park may sound a little crazy if we talk about where to go on a first date but believe me you wouldn’t regret it. An amusement park is not only for kids, it’s for everyone.

You and your date are gonna have so much fun over there because we all can understand that a first date can make you feel nervous, especially when you are meeting for the very first time.

It is seen that when we get involved in an activity or something similar to that we automatically establish coordination with that particular person. You don’t even need to push yourself to ask “random” questions. You easily start feeling comfortable when you are involved in the activities with them.

While enjoying all these rides, don’t forget you are on a date, not on a picnic with your school friends. Making your date feel special is completely your responsibility.

5. An art gallery

An art gallery can also be one of the best places for your first date. Just make sure both of you are equally into art and culture and love to explore creativity.

When it comes to breaking the ice, visiting an art gallery would be helpful for that and give you great topics to initiate the conversation.

Usually, it is seen when you are mutually interested in something whether it’s a book, favorite artiste, movie, singer, or culture you would smoothly go with the flow in a conversation with that person.

One thing I would like to mention here is…

where to go on a first date with a girl

The first date is all about knowing each other in a better way so you can decide if it could be a good fit or not. Matching the vibe with your partner is very essential, especially when you are going to share your life with that person.

For some people, it may not be that romantic when it comes to choosing an art gallery, a book shop, pottery, or cooking classes for your first date but we have to understand it is completely up to an individual and their choice.

A movie night, fine dining, and some cool moves in a pub may sound good for some people… and for others, books, arts, nature, a museum, etc are what grabs their attention. 

It’s completely up to you, what you like and what you don’t. If you love artwork, an art gallery will be a great place for your first date.

6. Ice cream parlor

Who says ice cream is only for kids, I just love it. No matter whether you are a teenager or even a mature one, An Ice-cream parlor still can be a wonderful idea for your first date.

Taste the different varieties of ice cream and enjoy it with your partner. I’m sure he/she is gonna love this idea. Talking about each other and enjoying the delicious ice cream…what else do you want?

7. A fine dining

A classy and very gentle way to meet someone on your first date, fine dining is also going to be a romantic idea if you are thinking “where should I go for a romantic date”.

You can plan a romantic lunch or dinner if you want to keep it simple yet classy. Nothing is more romantic than spending time at a beautiful and classy restaurant and enjoying the evening with someone special.

Tasting mouthwatering cuisine and knowing each other on your first date…. Not only would it help you to engage with each other but leave a good impression about you. If you want to keep it simple, classy, yet romantic then you should go to a good restaurant( not so cheap, not so expensive) on your first date.

8. A day out in your city

When it comes to where should you go on your first date, a day out in your own city is going to be a great idea. Just discuss it with your partner and let them know to wear comfortable outfits so he/she can also have as much fun as possible.

Visiting the famous landscape, historical monuments, public spots(tourist attraction sites), and the local market of your city would be so much fun. It’s going to be a full package that your date is gonna love.

Make sure, not to get too involved in the city attraction. Keep engaged and take care of him/her.

9. Go for boating and enjoy the beauty of nature

Boating can also be an exciting idea for your first date. A little bit romantic, a little bit exciting… you and your beautiful partner, a romantic way to know someone?

Make sure your partner doesn’t have any issues with boating. If he/she has any phobia or it feels like they are not comfortable, just don’t force them. There are still other exciting options for your first date.

10. A visit to the Botanical garden: A perfect date for the plant lover

When it comes to choosing where to go on a first date, a botanical garden might not be an interesting place for some people.

But, believe me, If your date is a plant lover then a visit to a botanical garden is going to be a really great idea for your first date.

Not only would you feel refreshed in a natural environment but it will also help you to engage in a conversation. After all, there is so much to talk about plants and trees.

Knowing the interesting species of plants and discussing them would help you to understand each other.

11.  Adventure activity with the group

I am sure there must be some spot in your city where you can go for adventure activities. There are so many agencies that offer a complete package for adventure activities. You can choose according to your interest.

Just make sure your date is okay with that, if she/he is not comfortable doing it or they have some other plan in their mind, just let them choose what they want. Imposing what you want on others is not something you should do on your first date.

12. A tour of the zoo

If you are confused about “where should I go on a first date”, planning to visit a zoo can also be an interesting idea with your date. You can ask your date if he/she is interested in visiting the zoo. If they are okay, you can plan your date according to it.

After all your main motive is just spending some time together so both of you can learn about each other and for that zoo may be an interesting place. It may sound weird why would someone go to a zoo for the first time?

What I think is, it’s completely normal as long as you are enjoying the environment and feeling comfortable with each other. You don’t really need to follow the traditional norm of dating and all that. Everything is getting normalized and it’s completely okay to go to the zoo on your first day.

13. A sunset spot

Just see if you are lucky enough to have a beautiful sunset point in your city, it may be a romantic spot to plan your first date.

Imagine the beautiful shed of colors in the sky during the sunset, the mild breeze, peace, and romantic vibes… isn’t it perfect for your first date? Damn, of course, it is.

Make sure the spot must be a public place, so you can assure safety. You don’t need to choose a place which is isolated or away from the town.

The interesting thing is there are so many rooftop cafes and restaurants which are famous for their sunset view. You can find one nearest to you and enjoy a romantic, mesmerizing, and relaxing evening with your date.

14. Art or pottery classes

Add some creativity and fun to your first date and go for an art or a pottery class with your date. Why stick to traditional dating culture when you can explore much more?

Don’t need to follow what others do. The real fun comes when you explore different things and pottery classes are going to be really new experiences for you and for your date.

15. Go and visit the museum

Visiting the national museum can also be an awesome idea for your first date. A museum has never been a boring place to spend a beautiful day.

If your partner is a history lover and is so much into archaeological stuff, visiting a museum will be a great place for your first date. You can even get so much content for your social media stories over there.


It can be confusing when you are planning to meet someone special and just can’t figure out where should you go on a first date. Choosing an interesting and exciting place for a perfect date is very important.

Hope, all the spots mentioned above would help you to choose a great place for your first date. So, next time when your date asks you where should we go on a date, I’m sure you would not run out of ideas.


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