Blood is thicker than water

blood is thicker than water full quote

What does this proverb mean, does it simply implies the density of the blood in comparison to water or it refers to something more? This implies a wholesome meaning of one aspect of life which would help you in every situation. And you often heard that the most important element of life is family. And they are the people who always helped us one every situation. This is the ulterior meaning of this proverb that family ties are the strongest one than others. And so the proverb implies that blood is thicker than water. Recollect your memories whenever you need someone, you find your family in the first place.

It’s all about priorities

What is most important in life is the emotion of satisfaction and this component could be experienced. When we gave our hundred percent to every task. That we do in our lives and with all our minds and soul. But many times you would be unable to help others. Because of your situation and that does not mean that you don’t want to. But what it means is that your priorities are settled. And you know what is more important to you.

In the same manner, every other person in your life has their priorities and preferences. And that does not mean that they don’t want to help you. But this simply means that they know what is more important to them. Then and there comes to your people meaning thereby your family your blood relations who would never abandon you in any situation and always stand by your side.

Interference would never define blood relations

blood is thicker than water quotes

It might be possible that you don’t like the interference of your family in your life. But whatever times you fought with them they are the ones who always help you in crisis so a fight. Or a surprise would not define your blood relations and that’s the reason that blood relations are the strongest ties than any others social ties and this fact would never change, whatever the situation comes in your life.

We often blame our family and many times believe that whatever situations we are in, are mostly because of them but it is not so and they are the one who is the only well-wishers. So rather than taking their actions in a wrong manner, we should understand the reasons behind their action and their concern for us because they don’t want us to suffer in any manner. Yet if we engaged in any crisis where we need emotional, financial, social, and whatever support to heal or overcome it then our blood relations would be the one who would be the first and last ones to help us.

Conquer all your battles

In life, one thing is for sure happy times would not exist for a lifetime and we all need to face a crisis. And problems time-to-time but at such times you will observe that. No one is around you and it is either you or your blood relation who assist you and want you to overcome. You need to acknowledge one fact in your life your family always wants to see you happy and settled. And for the said reason, they often turned harsh with you which seems rude to you. They want you to get settled not only in terms of career or family but also with peace of mind. which is an indispensable element of your mental health.

However, the density of the blood is more than water, and likewise, it might be possible that your second family. Which is your friends often stands by your side but it would never replace the importance of your family. At one point of time in your life, you would realize that it is only and only your blood relations. That come across your bad times. And more interestingly the bad times would also turn into opportunities if your family is with you. Because this mental support makes you stronger enough to deal with the same.

It’s only blood and not clot

One of the most important aspects that you need to understand is that such blood should not turn into a clot. Which means that space is required even in the blood relations to make it intact otherwise it would break down soon. But it is also pertinent to note that such space does not mean that they won’t be concerned about you. And giving space to every relation and showing care to them are two different things that need to understand.

Friends or family, no need to choose

It is often observed by many institutions that clashes, fights, and petty conflicts happened due to a lack of understanding. And maturity which creates a barrier in relationships. But this should not be done because this loss could never be healed. So start acknowledging this material fact of life that blood relations are pre-destined and it happened this way only. Because you have connections not by the mind but by heart and soul. You don’t need to choose between your family and friends. But merely accept the eternal bond that you have with your blood relations.

Made in heaven

You often heard that we don’t choose our family but our friends and yet another reason to believe. That blood relations are made in heaven and could not be taken away from us. Every relationship and person has their place in our life but many times we wrongly put our family in the last position. And with the time that it is our family or blood relations who could even never be in the second position. They are the first and foremost element that could not be at the second, third, or any other place. Their place could never be replaced or swapped with anyone else nor they should be compared with anyone else.


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