Not happy with your social life? Try these simple hacks for how to be more social

how to become more social

Socializing is one of the most important things for us to live a well-balanced life. From your professional, personal, and love life to your overall health… Socializing plays a crucial role in connecting you with amazing people.

You could be a shy or introverted type of person who might be curious about how to be more social. Or you might be an outgoing person who loves to chill and hang out with others. And is excited to expand your networking for socializing more… Whatever your reason is, the best part is this post is gonna help you to be a more social person. If you follow the tips and push yourself a bit out of your comfort zone.

There is also a myth that introverts hate socializing and connecting with others. But the reality is that introverts also like socializing but they prefer quality over quantity. Infect, introverts can be great in conversations but it depends on the person. And on the topic that is being discussed (the deep meaningful conversation with their favorite person).

How can I be more social

The point you need to understand is you don’t need to stress out if you are not good at socializing. And love to enjoy your own company because most of the time it depends on your personality traits. And it’s natural but if your introverted nature is creating hurdle in your career as well your personal life then there is a need to work on it and the best part is you can learn it applying simple tips in your life.

Okay, let’s get back to the topic. You want to get more social and connect with people in a healthy way (which is a great initiative itself). In the journey of how to become more social, you would come to know easy and exciting ways to socialize but before that let’s try to understand what are some main reasons that hold you back from socializing.

Major reasons that stop you from socializing even when you want it

Your insecurity overpowers you

how to be more social and talkative

Insecurity can be one of the main reasons that hold you back from socializing. Not only does it put so many unnecessary questions in your mind but also spoils your confidence. Once you lose your confidence and self-esteem you would start being less social.

Almost every one of us feels insecure from time to time. From physical appearance to social status… from smartness to our nature there could be several reasons for insecurities in an individual’s life and it’s up to you how you handle it.

Low self-confidence

Low self-confidence is another main reason that negatively affects your social life and the worst part is you would not even realize that you have started avoiding people as well as stepping out of your home.

Make sure you don’t allow anyone to harm your self-confidence because it’s the key to a cheerful and happy life. No matter what your personality trait is(introvert or extrovert)  the thing that matters is your self-confidence. When you believe in yourself and are confident, you can handle odd situations easily.

Overthinking works as a loop

how to be more social in college

Overthinking is one of the main factors responsible for almost every mess in our life.

Whether it’s your career, new opportunities, social life, or even other goals and dreams… Overthinking can drastically make negative impacts on all of them.

Believe it or not, overthinking can keep you away from enjoying your social life. And create the worst scenario of the simplest thing in your imagination. So, try to control your thought process and stop overthinking.

Comparing yourself with others

We all are different and possess different characteristics, so comparing ourselves doesn’t make any sense. Look, being ambitious in life is important and for that, you need to focus on discipline and hard work. Comparing yourself with others (physically, financially, or any other way) is something that brings disappointment. It would lead to insecurity in your mind and as a result, you would not be that excited socializing with the people you compare yourself to.

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Fear of being rejected or getting embarrassed

Sometimes overanalyzing a particular situation in your mind can hold you back from meeting new people. Or facing new and unpredictable situations. Fear of getting rejected, embarrassed, or getting humiliated is a very common issue that almost every one of us goes through from time to time. When you’re dealing with social anxiety you can understand how it feels.

Simple hacks for how to be more social

Be confident and accept the way you are

Be confident in your own skin and represent the real you in a bold and more confident way. When it comes to how to be more social, you have to be you and for that accepting the way you are is very crucial. It not only stops the insecurities that you often feel about yourself. But also attracts the people who perfectly match your vibes.

Apart from this, it is often seen that people don’t like fake and over-dramatic people. So, you have to be confident about who you are. Doing all these things, make sure you don’t mix arrogance and self-esteem together.

Say bye-bye to insecurities and overthinking

In the journey of getting more social and expressing your own individuality, you have to say bye-bye to your insecurities and overthinking. These two elements are the biggest hurdle between you and your best version.

Insecurity and overthinking not only make you doubt the way you look, your intelligence, your ability, and your capacity but also bring unclarity especially when it comes to taking risks and decision-making.

The worst thing is you start comparing yourself with others and then you get more insecure and start overthinking again. We can say that it’s a kind of loop.

Feel good about yourself and just keep in mind it’s okay to be different. Never let your insecurity hold you back from socializing and having fun. Everyone is busy in their own life, so stop worrying that everyone is watching and judging you.

Embrace positivity by avoiding talking shit

how to be more social and confident

If you are serious about how to be more social, then it’s important to embrace positivity and avoid talking shit about others.

People may be excited about controversies and gossip but the fact is no one wants to socialize with a person who talks shit all the time and spreads negativity.

Positivity automatically attracts good people and helps you to build trust and genuine friendships.

I would also suggest you stay away from the people who spread negativity and talk shit behind their backs. Add positive qualities to your personality and embrace them.

Develop a supportive and generous attitude

Another great step toward expanding your network and socializing more is to support each other and develop a generous attitude. It’s true that we grow fast when we support each other. A small effort such as offering your help to people around you can make a huge impact on your social life.

Use it as an art and make sure people don’t use you to their advantage. Most of the time it is seen that some creepy types of people use others for their own selfish reasons, they don’t even appreciate the effort of others and this is what you have to understand.

People feel comfortable engaging with those who possess a generous attitude compared to an egoistic one. Be cool, calm, and generous when you are working toward being more social.

Body language says a lot

Your body language plays a crucial role in socializing with others because directly or indirectly it gives the signals whether you’re happy to meet and engage others or not.

Crossing your arm sitting in the corner would be a sign that you are not in the mood, and believe me that no one would even bother to talk to you unless he/she is closest to you and already knows you.

Don’t get busy on your phone when you are with someone. Pay attention in conversation and be a good listener. It will help you to be more social.

Smile and make impressive eye contact

A simple smile can make the process even easier. People feel comfortable connecting with a person who smiles, pays attention during conversation, and makes impressive eye contact.

Smiling not only spreads a positive vibe but also boosts your mood. So, always put a charming smile on your face and make impressive eye contact while talking to someone. It would definitely help you be social with others.

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Compliment others

Everyone loves listening to good things about themselves, whether it’s their nature, the way they look, or any other thing that belongs to them. Appreciating and passing compliments is going to be one of the great ways to be more social with people you see in your everyday life. For example:

“Hey buddy, cool shoes BTW”… “nice hairstyle dolly”… nice shirt Mr. John(your professor)… a simple compliment can make their day. Isn’t it great?

Complimenting others not only makes them feel good about their own individuality and makes them feel happy but it always represents you in front of them in a more lovely way.

It’s a really simple, easy, and effective way to engage with others and establish good relationships with them. While complimenting others make sure it should look genuine, it should not look like you are buttering them or need any favor.

Serve as a volunteer

If you are not so good at meeting new people and socializing and you don’t even have any idea where to start, don’t stress out and try volunteering in any organization or NGO.

If you are struggling with how can I be more social, volunteering is gonna be one of the easiest ways to get involved and connect with new people. Because we understand how awkward it could be when you are a shy or introverted type of person and initiating is not that easy for you.

When you get involved in work and support each other, you become more comfortable with the people volunteering with you and this is what matters. You also get the opportunity to know each other and things go smoothly without any awkwardness. At least, give it a try and see the result yourself.

Join hobby classes or a club

Hobby classes or joining a club is another great way to get more socialize with people who possess the same interest as you do. From joining a gym, learning self-defense skills, a new language course to cooking, painting, or any other skill… There are many more you can choose that make you excited.

You will be able to meet amazing people and can discuss the things you love to do. Apart from this, you have to understand it’s not like you have joined those groups and classes and things would be automatically done. You still need to push yourself to engage with the people out there. And, I believe you can easily do that.

Attends weddings, birthday parties, or other functions

how to be more social in school

Attending weddings, parties, and other celebrations are always fun but some people might be exhausted because of the crowd and all that. Instead of attending those functions they prefer staying at home and making excuses not to go there.

Look, when it comes to how to socialize more, stepping out of your comfort zone and enjoying those celebrations is important. It not only brings the opportunities to meet interesting people and help expand your network but also brings excitement to your life. So, just go for it.

Organize monthly brunch or get-togethers

Another awesome thing you can do to be more social is organize monthly brunch or get-togethers and invite people closest to you. As we all know, food is love and it brings everyone together, especially when it comes to how to be a more social person.

Not only it’s a great way to enjoy your weekends but also strengthens your relationship with your family and friends. People love and appreciate a warm welcome, they would definitely love it and chances are they would invite you back to their place for the next brunch.

If hosting a bunch every month is not possible, you can also go with once in a while and it’s pretty okay. Keep it simple, you don’t have to be over-fancy that disturbs your budget. Hope you got my point

Plane weekends with your closest one

If you ask me how to get more social, I would suggest youmeet your friends on weekends and wash out all the stress and tiredness of your entire week. You can plan your weekend with your closest ones and spend time with them.

From visiting exciting places to enjoying mouth-watering food… there is much more you can do with your buddies. All you need is just allow yourself to go with the flow and stop making excuses.

Friends of friends

Another easiest way to expand your network and be more social is to befriend your friend’s friends. Try to engage with the friends of your friends because you would easily catch their vibes as they are already friends with the person you know very well. Plus, you don’t have to put extra effort to connect with them.

Apart from this, when you easily establish a bond with the people who hang out with your friends, socializing becomes even easier and you feel more comfortable with them. So, go for it and at least give it a try.

The bottom line

It’s great you are making an effort to know how to be more social because it is something that connects us emotionally with each other. From sharing happiness together to supporting each other in ups and downs, socializing is something that makes your life meaningful. It is also very crucial to grow in your career and make your own identity.

Hope all the points would help you to be a more social person and would allow you to express your own individuality in a better way.


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